You may have heard of the benefits of Dead Sea minerals, but did you know that there’s only one cosmetics company that’s indigenous to the Dead Sea region? And that’s AHAVA. The Israeli brand carries products that taps into the rich natural resources of this magical region in strict compliance with recognised international standards

March Promotion

If you’ve been wanting to try skincare products that feature dead sea minerals, here’s a great chance! AHAVA is having a storewide sale on their online store. Use the promo codes below to enjoy the perks:

  • SGD20 off with SGD100 spend (Promo Code: MAR20)
  • SGD40 off with SGD200 spend (Promo Code: MAR40)
  • SGD60 off with SGD300 spend (Promo Code: MAR60)

Check out some of our recommended items from AHAVA:


Mineral Body Lotion Spring Blossom

AHAVA’s Mineral Body Lotion contains essentials ingredients such as Dead Sea Water, Aloe Vera Extract and Witch Hazel Extract. The body lotion smoothens your skin and provide a refreshing and revitalising effect. The scent of purple blossom brings you to memories of Spring.

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24k Gold Mineral Mud Mask L 6

Rediscover the ancient beauty with AHAVA’s 24K Gold Mineral Mud Mask. Two elements of royal beauty wisdom – Dead Sea mineral mud and 24K Gold has come together for a luxury treatment for your skin. Use it at least once a week for a firmer and brighter skin complexion.

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Gentlecleansingfoam 1

AHAVA’s gentle facial cleansing foam contains calendula, chamomile and aloe vera, which help to calm discomforts associated with daily facial cleansing. The gentle foam effectively wash away dirt and surface impurities in an instant, while leaving even the most sensitive skin feeling fresh and supple.

The cleansing foam also contains the true survivors of one of the world’s saltiest water – The Dead Sea Algae. The Dead Sea Algae defy the harsh conditions of the Dead Sea and has evolved a novel mechanism to protect itself from radiation’s damaging impact. Dead Sea algae produce a variety of potent ingredients known for their skin-transforming properties and high levels of antioxidants.

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