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TV actress Jayley Woo may have a silhouette everyone’s envious of, but she admits that her svelte figure hasn’t always been a given.

“I used to have back fats and my waist was far from my ideal shape,” Jayley told Daily Vanity in an exclusive email interview.

Body confidence can be even more trying for an actress who has to look her best all the time – on TV, the red carpet, and social media platforms. This eventually led to Jayley trying out extreme slimming methods in the hope of achieving a body shape that she’s more satisfied with.


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She has tried adopting diet plans such as a meat-only diet – but she only sustained this diet for a week. Another diet fad she got onto was a detox plan that involves eating only cucumbers and nothing else.

However, these crash diets didn’t yield much results for Jayley, and she decided that she wanted to take on a different approach to slimming – something that’s healthier and more effective.

Through word-of-mouth, Jayley learnt about Dorra, which is well-known for treatments that target at specific areas of concerns. What it means is that even women who appear “slim”, have a balanced diet, and are already working out, but simply could not shake off stubborn fats on specific parts of their body (for example, tummy, thighs or arms) will be able to benefit from Dorra’s treatments. This sounded perfect to Jayley.

“After going to Dorra regularly, I notice that my cellulite are visually gone and my skin appears tighter than before,” Jayley told us. She said that Dorra managed to earn her trust because of the “satisfying, visible results” she saw, and this is why she has been visiting them for the last five years.


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The professional and effective treatments and sustainable results are what Jayley invests in now

“Dorra’s treatments are not only comfortable but also quick and efficient. Perfect for my hectic schedule while I catch some shut-eye,” she adds.

Going through treatments that are effective yet pampering is a priority for Jayley, evident to us when she named the spa capsule treatment as her favourite.

“I get to sleep for 40 minutes to an hour straight!”

Dorra slimming review: How Dorra earned the trust of Jayley and their other clients?

Women who had tried Dorra told us they appreciated that they get to go through one-to-one treatments with the same consultant throughout their weight loss journey. This means that their treatments are customised based on their body type and condition, and they have a mentor figure who can help track their progress, give them encouragement, and are responsible for delivering the best results to them.

Trained to be respectful to clients, consultants are also subjected to clients’ ratings through Dorra’s WeCare system right after each session to ensure there’s instant feedback. This also means that attention can be given quickly to clients who have encountered any unsatisfactory service.

Here are what we heard from Dorra’s clients:

Ai Khin1

“What I love most about dorra is that after each session, I see visible results. Going down 3 sizes, I wear matching outfits with my daughter now. I feel so much more confident!” – Ai Khin

Tan L.c

“Apart from losing 11.4kg, the cellulite on my thighs has also improved drastically! This transformation changed my life. With my flatter tummy and toned legs, I can wear anything and feel beautiful and confident!” – Tan LC.


“I used to be ashamed of my bulging tummy and heavy thighs. I’ve tried so many slimming methods and treatments to no avail. Finally at dorra, I lost an incredible 8.7 kg in just 3.5 months. My steps feel lighter and my spirits lifted. Now, I can wear tight clothes confidently to show off my well-defined figure!” – Michelle


“In just 6 months, I lost 11.7kg!” – Veronica


This article is brought to you by Dorra Slimming.