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Padded headbands might just be the solution to our flat-hair problems! Ever since Prada rolled out padded headbands as a key fashion statement in their 2019 Spring collection, it’s become clear that the regal, Kate Middleton-approved hair accessory is here to stay.

Padded Headbands Prada Ss19

Here ‘s a glimpse at their Spring/Summer 2019 runway. Source: @sosnu_co

While some of us may have always secretly wished to channel some serious Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl vibes, styling this headband right (or any headband, for that matter) is certainly easier said than done.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of beautiful people to give you a satisfying dose of fashion inspiration! From K-pop star IRENE from Red Velvet to the royal Duchess of Cambridge, here’s how they’ve mastered the padded headband trend in various shades and designs, so you can too.

1. Kate Middleton

It seems only fitting that we kickstart this compilation of princess-y, tiara-like head pieces with Kate Middleton. One of the first few to hop onto the padded headband bandwagon, the Duchess of Cambridge has been pictured sporting a generous collection of oversized headbands even prior to Miuccia Prada’s SS 2019 release.

Padded Headband Kate Middleton (2)

Source: @hmycouture

Seen above is the Duchess attending the 2018 Armistice Service at Westminster Abbey, dressed in a green button-down coat dress. Her hair is neatly swept back into a low bun to reveal bejewelled, floral earrings, and the entire ensemble is finished off with a black velvet padded headband.

The ingenuity behind this headband is its ability to add volume to what would have otherwise been a rather simple and lacklustre hairdo. If you’re ever having a flat hair day, a classic black puffed-up headband like this would do wonders to your hairstyle.

Find this design on Lazada today for SGD4.90.

2. Leonie Hanne


Social media influencer and owner of lifestyle and fashion blog OHH COUTURE, Leonie Hanne hails from Germany and is pretty much an expert in the headband scene. If your wardrobe happens to be stocked with multi-coloured pastel or neutral tones, topping off your fits with a yellow headband might just be the cherry on top.

Or, to play it safe, you can always go monochromatic like so:


Get a padded headband in this shade of yellow on Lazada for SGD5.10.

3. Gigi Hadid


Coincidentally, supermodel Gigi Hadid walked her first ever Prada fashion show in 2019 as well. Here, Hadid is looking doll-like with her brows bleached and her bangs cropped short in a vintage style somewhat reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn.

If you’d like to try this shade out, we recommend pairing it off with a white outfit to achieve a pretty-in-pink, Barbie aesthetic. You can even go a little further by throwing in a pair of pearl earrings or necklace! Take this for example:


Purchase the original Prada headband is currently sold out on NET-A-PORTER but you can opt for a lookalike on ASOS for SGD5.56. If you still have your eye on a Prada headband, an embellished variant is available on NET-A-PORTER for SGD186,

4. Sherry Maldonado


Take a tip or two from hair expert Sherry Maldonado and wear a headband on a lazy day out! Sherry is seen in the shot above wearing a padded headband with a scrunchy design. Simple yet sweet!

We tried scouring for various retailers, but it appears this design might be more unique than we thought! Currently, scrunchy, puffed-up headbands are mainly being pushed out by retailer TAMI BAR-LEV. They have various designs from plain white, as seen on Maldonado, to glitter and leopard print ones! Their headbands are quite costly, but the site assures that all products are handmade from the finest material such as satin and silk.

Check out all their headbands here.

5. Mayssen Aloui


Makeup influencer Mayssen Aloui is a classic example of how you can never go wrong with bangs and headbands! Here she is wearing a black, pearl-studded headband, which complements her dark, smoky red eyeshadow. She’s also donning a top with black mesh sleeves, creating an overall gothic vibe.

You can find a similar design on Etsy for SGD32.46.

6. Lele Sadoughi

Don’t be mistaken, Lele Dadoughi isn’t another influencer, but rather a popular fashion brand specialising in jewellery and headbands. Even Kate Middleton endorses their padded headbands, so you know they’re the real deal.

Here are a couple of their designs:




You can find all these and many more on their website here.



Brazilian fashion influencer Camila Coelho boasts over 8M followers on Instagram and proves that you can stun in a padded headband at any hair length! Here she is looking chic in a velvet burgundy headband with her gelled hair in a short and sleek bob.

Get a padded headband this shade on Lazada for SGD9.

8. Georgie Cole


Out of all the headbands we’ve seen so far, this braided headband designed by British designer Georgie Cole probably takes the cake! Model and influencer @denis is seen here wearing their gorgeous silky peach braid. Judging from how she’s looking sun-kissed by the water, it seems this headband is pretty versatile for both casual outdoorsy and formal events.

Shop the headband for GBP43.50 and other braided designs on GEORGIE COLE now. You can also get a similar one for cheaper on Lazada at SGD16.60.

9. Irene

Padded Headbands Irene

Source: @camilah_aa

K-Pop fans rejoice, we saved the best for last! Taken from Red Velvet’s PSYCHO music video’s promotional shoot, Irene looks both feminine and fierce in a red knitted cropped cardigan, dangly pearl earrings and white pearl headband.

If you’re captivated by her stunning visuals and style, now you can get a similar pearl headband of your own from ASOS.