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We may sometimes envy men for being less susceptible to signs of ageing such as wrinkles and loss of firmness, compared to women. (That’s because their skin is literally thicker than ours!) But did you know that environmental factors also make men prone to irritation and sensitivity?

The notorious local heat and humidity can encourage bacteria growth and facial sebum production in men, just as in women, which will result in more acne-prone skin. Aside from that, men also need to shave their face at regular intervals which can increase skin sensitivity and irritation.

We know that when our skin is irritated and sensitive, our moods also change likewise. Why should men be any different? The leading man in your life may profess not to care about his skin condition, or is too lazy to do anything about it, but it doesn’t mean that he’s not concerned about how his skin feels.

If you’re a man reading this article, find out what are the common mistakes that you may be making, aggravating your skin without you knowing it. And if you’re a woman, share it with the important men in your life!

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1. He uses any random product in the bathroom

Come on, let’s be honest here. How many of you know that your guy just picks up any random facial cleanser in the bathroom to use? He doesn’t care if it belongs to his wife/girlfriend, his mother or his sister, as long as it gets the job done. Some men may even wash their faces with regular bar soap, which is far too drying for the face.

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Let’s get the basics right and stop him from using just about any product he can get his hands on. Using the right products, especially those that are formulated for sensitive skin can help give his skin the tender, loving care that it needs.

Try: L’Oréal Paris Men Expert Hydra Sensitive Birch Sap Milky Soap. This facial cleanser is formulated with Northern Birch Sap, a Nordic superfood that was selected for its ability to reduce skin discomfort.

It was combined with their exclusive Anti-Pollution Particle Adhesion System that limits the adhesion and therefore damage of air pollutants up to PM2.5, protecting the skin barrier and preventing water loss. It was specially designed to relieve redness, itchiness and flakiness in sensitive skin.

It will retail for SGD 13.90 from October 2017 onwards at all Watsons, Guardian, Fairprice, Cold Storage, Giant and leading supermarkets and department stores. Look out for an introductory offer of 25% off for that month!

2. He doesn’t use moisturiser

We can already hear the men out there groaning. Moisturiser is an additional step that most guys out there find unnecessary, and a lot of them also dislike the greasy texture that it leaves on the face.

However, we also know how much healthier and more supple well-hydrated skin can be, as well as how moisturising can provide oil controlling benefits on our own skin, and that also applies to the guys as well – it’s not like their skin is that different from ours.

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Remind the men in your life that using a good moisturiser doesn’t only help to prevent excessive oil production, but also keeps those zits under control!

Overly dry skin can also cause sensitive skin reactions, with a higher chance of getting rashes, itchiness and bumps. Since guys tend not to use moisturisers as much as we do, they may actually be experiencing these problems without fully understanding the cause!


men irritated sensitive skin loreal men hydra sensitive birch sap milky emulsion

Try: L’Oréal Paris Men Expert Hydra Sensitive Birch Sap Milky Emulsion. This moisturiser is also formulated with the Northern Birch Sap, which has the ability to improve the skin barrier’s function while reducing sensitivity to external aggressors. It has a “no nasties” formula, which means it doesn’t contain parabens, alcohol, colorants and is 100% dermatologically tested.

It is retailing for SGD 21.90 from now on Lazada, and at all Watsons, Guardian, Fairprice, Cold Storage, Giant and leading supermarkets and department stores. Check out its offer of 25% off for this month!

3. He isn’t investing in a good aftershave option

Just in case you’re not familiar yourself with what shaving creams and aftershave lotions do, they essentially help to re-hydrate and soften the skin to reduce any skin irritation from the shaving process. It can even help to prevent acne by keeping pores clean and bacteria-free!

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Now that you know, can you imagine how dry and painful it must feel on his skin if your guy shaves without shaving cream or aftershave lotion day after day? Also make sure to remind him to rinse his face thoroughly with some cold water after his shave, and before he applies aftershave lotion, so as to close the pores and soothe the skin.


men irritated sensitive skin loreal men vita lift 5 complete anti-aging daily moisturiser

Is it too much trouble for him to use a moisturiser and an aftershave? L’Oreal Paris Men Expert has him covered, with a full range of moisturisers for all skin types that can also double up as aftershaves. Whether your guy has ageing skin, oily skin, fatigued skin, dry skin, he’s going to be able to find something suitable for him. No more excuses there!

We recommend their anti-ageing moisturiser, the L’Oreal Men Vita Lift 5 Complete Anti-Aging Daily Moisturiser, which has earned the top spot amongst men’s anti-ageing moisturisers in Singapore. It retails for SGD 25.90 at all leading drugstores, supermarkets and hypermarkets islandwide.

This article is brought to you by L’Oreal. 

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