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By now, most of us are well-acquainted with the wonders of Korean skincare products. Cleansing balms, essences, ampoules, and sheet masks have all become a mainstay in our routines. Korean makeup, on the other hand, can either be a huge hit or miss.

However, there’s one Korean makeup brand that has yet to put a foot wrong with their products. Say hello to 16Brand, one of Korea’s hottest makeup brands at the moment.

Why 16Brand is so popular in Korea

Credit: @16.brand on Instagram

If you have a penchant for Korean makeup, you may be familiar with Chosungah 22, a brand that lives by the philosophy that makeup should be simple and fun. It’s a sentiment made clear in its straightforward products with bright, graphic packaging.

Now, the founder of Chosungah 22 has created 16Brand – think of it as Chosungah 22’s edgier, more playful sister. With a need to create simple, easy-to-use makeup products that nail the latest trends, 16Brand was born.

Designed for makeup novices, the brand has culled a loyal fanbase in Korea, and has started attracting the attention of beauty enthusiasts in Taiwan too.

Made in Korea, 16Brand offers everything from makeup and skincare to body care and beauty accessories – all wrapped in eye-catching packaging and bold colour combinations. Even better, each product is priced affordably, so it’s great for those who are on a tight budget too.

Ahead, we gathered the top five makeup products from the brand that you absolutely need to try.

16Brand makeup products to try

16Brand 16 Filter Shot

16brand filter shot

Credit: @16.brand on Instagram

First up, we have the brand’s number one bestselling item, the 16 Filter Shot. This mini contouring palette features three shades that help you achieve sculpted cheeks and a subtle glow in one swipe.

It’s available in two palettes: Contour Peach, which includes a highlighter and two bronzer shades; and Shading Almond, a trio of bronzers in different tones. Simply pick up the product with the flat brush and swipe it along the sides of your nose.  You can even use it to contour your nose easily.

16Brand 16 Filter Shot retails for S$15.19 at Stylevana and S$22.25 at YesStyle, and S$24.60 at Shopee.

16Brand Sixteen Eye Magazine

16brand eye magazine

Credit: @16.brand on Instagram

If you’re new to eyeshadows, the Sixteen Eye Magazine palette will help you achieve an easy ombré effect in a matter of seconds. This foolproof, one-step eyeshadow features two colours in a palette.

Plus, it comes with a brush that shares the same width as the palette, so you can pick up both shades at once. With one swipe, you’ll get amazing colour payoff that won’t budge throughout the day. The palette is available in five variants, from dusty pinks to everyday neutrals.

16Brand Sixteen Eye Magazine retails for S$9.05 at Shopee and S$9.49 at Stylevana.  

16Brand My Magazine Makeup Palette

16Brand My Magazine Makeup Palette

Credit: @16.brand on Instagram

Another popular product from 16Brand is the My Magazine Makeup Palette, which has sold out numerous times at beauty stores in South Korea. Of course, it’s also a versatile product that’s incredibly practical and intuitive.

16Brand My Magazine Makeup Palette swatches

Credit: @16.brand on Instagram

In addition to four shades of eyeshadow, there are contour and blush shades to help perfect your look in five minutes. You can even dip a wet brush into the eyeshadows to use them as eyeliner and brow powder. The palette comes in six colour variants, from rosy browns to peachy corals.

16Brand My Magazine Makeup Palette retails for S$13.79 at Stylevana and S$20.88 at Shopee

16Brand Cheek Shot

16brand cheek shot

Credit: @16.brand on Instagram

Soft and lightweight, the Cheek Shot blusher contains finely-milled powder to sop up excess sebum throughout the day. Its satin formula is buildable too, so you can create a subtle flush of colour or go bold.

Go ahead and dust it on your cheeks, and swipe some across the bridge of your nose for a youthful look.

16Brand Cheek Shot retails for S$5.60 at Shopee, S$5.89 at Stylevana, and S$9.58 at YesStyle

16Brand R U 16 Lipstick

16Brand R U 16 Lipstick

Credit: @16.brand on Instagram

Addicted to chocolate? You’ll fall in love with these chocolate-inspired and cocoa-infused lipsticks from 16Brand. It comes in four yummy shades: Pink Nougat, Brown Fudge, Cherry Almond, and Pumpkin Caramel.

Its creamy texture glides on easily and provides a matte texture that lasts all day. Wear it sheer or add layers to it for a more intense colour payoff. One reviewer who tried the Pink Nougat shade said it even smells like nougat. You’ll be tempted to lick your lippie off – you’ve been warned.

16Brand R U 16 Lipstick retails for S$9.49 at Stylevana and S$13.43 at YesStyle