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We’re sure that somewhere at the back of your head, you wished you had a vanity mirror with light – you know the kind that reminds you of old Hollywood sets?

Besides its aesthetic benefits, a lighted vanity mirror has key functions. For one, a lighted vanity mirror extinguishes shadow caused by normal lighting. This would give its users a clearer and brighter view such that you can apply makeup more precisely so that you can look fresh all day!

Moreover, a vanity mirror with light help magnify every part of your face and bring attention to them as you groom yourself. It’s excellent for eyebrow plucking, drawing your eyeliner, and cleaning away the tiny fallout and smudges from makeup that you sometimes miss. Trust us, you’ll appreciate not having to crouch over a bathroom sink to get a clearer view of your face through your bathroom mirror!

A functional and essential tool, we believe that all beauty junkies need a vanity mirror with light in their room.

If you have the same thoughts as us, and are looking for a lighted vanity mirror, here’s your go-to list! We’ve selected 10 of the best ones in the market today to narrow down your hunt!

1. Lights by HipVan LED Light Vanity Mirror

This lighted vanity mirror isn’t just portable, it is also adjustable to suit your preference. We love its sleek and understated design that will look great on just about any vanity table.

In addition, the base also acts as a mini tray for you to put your accessories, and it doubles up as a simple table lamp when you adjust the mirror upwards. This lighted vanity mirror is available in three colours: cream, mint, and pink.

Lights by HipVan LED Light Vanity Mirror retails for SGD59.90 on HipVan, shipping fees apply.

2. LED Vanity Lighted Hollywood Makeup Mirror with lights Dimmer Stage Beauty Touch

Like a cute photo frame for your vanity top, this lighted vanity mirror is a miniature version of what you see models and celebrities have in their dressing rooms. Battery-operated, compact, and portable, you have the choice of holding the mirror close to you or leaving it on your vanity as you get ready for your day.

LED Vanity Lighted Hollywood Makeup Mirror with lights Dimmer Stage Beauty Touch retails at SGD50.90 on Lazada Singapore, shipping fees apply.

3. niceEshop Makeup Mirror Light

Unlike the aforementioned lighted vanity mirrors, this mirror is big and not as portable – making it great for those who want a fixture that also allows you to check your outfit. You may be pleased to know that the brightness of the lights can also be adjusted by a remote control, turning it from a functional mirror to some kind of a mood light if you wish. This mirror has received several 5-star reviews on Lazada Singapore, too.

niceEshop Makeup Mirror Light retails at SGD27.66 on Lazada Singapore, shipping fees apply.

4. OEM Unique 7 Inches Makeup Mirror

This is a compact mirror that is suitable for travelling or for users who are always on the move. It has five times the magnification of regular mirror and is also powered by batteries. This compact mirror even comes with suction cups at the back so that you can stick it on any surface for free-hand usage. Generally, it has received positive reviews from those who bought it.

OEM Unique 7 Inches Makeup Mirror retails at USD51.99 (approx SGD70.46) on Amazon, shipping fees apply.

5. OEM My Fold Away LED Makeup Mirror

Like the previous mirror we’ve listed, this is another great option for on-the-go touch-up because it can be easily folded and stowed away. The double-sided mirror has one side that gives you an accurate reflection, and the other side that gives a 10 times magnification.

OEM My Fold Away LED Makeup Mirror retails at SGD40 on Lazada Singapore, shipping fees apply.

6. CraftersCalendar XL Hollywood vanity mirror

If you have to constantly fight with someone for the mirror, then this huge vanity mirror with light will be what you need. Powered by LED lights, this mirror has been highly rated by many customers who have praised the quality of its visibility.

Most customers said that it was very easy to install and that they either hang it on the wall or left it standing at the vanity table. But if you’re thinking of getting this mirror, take note that bulbs are not included.

CraftersCalendar XL Hollywood vanity mirror retails at SGD384.99 on Esty, shipping fees apply.

7. Rainbows Shop LED Table Vanity

If big mirrors or large bulbs are not your thing, try out this LED table mirror. With smaller bulbs, the lights are not as glaring but still reduce shadows and improve visibility. This is an affordable option if you’re not looking for anything too fancy.

Rainbows Shop LED Table Vanity retails at SGD13.90 on Qoo10, shipping fees apply.

8. Sephora Light-up Mirror to go

If you don’t have that much space in your vanity area, a lighted vanity mirror like this may be up your alley. It looks like a compact and be stashed easily away in your cabinet or your makeup bag when you’re not using it. The LED lights may be small but give you sufficient light for touch-ups in low-light environments. Most customers loved it and rated it 5/5 on Sephora.

Sephora Light-up Mirror To Go retails at SGD26 on Sephora Singapore, shipping fees apply.

9. Tweezerman LED 15x Mini Mirror

We recommend this mini lighted mirror if you just want something to help you with eyebrow grooming or perfecting that lip liner. Keep it as a secondary mirror for your vanity table or bring it along as you travel.


Tweezerman Led 15x Mini Mirror retails at SGD38 on Zalora Singapore, shipping fees apply.

10. OneHub Simplehuman 8″ Round Sensor Stainless Steel Mirror With 5X Magnification

This mirror stimulates natural sunlight to give you the real deal. It is also chargeable, cordless, and adjustable so you place it at the exact spot that you want. The brightness of this mirror is also adjustable to suit your desired visibility.

OneHub Simplehuman 8″ Round Sensor Stainless Steel Mirror With 5X Magnification retails at SGD399 on RedMart, shipping fees apply.