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Korean drama series, like Descendants of the Sun, make us more intrigued about celebrity’s beauty secrets – I mean, have you seen just how immaculate Song Hye-Kyo’s skin looked in the series?

For all things related to Korean beauty, you’ll have to look to Get It Beauty, top beauty TV programme in Korea, hosted by Honey Lee, third runner-up in Miss Universe 2007. Wonder what makes this show the beauty authority in Korea? Read on.


Pick up useful tips you never heard about

The theme of the most recent Get It Beauty episode was about looking more youthful. Through humorous presentation, the programme shared some of the daily habits you may have adopted, which you didn’t know are causing you to look older.


Did you know that drinking through a straw regularly can cause wrinkles to appear around your lips? How about that applying toner with alcohol around your eyes can cause the area to become dry and fine lines may appear in the long run?

Well, if you didn’t, you would now. There are many other tips that are relevant to our daily lives, which I am now more conscious about. I’m not going to spoil the show for you and share any other ones with you – tell me if you find them interesting too after you’ve watched the show.

Easy-to-learn tutorials


A makeup artist on the show demonstrated how to apply makeup to look fresher and more youthful. Through the demonstration, he explained the steps and techniques required, and corrected several common makeup mistakes. The tutorial was clear and easy to follow – in fact, I was able to replicate what he taught the very next day; my colleagues commented that my makeup looked fresher and I looked more energetic that day!

Take a peek into celebs’ beauty secrets


One of the privileges of watching the show is the ability to have a peek into the makeup pouch and skincare rituals of celebrities. Through the Talking Mirror segment, celebrities answer beauty-related questions and share their beauty secrets.

Talking Mirror_Before&After

In the most recent episode, Suzy from Miss A talks about her beauty concerns and top anti-ageing tips. You don’t need to be a K-pop fan to appreciate her recommendations. (Psst, Kim Ji Won, the second female lead from Descendants of the Sun will be appearing in the next Get It Beauty episode! Look out for it!)

Genuine reviews

get it beauty blind test 1
Not in the latest episode, but a very popular segment in Get It Beauty (and my personal favourite segment!) is the Blind Test segment. In it, guests on the show try out and review beauty products without knowing which brand they are from. The products are ranked at the end of the segment.

get it beauty blind test 2

While they don’t reveal the actual brand, you’ll still be able to make smart guesses about where they’re from (wink wink!) and this definitely helps you make better shopping decisions next time.

You can catch Get It Beauty first on Viu every Thursday with subtitles. Stream it or download the episodes for offline viewing while on the go. Download the Viu app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store, or visit the Viu website to watch it now.

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