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As the OG visual of K-pop, YoonA has always been showered with praise for her stunning looks and demure charm.

Though the star has been said to favour clean foods and maintains an impressive beauty routine, netizens can’t help but wonder if she’s gone under the knife to maintain her youthful and doll-like appearance.

Speculations over the procedures that Korean celebrities may have gotten to enhance their looks are fairly common, and YoonA is well familiar with this.

In fact, back in 2019, she came into the spotlight for the same reasons after appearing on a TV show, My Little Old Boy, as a guest star.

Netizens alleged that there was something different about her appearance, despite the singer receiving only praise from those on the show, which included mothers who expressed their desire for a daughter-in-law like YoonA.

Some pointed out that the 33-year-old entertainer’s muscles seemed stiff, and that she appeared to have gotten Botox or fillers around her cheeks.

However, several others have also said that she may have simply matured, altering her appearance naturally.

A TikTok-famous surgeon shares his opinion

With a whopping one million followers on TikTok, Dr Charles Lee is no stranger to the app’s beauty community. He owns an aesthetic clinic in Beverly Hills, California, and specialises in common Asian cosmetic surgeries like double eyelid surgery and jaw reduction.

With regards to YoonA’s beauty, he theorised that she’s had three surgeries in total since her debut in Girl’s Generation.

Eyelid surgery

Compared to her younger self, Dr Charles states that YoonA now has much more obvious double eyelids.

“Her eyes were a little slanted before, and now they’re horizontal,” he states.

He also mentions that the inner corner of her eyes might have been removed slightly, referencing Epicanthoplasty, a type of procedure that helps to widen or shorten the eyes by removing a skin fold at the inner corner of the eyelids.

Rhinoplasty (nose job)

Credit: @drlee90210/TikTok

Next, the surgeon comments that her nose bump is noticeably gone in the “after” photo, along with her nose bridge being now higher than where it was in her younger years.

Her nostrils are also pointed inwards, another factor which suggests that she may have undergone rhinoplasty.

V-line jaw procedure

Credit: @drlee90210/TikTok

“She’s had a V-line procedure to shorten the height of her jawline,” the doctor says.

As seen in the photo on the left, YoonA’s elongated face shape was once accentuated by her extended jaw, and it appears tapered in more recent photos.

Credit: @drlee90210/TikTok

“She has some distortion in the jawline area. It could be from [the V-line] surgery, or it could be from swelling from some more recent procedures,” he adds.

Regardless of whether she’s gotten work done or not, YoonA remains captivating to audiences and fans all over for her gracious personality, incredible vocal skills, and natural acting talent.

Featured image credit: yoona_lim and @le2jh/Instagram

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