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The local media industry scene here in Singapore is flooded with a sea of good-looking and attractive personalities. From active sports enthusiasts to Insta-worthy fashionistas, there is much to be learnt when it comes to looking and feeling good from our local celebs.

We don’t blame you if you’ve ever been tempted to steal their looks from time to time – we’ve gone through that too. Check out the 8 times we have been inspired by these favourite local faces!

1. Jeanette Aw

Local Celebs Beauty Inspiration Jeanette Aw

Source: Jeanette Aw / Instagram

Jeanette Aw has made a name for herself in the significant time she’s spent in the industry, and has become a local female artiste that Singaporeans have come to know and love.

She’s known for portraying gentle, demure characters in Channel 8 dramas such as Beautiful Connection (九层糕), Rhythm of Life (变奏曲) and scoring a breakthrough in her television career for her lead role in The Little Nyonya (小娘惹) in 2008.

Local Celebs Beauty Inspiration Jeanette Aw 1

Source: Jeanette Aw / Instagram

Jeanette’s style is mainly chic and sweet on days when she feels like dressing up around town. On most days, Jeanette is spotted looking casual, relaxed, and effortlessly beautiful. We’ve heard from her personally that she prefers not to wear makeup even when filming!

In order to achieve Jeanette’s go-to chic look, you need to keep your makeup as light and natural as possible. Go for soft, structured brows, tinted moisturisers, vibrant lip glosss, rosy cheeks, and some subtle highlighter on the highest points of your face.

2. Rebecca Lim

Local Celebs Beauty Inspiration Rebecca Lim 1

Source: Rebecca Lim / Instagram

Rebecca Lim is best known for popular TV drama series such as C.L.I.F. (警徽天职) on Channel 8 and The Pupil on Channel 5 where she played Wendy Lim, a trainee lawyer. Her performance in The Pupil earned her the Best Actress in a Leading Role at the 2010 Asian Television Awards.

For as long as we can remember, Rebecca Lim has been flaunting her beautiful long tresses, which has come to be part of her signature look. Her gorgeous locks always seem luxuriant and ready to be shown off to the world every time she poses for the camera.

Local Celebs Beauty Inspiration Rebecca Lim

Source: Rebecca Lim / Instagram

Rebecca is also often spotted in long dresses or skirts which not only complements her figure, but also accentuates the dainty, elegant, and youthful look that she goes for.

She favours dewy but lightweight makeup, which plays a great part in making her look healthy, glowing, and well put together. To follow in her footsteps, you need good skincare prep and ample hydration for the skin!

3. Joanne Peh

Local Celebs Beauty Inspiration Joanne Peh

Source: Joanne Peh / Instagram

Making her mark on popular TV drama series like The Little Nyonya and Code of Law, Joanne Peh has been dazzling everyone with her radiant pearly-white smile and bubbly personality since her debut. Easy-going and lovable, Joanne Peh is also married to local actor Qi Yuwu and they have two adorable children together.

Despite being a mother of two while also juggling her self-owned business and hectic schedule, she also manages to find the time and energy to stay active and maintaining her figure. It certainly paid off: she looks nothing like the 34 year old that she is.

Local Celebs Beauty Inspiration Joanne Peh 1

Source: Joanne Peh / Instagram

Joanne Peh is one of those lucky females out there who is able to flawlessly pull off the “no makeup” makeup look well, and we’re jealous of her for it. A gently arched eyebrow shape also keeps her face looking soft and friendly, and accentuates her “eye smile”.

Having a flawless complexion certainly helps, but we’re positive that Joanne’s regular exercise routine helps her skin to look naturally radiant from inside out, which helps her pull off any makeup look she’s going for.

4. Tabitha Nauser

Local Celebs Beauty Inspiration Tabitha Nauser

Source: Tabitha Nauser / Instagram

Is it Tabitha Nauser or Tabitha Wowser!? Tabitha is a local pop/R&B singer and first came to fame when she ended as the second runner-up in the third season of Singapore Idol in 2009. In late 2016, she released her first single “Bulletproof” which became a hit on Spotify’s local charts.

Tabitha’s looks and fashion sense embodies a hybrid of American personalities Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian. She has described her general style as “street glam”, a coming together of grungy street-wear with high-glam runway fashion.

Local Celebs Beauty Inspiration Tabitha Nauser 1

Source: Tabitha Nauser / Instagram

In order to rock it like Tabitha, incorporate edgy fashion styles with bold eyebrows, a killer winged eyeliner, soft smokey eye shadows, a contoured and chiselled face, and finally, a pouty nude lipstick shade to tie it all together.

5. Nadiah M. Din

Local Celebs Beauty Inspiration Nadian M Din

Source: Nadiah M. Din / Instagram

Nadiah M. Din is a local actress that earned a place in our hearts when she played Hani, a police officer on Channel 5’s Mata Mata in 2014. Nadiah M. Din welcomed her first child in November 2017, but motherhood hasn’t changed her youthful looks one bit.

Local Celebs Beauty Inspiration Nadian M Din 1

Source: Nadian M. Din / Instagram

Her style is heavily Bohemian-inspired with bold prints, vibrant colours, and over-the-top accessories which she still pulls off effortlessly. She also isn’t afraid to use strong pops of colours on her lips or with her eye shadows, making her a refreshing change on our Instagram feeds.

6. Nurul Aini

Local Celebs Beauty Inspiration Nurul Aini 2

Source: Nurul Aini / Instagram

As an actress and presenter, Nurul Aini is a familiar face in the Malay showbiz scene here in Singapore. She debuted in 2004 and has been on a roll ever since, thanks to her gorgeous looks and lovable personality. Nurul Aini has since cemented her reputation as one of local Malay television’s biggest stars.

Local Celebs Beauty Inspiration Nurul Aini

Source: Nurul Aini / Instagram

Nurul Aini’s style brings together comfort and style. She isn’t afraid to go full-on glam with bold, red lips that complement her fair complexion, but there are also other days when she can be seen wearing overalls and sneakers to match.

Local Celebs Beauty Inspiration Nurul Aini 1

Source: Nurul Aini / Instagram

Her typical everyday makeup look consists of eyeliner, mascara, soft and natural eye shadows, blush, and some bronzer to enhance her features. She enjoys matching her outfits with her family of four, which is not surprising from such a fashionista mama.

7. Zoe Tay

Local Celebs Beauty Inspiration Zoe Tay

Source: Zoe Tay / Instagram

The Queen of Caldecott Hill requires no introduction. We’re positive you already know her, if you haven’t watched her string of iconic drama series from as far back as you can remember.

She just hit the big 5-0 this year, but Zoe Tay is the embodiment of how to age gracefully, and we can only aspire to be like her one day when we reach current age.

Local Celebs Beauty Inspiration Zoe Tay 1

Source: Zoe Tay / Instagram

Decked in high-end fashion labels, she challenges what fashion choices are “age-appropriate” and pulls them all off stunningly. Any age is a right age to masterfully work a dose of colour into your outfits to add that spark of vitality and life.

8. Felicia Chin

Local Celebs Beauty Inspiration Felicia Chin

Source: Felicia Chin / Instagram

Since taking part in Mediacorp’s Star Search Singapore in 2003, Felicia Chin has become a household name with iconic roles in hit TV dramas such as The Champion (任我遨游) and Little Nyonya (小娘惹).

Felicia has a more sporty, athletic image, evidenced by how she has successfully pulled off hair cuts over the years that most local female celebrities would never have touched with a ten-foot pole. Most recently, she has been seen sporting an almost-pixie cut.

Local Celebs Beauty Inspiration Felicia Chin 1

Source: Felicia Chin / Instagram

Her style is congruent with that image, as she typically opts for dressed-down looks with an almost-bare face when she’s not on set.

Her preferred makeup style is more toned-down too. There is greater emphasis on the blusher to bring out her youthful vibes, just a touch of eye makeup to make her eyes look brighter and more prominent, and a nude lip to complete the natural look.