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What do Zoe Tay, Julianne Moore, and Li Bing Bing have in common? A few weeks ago, we may only be able to say that they’re all gorgeous celebrities with timeless beauty. Now, Zoe Tay has joined the ranks of the other two A-listers as one of the brand ambassadors of L’Oreal Paris.

At the press conference that announces her ambassadorship, Zoe Tay says she’s proud of her age and believes a woman exudes different types of charm at different stages of her life.

“I won’t be able to play a good ‘Bobo’ (the character she played in the show Pretty Faces that propelled her to stardom in 1991) now, just as ‘Bobo’ won’t be able to play a 50-year-old – I’m almost 50 years old now,” she says.

“You have to enjoy every stage of your life,” Zoe muses.

Zoe Tay is the face of the upcoming L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect range, which consists of the Age Perfect Dual Elixir (SGD54), which is formulated with the French White Truffle. This precious ingredient takes up to three decades to mature and can only grow on a special tree as host, with a specific ground and climate. In other words, the conditions it require to flourish are very rare.

The essence of these truffles is combined with royal jelly to be infused into the Age Perfect Dual Elixir, which is designed to deeply nourish skin, stimulate regeneration of new cells, and protect cells from UVA stress.

The new L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Dual Elixir will be launched at all leading Watsons, Guardian, major supermarkets and hypermarkets, and beauty marts from March 2017. It will be launched together with the Age Perfect Milky Cleansing Foam (SGD15), Age Perfect Supreme Cells-in-Lotion (SGD36), and Age Perfect Supreme Regenerating Cream (SGD49).

Be patient and look forward to June 2017 for the launch of the Age Perfect Regenerating Eye Care (SGD46).