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IDS Aesthetics Dew Mist Mi Facial

An extremely hydrating facial that not only moisturise the skin but leaving a smooth velvety feel after a single session! Expect these benefits* for both your face and neck:

✓ Brightens skin
✓ Improve skin clarity
✓ Leaves the skin supple and hydrated
✓ Increase the smoothness feel
✓ Increase the moisture on the skin
✓ Immediate reduction of fine lines

*suitable for all, especially those with concerns of dull or sensitive looking skin
**not suitable for individuals with serious health conditions

Trial price for DV readers

You can now enjoy these benefits at 50% off! Sign up below to experience the Dew Mist Mi Facial (U.P.$250 before GST) for yourself today. Applicable only for new customers of IDS Aesthetics or existing customers who have not tried this treatment.


Promo ends on 31 December 2021.

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