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There’s no doubt Sephora is our favourite go-to place for our beauty buys. With all the indie brands and new collection they’re bringing in, we always can’t resist but walk in and end up spending hours swatching and testing products… and somehow end up with something in a shopping bag.

There’s just so much new stuff they’re bringing in all the time and it can be hard to catch up on all the new brands and new releases, so we’re here to help! We shortlisted a list of 19 new or upcoming products that we think are super exciting and worth a try. So bookmark this page and make your next trip to Sephora a productive one, without being lost in aisles of new products.


1. Tarte Tarteist PRO Remix Amazonian Clay Palette

Best Products Sephora Tarte

When mentioning Tarte, we’re always excited about their packaging. This time round, they’ve released a new eyeshadow palette with remixes of their best-selling Tarteist PRO shades. The packaging? It comes with a lenticular cover with paint splashes pattern printed. Tilt the cover to see the pattern change.

Now, inside the palette are 20 new shades that were mixed and curated from your favourite hues. Ranging from neutral and bold, punchy shades, we’d say this palette is very versatile. Oh, and did we mention that these 20 shades come in a mixture of six different finishes: matte, luster, metallic, duochrome, shimmer and floating glitter? It’s definitely gonna a very complete one-in-all palette that you can just throw in your travel bag and still be able create different, creative eye looks every day.

Tarte Tarteist PRO Remix Amazonian Clay Palette retails at SGD76 and is available in Sephora.

2. Beautyblender Bounce Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation

Best Products Sephora Beauty Blender

Saw all the hype about this foundation all over social media? Good news, you’ll be able to get it this month in Singapore.

While it comes in 40 shades, what’s most interesting is the packaging. It comes with a pump and a concave surface in the shape of the beauty blender. You can either hold the bottle at a 45-degree angle and pump out the foundation directly onto your skin or if you own a beauty blender, simply just pump out the contents and then place your sponge (which fits perfectly on the concave surface) to pick up the foundation. This packaging makes it so much easier and less messy especially when working with the beauty blender.

The Bounce Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation will be available from 28 March at Sephora, prices TBA.

3. Too Faced Diamond Fire Highlighter

Best Products Sephora Too Faced

It’s 2019 and highlighters are already part of our makeup routines. If you’re looking for a new one to add to your collection, consider the super reflecting Diamond Fire Highlighter from Too Faced, which now comes in two more shades.

The original Diamond Highlighter is a pigmented pan with pink and blue gold shades to play around with, getting you flawless reflection from all angles. The pale white shade might not be the best fit for all skin tones, so they came up with Canary, a warm bronze shade with pink hues, and Fancy Pink, a pink shade with golden hues. These two new shades probably complement ladies with darker and warmer skin tones best and we’re glad our darker skin toned girls can get that all-kill reflection too.

Too Faced Diamond Fire Highlighter retails at SGD49 in Sephora.

4. Pretty Vulgar Glitter Dust All Over Glitter Powder Spray

Best Products Sephora Pretty Vulgar

See that kira kira filter that you see people (or you yourself?) use? Well, now you can be kira kira in real life because Pretty Vulgar is releasing glitter dust that you can spritz onto your face, hair, body… really, anywhere. This might not be that staple in your make up stash, but it’s sure a fun product on special days. We also love that the packaging resembles your grandma’s vintage perfume spray bottle, how cute!

Pretty Vulgar Glitter Dust All Over Glitter Powder Spray will retail at SGD51 in Sephora from 23 May.

5. Becca BFFs x Khloé Kardashian & Malika Haqq Ultimate Lipstick Love

Best Products Sephora Becca

Fans of Khloe Kardashian & Malika Haqq must not miss this one. The BFFs who have different skin undertones have curated four lipstick shades that will are simply gorgeous.

Khloe, who is warm toned, curated Hot Tamale, a spicy red colour which she describes as a “sexy and glamorous colour that is a dream”. The other nude shade, Cupid’s Kiss is a toasty warm shade that resembles one of those signature Kardashian nude lip.

The cool toned Malika curated Brave, a true red tone and Yours Truly, a darker nude shade with pinky hues that we think looks super good on light skin tones. Malika describes this nude shade as “the best nude ever”.

The creamy and moisturising formula makes it very comfortable and easy to wear, so we urge you to check the products out even if you’re not a fan of the BFFs!

Becca BFFs x Khloé Kardashian & Malika Haqq Ultimate Lipstick Love retails at SGD36 in Sephora.


6. Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream

Best Products Sephora Tatcha

We remember how excited everyone was when Tatcha first came to Singapore through Sephora. Now that they’ve already introduced their perennial bestseller, they have more to offer. The new Dewy Skin Cream from Tatcha is something we’re really looking forward to!

Expectedly, the formula is made up of Asian ingredients: Japanese purple rice bran, Okinawa algae, ginseng, wild thyme, and sweet marjoram. The cream is smooth and rich in formula and it keeps your skin hydrated even till the next day. Thanks to its super hydrating and rich formula, we’d say this cream is great for matured and dry skin, especially if you’re looking for that dewy finish.

Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream will be launched on 14 March in Sephora.

7. Dr Roebuck Anti- Pollution Serum

Best Products Sephora Dr Roebuck

A new brand to Sephora, Dr Roebuck is a clean beauty brand that uses as few ingredients as possible – only natural sources – for effective skincare. This anti-pollution serum is infused with Myramaze, Blueberry Extract and Amino Acids to help revive, strengthen and regenerate stressed skin. We know that city life subjects to harsh elements every day, so you might want to consider adding an anti-pollution serum to your routine.

Dr. Roebuck’s Tassie Anti-Pollution Serum retails at SGD77 and will be available on 14 March in all Sephora stores.

8. Saturday Skin Cotton Cloud Probiotic Power Mask

Best Products Sephora Saturday Skin

We hate to admit this, but the holographic pink packaging with cloud-shaped stickers is so cute we can’t help but take a second look at this. Don’t be deceived by its adorable packaging. This product actually performs the heavy duty of improving skin’s health and appearance. Free from fragrance, parabens and sulfates, the 100% natural microfiber mask is packed with four types of probiotics and two types of prebiotic to boost skin vitality and help you achieve healthy, glowing skin.

Saturday Skin Cotton Cloud Probiotic Power Mask retails at at SGD9 in Sephora.

9. Peter Thomas Roth Potent-C collection

Best Products Sephora Peter Thomas Roth

Peter Thomas Roth just upgraded their bestselling Vitamin C products to the new Potent-C collection. The new collection replaces Vitamin C (which they find absorbs less easily into skin) to THD Ascorbate, an oil-soluble formula that has a higher rate of penetration.

The new formula may be rich, but absorbs quickly, leaving the skin feeling fresh and non-sticky. 50 times more powerful than traditional Vitamin C, the new products also come with amplified Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid in it, giving the once well-loved products a strong upgrade. We’re excited to see how well this new range will perform.

Peter Thomas Roth Potent-C collection retails from SGD94 to SGD149 in Sephora.

10. Indie Lee I-Waken Eye Serum

Best Products Sephora Indie Lee

Another highly anticipated brand new to Sephora, Indie Lee is a beauty brand that advocates clean and natural ingredients so your skin won’t be put at risk.

While all her products are worth checking out, the eye serum particularly stood out to us. Instead of the usual eye cream you get, this serum comes in a creamy, easily spread and absorbed texture. It is a great serum to use before applying concealer. Packed with Horse Chestnut, Mountain Ash Bud and Witch Hazel, this serum targets dark eye circles and puffy under eyes, soothing and brightening those fatigue areas.

Indie Lee I-Waken Eye Serum will be available from 14 March in all Sephora stores.

11. Herbivore Orchid Facial Oil

Best Products Sephora Herbivore

Herbivore hit the shores of Singapore last year and has quickly earn them a following for their natural and clean skin care products. The brand will now be back with a series of three different facial oils packed in the brand’s signature minimalist glass packaging.

Among the three new released oils, our favourite is the Orchid Youth Preserving Facial Oil. While the exquisite blend of orchid extract, precious jasmine sambac and Japanese camellia flower oil feed your skin with vitamins and fatty acids for a youthful look, it’s also the most lightweight one out of all three facial oils. We love the subtle floral scent it has, and its non-greasy formula works perfect in Singapore’s climax.

Herbivore Orchid Facial Oil retails at SGD100 in Sephora.

12. Arcona Celestial Activating Essence

Best Products Sephora Arcona

Another intensive but lightweight product, the Arcona essence comes in a bottle of pretty pink liquid. More than just an eye candy on our vanity, this essence from the Los Angeles brand has peptide-based SensAmone that helps to calm irritated skin and daylight activated Luminescine that helps all signs of ageing like your fine lines and wrinkles. It’s so effective, some people call it the ‘beauty water’ because of the results it has shown.

Arcona Celestial Activating Essence retails at SGD73 in Sephora.

13. Dr. Jart+ V7 Pink Toning Cream

Best Products Sephora Dr Jart

The new face cream from the beloved Korean brand Dr. Jart is an all-in-one vitamin cream that has seven types of vitamins in one jar. What’s more interesting is the tone-up effect the cream offers. Remember how toning primer works? This works just the same way to brighten dull or yellow-looking skin.

When first applied, the cream blends out in a pinkish shade that may look unnaturally white on darker skin tones. However, about a minute or so after the product absorbs, the colour blends in naturally and definitely brightens your skin significantly. The formula is a bit thick though, but the brightening effect it offers makes it worth a try, especially if you want to even out your skin tone before applying makeup.

Dr. Jart+ V7 Pink Toning Cream will retail at SGD73 in Sephora from 14 March.

14. Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel

Best Products Sephora Dr Dennis Gross

This peel that people on social media have been raving about will finally be in Singapore! The two-step peel is a daily treatment that just require two minutes of usage to get instant smooth, radiant skin.

The first step is an exfoliating peel with glycolic acid that’s effective for removing dead cells while keeping skin smooth and soft. Step two is the anti-ageing neutraliser step that has retinol and green tea extract that calms and hydrates the skin after the exfoliating, keeping the skin moisturised and elastic. This product sure sounds interesting and we’re really excited to try it.

What we know for now is that this will be in Sephora stores really soon, and more details on release date and pricing will be out soon.

15. Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi Anti-Pollution Sunshine Drops

Best Products Sephora Drunk Elephant

Drunk Elephant has a massive cult following even before their entrance into Sephora Singapore. This time, they’re releasing an anti-pollution drop with chronopeptide that mimics the antioxidant benefits of vitamin D.

Loaded with omega-rich virgin marula and blackcurrant seed oils and vitamin F, this product creates a healthy barrier to protect the skin from all the external stress that we might be receiving. All the ingredient goodies aside, the bronzy shine it gives literally delivers that healthy sun-kissed look.

Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi Anti-Pollution Sunshine Drops will be retailing in Sephora from 14 March onwards, price TBA.


16. Maison Margiela Replica Under The Lemon Trees fragrance

Best Products Sephora Maison Margeila

Maison Margiela’s fragrance line always have the most unique and comforting scent for every mood. The latest release called Under The Lemon Trees, is a fresh refreshing scent of cypresses and lemon trees, evoking images of a warm sunny afternoon under yellow lemon trees.

Top notes includes lime accord – for that citrus scent, petit grain essence, cardamom essence. Middle notes of coriander essence (but don’t worry it doesn’t smell anywhere like that vegetable y’all hate), mate absolute, green extract. Base notes, cedarwood essence, cistus absolute and musks.

Maison Margiela Replica Under The Lemon Trees Eau De Toilette retails at SGD145 in Sephora.

17. Acqua di Parma Le Nobili Hair Mist

Best Products Sephora Acqua Di Parma

That lingering bad smell in your hair after lunch? Eeks. Get rid of it with the new hair mist by Acqua di Parma. It comes in two feminine scents: Magnolia Nobile, Rosa Nobile and Peonia Nobile. Each have a clean and floral scent to it and can be used as a dry shampoo (shhh no one would know if you skipped that shampoo for a day).

Acqua di Parma Le Nobili Hair Mist retails at SGD69 in Sephora.


18. My. Haircare Infuse My. Colour Wash

Best Products Sephora My Haircare

Yes, you can now get hair dyes in Sephora.

This would be more fun for those with bleached or light coloured hair, because you can literally get creative and mix your own hair dye. My. Haircare’s Infuse My. Colour Wash is a series of hair dyes that are toxic silicones and parabens-free, with vegan pigment and great conditioning.

The Colour Wash comes in a range of five colours: Copper (creates warm brown colour on dark hair), Gold (maintains blonde shades on bleached hair), Ruby (maintains redness in hair colours with red hues; also creates pink with bleached blonde hair), Cobalt (creates and maintains cool dark brown shade on dark hair), Platinum (tones yellowness in bleached hair; creates icy blond on light bleached hair).

You can now get the rose blond, mermaid or galaxy hair that you’ve dreamed off, but ample research will have to be done before using them, because we know it’s a bit tricky when coming to mixing your own hair dye.

My. Haircare Infuse My. Colour Wash is now available in Sephora for SGD33.

19. Abyssian Abyssinian Original Oil

Sephorbest Products Sephora Abyssian

This new hair care brand in Sephora has zero harsh chemicals in their products, using only carefully selected ingredients from all corners of Africa. This hair oil contains concentrate of pure Abyssinian oil, an ancient Mediterranean seed oil, and Rose extracts, boosting regenerative effects. It’s like feeding your hair with organic super food, which gives you the deep nourishing and your locks need!

What’s more, Abyssian will plant one tree for every product sold; talk about feeling good from a purchase!

Abyssian Abyssinian Original Oil retails at SGD36 in Sephora.