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Candid, fresh and free-spirited cool girl Julie Tan is about to take on her newest role, and you’re going to love it. tvN’s Get It Beauty On The Road is back in Singapore for a second season, with none other than Julie as one of its hosts! Alongside her two other co-hosts, Korean influential beauty and fitness influencer Kim Jung-min and K-beauty extraordinaire Kim Ki-soo, she’ll be hosting the highly-anticipated show that both beauty-rookies and hardcore enthusiasts will enjoy. 

The 26-year-old Singaporean actres is best known for her role in the local comedy-musical movie, That Girl in Pinafore. Aside from acting, she also owns a cafe, Botany – that opened up earlier this year – and runs a YouTube channel. And she really opens up on her channel – she straight up reveals why she did botox on the platform. 


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Things have been on the down-low for the actress recently, besides pictures she took on her trips, which give us a serious case of wanderlust. But, that’s probably because there have been preparations for her next project. In anticipation of that, we managed to catch Julie for a few quick beauty questions – read on for more!

On her beauty routine


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A quick glance through Julie’s Instagram is enough to put anyone in awe over how great her skin is. So naturally, we had to get her routine down – and it’s as fuss-free as the cool gal herself. We asked her what her beauty routine was, and she says, “Using facial masks so my skin is hydrated”. It’s straightforward, but when you think about it, hydrated skin does do wonders.

Her holy trinity of products? Before leaving home, she has to put on a hydrating mask (of course), wear sunblock, and pop on a little concealer. You can check out her super quick makeup routine here.

Is she an avid K-beauty fan?

When it comes to K-beauty trends, Julie cheekily admits, “Yes I do read up on K-beauty, but you have to watch the show (Get It Beauty On The Road) to find out what my favourite K-beauty trend is!” ‘Till we find out, call us curious.

One thing that she does reveal, though, is her belief in the famous multi-step K-beauty skincare routine. “I do believe in the skincare routine, but don’t have the luxury of time to actually do it. Every step has its purpose in keep the skin looking good”. We couldn’t agree more, what not with the lifestyle the average Singaporean woman leads. 

Julie Tan


What about the show are you most excited about?  

The segment where Kim Ki-Soo introduces the latest Korean makeup trends as he is able to demonstrate his makeup hacks and how to achieve the trending Korean makeup looks. 

How different is the typical Korean lady’s skincare and beauty routine, from a Singaporean lady’s?

Koreans are usually more detailed in their skincare and beauty routine as compared to Singaporeans. 

Do you think the habits for local and Korean women, when it comes to beauty, are different? How so? 

It will be different to a certain extent, due to the climate differences in Singapore and Korea.

What are the two biggest skincare and two biggest makeup concerns in Korea? 

Becoming tan and having dry skin are the two biggest skincare concerns. Having makeup base and glows are the two biggest makeup concerns. 

What are the two biggest skincare and two biggest makeup concerns in Singapore?

Acne prone skin and dry skin are the two biggest skincare concerns. Makeup not being able to last throughout the day due to the weather and the lack of knowledge in finding the suitable makeup for the different skin types are the two biggest makeup concerns.

Is there one incident that happened during filming that made you surprised at how different beauty perspectives are between Singaporeans and Koreans? 

Singaporeans usually only use one lip product, while Koreans will usually use three lip products to complete the look. 

What is the one segment of the show that Singaporeans must watch, and why?  

Get It Solved. This is one of the segments in the show that tackles the problems of Singaporean girls.

Curious to find out more about the show? Stay tuned for our upcoming article! We’ll interview the other co-hosts and tell you more about tvN’s Get It Beauty On The Road in Singapore Season 2!