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Even though you’ve already been paying attention to what’s new in the market, we’re sure you’ll miss out some of them because there are just too many launches every month. To help you make sure you don’t miss out the gems, here are 22 new beauty launches that excite the Daily Vanity team that we thought you may want to consider adding to your shopping list.

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1. Milani Cosmetics Rose Collection

Infused with an antioxidant-rich blend of Rosehip Oil, Vitamins A & C, and Essential Fatty-Acids, Milani’s Rose Collection helps prep your skin prior to your makeup routine, allowing your makeup to sit nicely and withstand Singapore’s unpredictable weather. It is the perfect all-in-one skincare that caters to your skin’s main needs – cleaning, prepping and hydrating!

This range of products is even more effective when layered in your skincare regime. Start off with the Rose Face Oil for plumping your skin, followed by either the Rose Lotion Primer or Rosewater Hydrating Mist to prime your face. We definitely can’t forget lip care too: moisturise your lips with the Rose Transforming Lip Balm, Rose Butter Lip Mask or the Rose Sugar Lip Scrub, which all come in a pretty deep rose shade!

The Milani Rose Butter Lip Mask and Rose Sugar Lip Scrub can be found exclusively on the Watsons e-store, while the other products can be found exclusively at the Watsons store and e-store.  

2. Emma Lewisham Illuminating Brighten Your Day Crème

Known for its 100% natural and scientifically backed skincare, Emma Lewisham is back with the all-new Illuminating Brighten Your Day Crème.

Formulated with natural ingredients such as Acerola, Kakadu plum, and a blend of AHAs and BHAs, the Day Crème is suitable for all skin types. It also incorporates Saccharide Isomerate, a hydration powerhouse, allowing your skin to be constantly moisturised for up to 72 hours with this Crème.

Carefully created after conducting market research with its consumers, this Day Crème has been scientifically proven, through a vitro testing that it helps to rebuild the skin’s natural collagen production synthesis at a cellular level. Which is what helps give your skin the bounce, strength and elasticity. Who wouldn’t want that!

Plus point – Refillable pods are available for this product.

The Emma Lewisham Illuminating Brighten Your Day Crème retails for S$105 and can be found at the brand’s website

3. Dermalogica Neck Fit Contour Serum

We have always been told about the importance of applying our skincare on the neck as well, as it is an equally important area to take care of. However, at the end of the day, the skin on our neck area is still not the same as our face, where it is thinner, delicate, and more prone to sun damage. It also loses its elasticity more quickly, resulting in the appearance of wrinkly looking skin on the neck.

Dermalogica’s new Neck Fit Contour Serum uses a Flex Lift Contour Technology, where it acts as an invisible mesh that helps provide a visible lifting and tightening effect, and at the same time, prevent skin ageing.

The Neck Fit Contour Serum also comes with a personalised neck workout, where it works hand in hand with the serum to help tone your neck muscles, to make it look smoother and more contoured! Check this out for your personalised neck workout routine.

The Dermalogica Neck Fit Contour Serum retails at S$142 and can be found at AsterSpring stores and Dermalogica

4. Handmade Heroes Bakuchiol Facial Oil, Lip Mask, and Hyaluronic Lip Dews Collection

A homegrown all-natural vegan beauty and skincare brand, Handmade Heroes focuses on creating products that are clean and natural, suitable for every modern-day woman.

They have recently launched their latest range that consists of a facial oil and lip mask, with the star ingredient being the Bakuchiol extract, a natural active ingredient from the Babchi flower. It is said to help stimulate collagen production in the skin, smoothing out fine lines to give you that perfect young and dewy looking skin.

In addition to their new launch is the Hyaluronic Lip Dews collection which helps moisturise your lips and at the same time add a pop of colour to it. Consisting of various natural ingredients such as coconut oil, cocoa butter, and the main ingredient Hyaluronic Acid, boosting hydration for the lips. Your lips are in for a treat!

The Handmade Heroes’ collection retails at a starting price of S$9.90 and can be found at Isetan Scotts, The Editor’s Market @ 313 Somerset, Liliewoods Social @ Great World City, and the Min List. Check out the full range of products here

5. Bio-Essence Bio-Water Biome range


With the ongoing global ongoing pandemic that looks like there’s no end to it, we aren’t sure when we will ever be able to leave the house without our masks. With mask-wearing, it is not a doubt that many people have been facing issues such as maskne. To help save this problem, it is about time you altered your skincare routine to see what works best!

The new Bio-Essence Bio-Water Biome range is primed to help with that and it comes in two different series – Back to Basics and Acne Fighters. The Back to Basics series focuses on helping your skin reach its optimal state again while the Acne Fighters series helps target bigger troubling skin concerns and breakouts. All products consist of a mighty duo of Probiotics and Prebiotics, which helps in the banishing of maskne, helping your skin to go back to its original state again!

The Bio-Essence Bio-Water Biome range retails between S$10.90-S$45.90 and can be found at C K Department Stores, Guardian, NTUC Fairprice, OG, Robinsons, Watsons, and selected cosmetic houses, Alternatively, you can purchase the range here

6. Nu Skin ageLOC Boost Starter Kit

The ageLOC Boost is one of Nu Skin’s latest beauty device that uses an exclusive microcurrent waveform with variable pulse technology to create brighter and bouncier skin, in just a few minutes! Yes, you did not read that wrongly.

The full package is inclusive of the ageLOC Boost device, which is a portable handheld skincare device, that helps boost your skin complexion, as well as the Activating Treatment that includes various brightening ingredients to provide your skin with that healthy and vibrant appearance we all dream of.

All in all, with this Beauty Device package, you are promised less visible dark spots, and skin that’s more moisturised, plumper, and younger-looking than before!

The Nu Skin ageLOC Boost Starter Kit retails at S$446 and can be found on the Nuskin website

7. Filorga

One of the first French Laboratory in Aesthetic Medicine is now launching in Singapore’s e-store!

Catering to the aesthetic medicine world, Filorga is now reaching out to more audiences, with their newly developed MEDI-COSMETIQUE, which includes a range of anti-ageing skincare products. Clinically tested, you will experience visible effective results in just seven days!

With sensorial textures, delicate scents, packaged in elegant packaging, this skincare range is approved and recognised by experts in the industry, and is definitely suitable for every skin type, for both men and women.

Filorga products retail between S$14-S$165 and can be found on Lazada

8. ALLIE Sunscreen

Choosing a good sunscreen is very important as it is a step that sets our skin for makeup.

With the ALLIE sunscreen, your skin will enjoy high SPF protection, colour-control effects, as well as shine control from excess sebum. Bonus point – Formulated with mask-wearing in mind, the ALLIE sunscreen also has an elastic film that helps prevent your sunscreen and makeup from rubbing off through masks or handkerchiefs.

There are two new variants: the ALLIE Ennui Purple comes in a Hydrangeas and Sage scent, helping with blurring out dull skin and pores. While the ALLIE Sunny Apricot helps blur out dark eye circle and pores, with a refreshing Apricot and Osmanthus scent.

Both the ALLIE Ennui Purple & Sunny Apricot sunscreen retails at S$30.90 and can be found at selected DON DON DONKI and Welcia-BHG stores. Alternatively, you can find it on Shopee and Lazada

9. Nuxe Paris

Nuxe products are now relaunching in Singapore! From a small research laboratory in Paris to become an internationally known brand now, Nuxe has come a long way.

Now that they are re-launching in Singapore, here are a few collections you can look out for.

  • VERY ROSE Range – Known for being a gentle yet effective skincare series.
  • Aquabella – A simple routine for pure fresh and natural skin.
  • Crème Fraîche de Beaté – A collection that nourishes the skin, is suitable for all skin types.
  • Merveillance Expert – An expert collection that is ideal for mature skin types.
  • Rêve de Miel – A collection made with various natural ingredients, that deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin.

Above all, Nuxe places emphasis on protecting the environment, through efforts such as designing formulas that are more than 80% biodegradable, using eco-friendly packaging, and selecting natural active ingredients.

Nuxe products retail between S$17.90-S$85.90 and can be found exclusively online on betime, Lazada and Shopee

10. KANEBO Cosmetics SS21 Range

Known as one of Japan’s leading high-quality skincare, Kanebo has now launched its newest line of skincare and foundation, the SS21 series, inclusive of skincare that helps prep your face before you put on makeup and a foundation!

Consisting of the Scrubbing Mud Wash (S$40) and Instant Off Oil (S$55), these products will help keep your skin clean and refreshed.

Followed by the Even Fit Primer (S$62) and Treatment Glow Primer (S$62) to prep your skin, making it smooth and ready for makeup.

Last but not least, finish your base with the Melty Feel Wear (S$70), a powder foundation with semi-transparent gel layers, giving you that transparent glowy skin.

The KANEBO Cosmetics SS21 range retails between S$40-S$70 and can be found at Takashimaya and OG Albert Complex. Alternatively, you can find it on Lazada

11. Sigi Skin Idyllic Fields Day-Time Moisturiser

A homegrown skincare brand that is dedicated to inventing food-infused skincare products, Sigi Skin has now launched a new 100% waterless and silicone-free product, amongst its many other award-winning skincare items.

Formulated with over 71% of Colloidal Oatmeal extracts, the Sigi Skin Idyllic Fields Day-Time Moisturiser helps repair your skin’s barrier, allowing it to retain its moisture, firm and strengthen, and be kept hydrated all day.

Some other benefits you get from this moisturiser that packs a punch include anti-fungal & anti-bacterial properties to regulate blemish-prone skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkly skin, and protecting the skin from environmental stressors.

The Sigi Skin Idyllic Fields Day-Time Moisturiser retails at S$78 and can be found at the Sigi Skin website

12. POLA Wrinkle Shot

One of the pioneers in Japan, POLA products are known to be the revolutionary wrinkle eliminator, and now they are back with a newer and better version of the Wrinkle Shot.

Through market research with over 1.1 million people, POLA discovered even more reasons behind the formation of wrinkles. One of the biggest reasons behind wrinkles are the inflammation from UV rays and the different pressures applied to our skin through various facial expressions on a daily. Hence, POLA invented an improved version of the Wrinkle Shot to tackle this problem through the 3D Dynamism Theory that looks into this issue from various angles and solve the root of the problem.

Essentially, you will see that your skin will be looking firmer and  more moisturised, with a reduced appearance of wrinkles.

The POLA Wrinkle Shot retails at S$205 and can be found at the Takashimaya Department Store. Cosmetics Department Store, Level 1.

13. Browhaus Extend Lash & Brow Serum

Our eyelashes and eyebrows both need that tender loving care as much as our head hair does. After all, who wouldn’t want longer and fuller lashes and brows? Especially with mask-wearing now, we want to make sure the only highlight of our face left – eyes and brows, are both always on fleek!

Formulated with two potent botanical extracts such as the Panax Ginseng Root – which helps stimulate hair growth in the hair follicles, and Grape Seed Extract – which strengthens and nourishes the roots, you will definitely be seeing a healthier and more voluminous lash growth.

The new and improved Browhaus Extend Lash & Brow Growth Serum is dermatologically tested to make sure it’s suitable for all skin types and is ultra kind to an area as delicate as your eyes.

The Browhaus Extend Lash & Brow Growth Serum retails at S$95.23 and can be found at all Browhaus outlets islandwide. Alternatively, you can purchase it here

Body care

1. Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Pink Dream Body Cream

The cult-favourite K-beauty brand is now back with a new product for the body!

Why watermelon? In the Korean tradition, rubbing chilled watermelon rind on the skin is said to be able to soothe heat rash and irritation. Hence, founders Sarah and Christine decided to incorporate this refreshing ingredient into their brand, inventing the Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask, which has now inspired the Body Cream version of it.

Formulated with soothing, amino-acid rich Watermelon Extract, hydrating Hyaluronic Acid and smoothing AHAs, this Watermelon Glow Pink Dream Body Cream will be sure to leave your skin nourished and glowy, with no sticky or oily residue!

The Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Pink Dream Body Cream retails at S$43 and can be found at Sephora stores. Alternatively, you can purchase it at Sephora

2. Derma B CeraMD Repair Lotion

Suffering from dry and itchy skin that is causing irritation and disruption to your daily life? Time to look for a good moisturiser!

A multiple award-winning body care brand from Korea, Derma B has now launched the CeraMD Repair Lotion in Singapore. It is highly raved by Korean customers during the winter season and is known for its extra soothing and moisturising effect, which helps relieve itchiness caused by dryness.

Made for both the face and body, the CeraMD Repair Lotion is suitable for all skin types. It is also formulated without any non-skin friendly ingredients, which means it won’t leave a sticky or oily residue, which is something that no one wants from a body lotion!

The Derma B CeraMD Repair Lotion retails at S$34.90 and can be found at 40 selected Guardian stores islandwide. Alternatively, you can purchase it at Guardian

3. Drunk Elephant The Little Hair + Body Kit 2.0

Stored in a neon orange bag, this Drunk Elephant The Little Hair + Body Kit 2.0 comes with a Cocomino Glossing Shampoo, Cocomino Marula Cream Conditioner, T.L.C. Happi Scalp Scrub, Wild Marula Tangle Spray, Kamili Cream Body Cleanser, Sili Body Lotion, and Sweet Pitti Deodorant Cream. This kit comes with a free light blue comb too!

Known for its clean and skin-compatible ingredients, the above-mentioned products are all made with effective ingredients that are safe and nourishing for your skin, whether it be your face, body, or even your hair. Not to forget, the cute packaging Drunk Elephant products are packaged in!

Never tried Drunk Elephant’s body and hair care products before? This is the perfect all-in-one kit to get you started!

Launching on 22 April, The Drunk Elephant The Littles Hair + Body Kit 2.0 retails at S$69 and can be found at Sephora ION, Ngee Ann City, West Gate, Tampines 1, and Nex Mall. 

4. Sunsilk Collagen Filler Super Conditioner

Known as one of the leading hair care brands, Sunsilk has now launched their new one-of-a-kind Collagen Filler Super Conditioner that is infused with collagen, to aid in strengthening and repairing hair follicles, for shiny and healthier hair.

With collagen being one of the most instrumental ingredients that help strengthen and structure our skin and hair, this conditioner is infused with Hydra Collagen Complex, which essentially is an ingredient that helps protect and restore your hair from daily handling or chemical processes. Collagen also helps to keep your hair hydrated and minimise breakage and split ends. Its benefits are endless!

Available in two versions, the Power Shine version helps you achieve silky and lustrous hair while the Damage Rescue helps repair already damaged and excessively dyed hair, to help your hair return to its healthy state.

The Sunsilk Collagen Filler Super Conditioner retails at S$7.90 and is available at selected Cold Storage, Fairprice, Giant, Sheng Shiong, and Watsons stores. 

Bonus – As part of its new launch, the Sunsilk Collagen Filler Super Conditioner will be selling for S$5.90, valid till the end of March.

5. Shiseido Professional Sublimic

Want beautiful hair but you’ve never had the time to care for your hair properly? Well, you can now achieve salon-like hair with Shiseido, with their new Professional Sublimic range.

Formulated with four one-of-a-kind technologies (Hair Reforming Technology, Self-Moisturising Technology, Daily Shielding Technology, ad Uplifting Aroma) from Shiseido, you can now get super silky and luscious hair in just one minute! Perfect for work mornings where you are running late but still need to look presentable.

The Shiseido Professional Sublimic range retails at a starting price of S$42 and can be found at selected Shiseido Professional salon partner stores. Find your nearest Shiseido Professional salon at its website


1. LAKA Range

Carrying top cult-favourite brands such as Dr Barbara Sturm, Grown Alchemist, and Tamburins, BEAUBIT is now bringing in South Korea’s first-ever gender-neutral beauty brand, LAKA. The brand is all about celebrating individuality and standing out from the crowd and you’ll find mostly muted yet versatile shades in their offerings, which are super wearable.

Check out some of their best-selling products such as the Just Eye Palate eyeshadow palette (S$26), Just Cheek Blush (S$25), and Smooth Matte Lipstick (S$22) which comes in 12 different shades.

LAKA products retail between S$15 and S$43 and can be found on BEAUBIT

2. Burberry Ultimate Glow Foundation and Cushion

It’s time to say hi to glowy perfect-looking skin with Burberry’s new Ultimate Glow Foundation and Cushion! Infused with light-reflecting pearls, this range of foundation will definitely make your skin appear more youthful and bright all day.

Formulated with youth-infusing active ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid and Viola extracts, the Ultimate Glow Foundation helps protect your skin from environmental damage and keeps your skin hydrated for up to eight hours. It is available in 10 different shades.

If you are all about getting that hydration for your skin throughout the day, you might want to opt for the Ultimate Glow Cushion instead, which provides up to 24 hours of hydration. This Cushion version is available in six different shades and the case is such an eye candy, you’d want to snag it just to add to your collection.

The Ultimate Glow Foundation and Cushion retail at S$89 and S$93 respectively and can be found at BHG Bugis Junction. Alternatively, you can purchase it at Sephora.sg, from 1 April onwards. 

3. Supergoop! Re(setting) 100% Mineral Powder

The Supergoop! Re(setting) 100% Mineral Powder SPF 35 has been reformulated to offer a cleaner and gentler product for your skin.

The new and improved product helps decrease the amount of moisture loss while replenishing the skin’s barrier, to avoid the drying effect on the skin, that some other powders may cause. It also contains SPF 35 ensuring that you will get your UV Protection all day long!

Suitable for all skin types, this Mineral Powder not only helps smoothen your skin’s texture throughout the day but also helps reduce the shine – a common problem we all face in Singapore’s unpredictable weather.

A 2-in-1 where both the brush and product are stored together in a portable compact size, the Supergoop! Mineral Powder is a product that can be brought around everywhere, on the go! Simply brush a layer over your face throughout the day, whenever you think you need it.

This product is available in three shades: Light, Medium, and Deep.

The Supergoop! Re(setting) 100% Mineral Powder SPF 35 retails at S$45 and can be found at Sephora.sg from 30 March onwards, and at all Sephora Stores from 1 April onwards. Refills will be available from 13 May onwards. 

4. Fenty Beauty Body Sauce

Known for creating products that are available in various shades, suited for anyone and everyone, Fenty Beauty is back with a lightweight body tint – Body Sauce, which allows you to achieve a subtle shimmer with the shade of your choice for healthy-looking glowy skin for the summer (even though it really is just summer all year round in Singapore).

It comes in a gel-cream formula, that is easy to apply and does not leave an oily or sticky residue, leaving your skin smooth to the touch! Bonus: this formula is also sweat- and transfer-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about the product melting in this humid weather. It is also available in seven different shades, ranging from sheer to medium coverage.

The Fenty Beauty Body Sauce retails at S$64 and can be found at Sephora stores and Sephora.sg