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Korean actress Park Shin Hye, who is probably best known for her recent role in popular K-drama Doctors, was in Singapore on Friday. The brand ambassador of Mamonde met the media at a press conference and shared her skincare tips, as well as what she loved most about Singapore.

Here are a few things we learnt about her:

She is conscientious with her skincare routine

Her long working hours and frequent travels aren’t obstacles to achieving radiant skin. She shared that when she’s filming, she usually doesn’t get a lot of sleep. “Due to the lack of sleep, my skin loses moisture sometimes,” Park Shin Hye shared.

To make sure that her skin still look vibrant and healthy, she uses a facial mask every day to moisturise her skin. This is dedication!

She has her skincare woes too!

Park Shin Hye may look flawless all the time, but she knows very well what her skincare concerns are.

“I get tanned very easily, especially during summer,” she said, “so during those times I really focus on brightening and whitening to keep my skin glowing.”

She also shared that when her skin tans, it tends to get dry too. So she will also moisturise her skin during summer.

Her favourite makeup item is lip tint

We might have expected a Korean celebrity to have an elaborate makeup routine, but there’s only one product that Park Shin Hye can’t live without: the entire range of Mamonde Creamy Tint Lip Balm.

“I don’t put on a lot of makeup when I’m not working or in a shoot, so I focus on my lips. I make sure I have bright, glowing lips, which I think help brighten my features,” she said.

She customises her skincare routine according to her needs

Cleanse, tone, and moisturise may be the basic steps, but Park Shin Hye goes beyond that. She said that the two products she always use are the Mamonde Calendula Essence and Toner. She said that these two products always go hand in hand for her, because using just the toner makes her skin feel dry, so she makes sure she uses an essence too to keep her skin moisturised.

These are her top three products from Mamonde

Before she heads out of her house, Park Shin Hye will never forget to apply the Mamonde Moisture Ceramide Cream (she called it the “Hibiscus cream” because this product is formulated with hibiscus) to keep her skin hydrated, the Mamonde Cover Powder Cushion as her basic foundation, and then finish off with her favourite Mamonde Creamy Tint Lip Balm to draw some focus to her lips.

What she loves most about Singapore? Chilli crabs!

Besides the greenery and weather, the seafood-lover fell in love with Singapore’s chilli crabs and black pepper crabs when she tried it here five years ago. Because she is on a tight schedule this time round, she said that she’s worried she may not have the chance to visit the restaurants for her favourite Singaporean dish. However, to help ease her cravings, her fans have already given her chilli crab sauce for her to bring back to Korea.

If you missed the live broadcast that we did on the Daily Vanity Facebook page during the press conference, watch it here to see more of Park Shin Hye.