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K-pop star and former 2NE1 member Sandara Park has never been more acquainted with Singapore than now. The 33-year-old Korean idol has spent more than a week in our sunny island filming and promoting Get It Beauty On The Road, a beauty TV programme that also features local starlets Chantalle Ng and Tay Ying.

Daily Vanity caught up with Sandara (or more affectionately by Dara among her fans) to find out what’s her impression of Singapore and also to steal some of her beauty secrets.

Sandara Park Get It Beauty Interview 3

Sandara Park will be hosting Get It Beauty On The Road, filmed in Singapore.

Hi Sandara! While filming in Singapore, did you manage to sight-see or try out local foods?

I have been to Singapore quite often and whenever I do, there are places which I always visit. There are so many good places for sightseeing such as Universal Studios Singapore, Clarke Quay, taking the cable car, seeing Marina Bay Sands’ night view and so on. The food that I like the most is Chili Crab and Pepper Crab. I went to a local restaurant that my Singaporean friend recommended this time, and the taste of the Pepper Crab and Cereal Prawn was etched in my mind. I will definitely go back there to dine again.

The next time you visit Singapore again, what would you hope to be able to do?

The next time I get to visit Singapore, I would like to bring my friends and my family to see the beautiful scenery that I have enjoyed. During the last day of our trip here before leaving for the airport, we had our dinner at the hotel restaurant just across the Marina Bay Sands. Looking at the beautiful view, my crew wondered aloud to one another, “How would it feel like to live there?” because it was simply magnificent.

Did you have to change your beauty routine while in Singapore? What are your must-haves especially when you travel?

During this Singapore work trip, I tried on different makeup looks for all seven days. There were many costume changes and it was fun that I was able to try out various styles. I always do my hair and makeup according to my outfit or schedule. This time, because of Singapore’s humid and warm weather, I tried to put on smooth and bright-coloured makeup as much as possible. A must-have item for me will be makeup setting spray and my favourite loose powder.

Sandara Park Get It Beauty Interview 2

The hosts shared more about bird’s nest and its beauty benefits on the show

In what ways did the beauty trends and products in Singapore intrigue or surprise you?

I was taken aback by the nutritional beauty tips I received here. I tried one of them, which was the bird’s nest and found it interesting because it was delicious yet good for my skin.

Could you share some of the fondest memories filming with Chantalle and Tay Ying?

I enjoyed Chantalle and Tay Ying’s company throughout the filming. We grew close over the course of production and I had to hold back my tears on the last day of filming. Both of them are so cheerful and cute, and I would like to thank Get It Beauty On The Road for giving me the opportunity to meet these two good friends. Even though we come from different backgrounds, we all had a common interest in beauty. I have fond memories of our reactions when we tried out various fascinating items or tips from experts.

Sandara Park Get It Beauty Interview 1

Sandara established a friendship with Chantalle and Tay Ying while filming.

Was it more difficult to film in Singapore because of our unforgiving weather?

It was very hot but fortunately, most of our shoots were indoors. There was an outdoor shoot where we were on the cable car for dinner in the evening, but it was rather breezy. It was very nice to see the sun set too, and I felt really thrilled throughout the experience.

What did you have to do to make sure that your makeup is able to still look good on camera despite the hot and humid weather?

I used to live in the Philippines for a long time and had a lot of outdoor filming too. So, it was not hard for me at all, but no one can avoid the hot and humid weather. Even though it can be troublesome, the only way is to spend more time on correcting makeup in the right way. I had to be more careful about my base makeup and also check and correct them throughout the day.

Sandara Park Get It Beauty Interview 4

Sandara shares with Daily Vanity her tips to survive Singapore’s hot and humid weather.

What is one beauty hack you can share with us that you always do but few people know about?

Actually, there is a limit to (what) makeup (can do). I think regular maintenance of our skin is more important. So, I recommend to put on a facial mask every day before going to bed. You need a good skin condition for your makeup to set well.

Could you share some of your upcoming plans that fans can look forward to?

My plans have changed quite a lot since the beginning of this year. Half of the year has already passed and I was really busy in the first six months. Currently I am focused on hosting entertainment and beauty programmes, but in the future, I would like to engage more in music, acting and fashion activities too, which is why I am constantly learning and practising now.

Complete the sentence: Singapore is…

… a place I would like to live in.

Get It Beauty On The Road will premiere on 10 July 2018 (Every Tuesday) at 6.30pm on tvN Asia (StarHub TV Ch. 824 and Singtel TV Ch. 518/619) and at 8pm on Hub E City (StarHub TV Ch. 111/825). Non-StarHub TV customers can also catch Get It Beauty On The Road for free on StarHub Go.