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Unless you have been living under a rock, you would have probably heard about the Miss Universe incident where Steve Harvey wrongly announced the winner of Miss Universe 2015. Nevertheless, the Filipina winner of Miss Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach, has been killing it in the modelling industry and was even a judge at Miss Universe 2017. Raised in the Philippines and starting out her career as a model and actor at the tender age of nine, Wurtzbach is an inspiration to many Filipinas. The 28-year-old’s beauty, elegance and humility have captivated people all around the world.

Since Wurtzbach (also known as Pia Romero) clinched the title of Miss Universe in 2015, many Filipina beauty gurus have enjoyed a share of the spotlight as they work hard to capture public attention. If you’ve been looking out for new, interesting personalities to check out here are 26 of the best Filipina bloggers, vloggers and Instagrammers for you to start following (if you haven’t already)!

1. Makeup in Manila

Maj writes about lifestyle and makeup and you can look forward to her reviews of new products as she is always on the look out to try something different. As a sufferer from acne in the past, Maj understands this skin concern very well and have great recommendations for products geared towards combating acne and oily skin. Maj is also a winner of multiple awards including Top Asian Blog and Top Filipina Beauty Blogger.

Check out Maj’s blog here.

2. Camille Tries to Blog

Camille started blogging in 2011 but has since become one of the Philippines’ most popular bloggers. She has even started on her own clothing line, Coexist. Her content ranges from fashion, styling, makeup tutorials, and makeup tips and challenges. She has also won many awards including Teen Vogue’s Blogger of the Month.

Check out Camille’s blog here.

3. Style Vanity

If you’re looking for a beauty blog that highlight the latest trends in Asian beauty and fashion, Alyssa’s Style Vanity is the one to go to. Alyssa reviews popular beauty products that are formulated for Asian skin and as someone who has acne-prone skin, she often shares her recommendations for addressing it.

Check out Alyssa’s blog here.

4. AskMeWhats

Nikki has been blogging since 2008 on AskMeWhats, making her one of the earliest bloggers in the space. Her blog has sustained its popularity in the last few years because of her numerous reviews, in which she gives her readers the low-down of the product she has tried, including both pros and cons to look out for. On top of beauty reviews, you can also look forward to blog posts related to motherhood and travel on AskMeWhats.

Check out Nikki’s blog here.

5. KikaysiKat

Having endured a turbulent childhood and dealing with bipolar disorder, Kaycee is a self-professed “macho mum” who strives to overcome her inner demons and seeks to encourage others to embrace a positive outlook in life. A single mother of one, Kaycee’s optimism and inner strength is uplifting and inspiring. Besides getting inspiration from the blogger, you can also find beauty reviews, hauls and skincare tips from her website.

Check out Kaycee’s blog here.

6. Couchwasabi

Don’t be misled by the mention of food in her website name, Couchwasabi is a beauty blog run by Filipina blogger Jirbie. An environmentalist, Jirbie believes strongly in advocating greener habits involving natural do-it-yourself products and therapies. She has also started vlogging in 2017 and updates her blog with her videos.

Check out Jirbie’s blog here.

7. As Told by Julz

Julie puts out reviews on popular products such as the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette so that her readers can find out if it is worth the hype. Juliet has been blogging since March 2009 and has been updating regularly with reviews as well as nail tutorials.

Check out Julie’s blog here.

8.  Kimpossibly Gorgeous

Witty but blatantly honest, Kim’s blog is a joy to read! Kim may be young, but she shows that she’s knowledgeable about products and provides great information on tips to help you achieve better makeup results. She is also a fan of Korean-style makeup and has even done tutorials of Bae Suzy’s makeup look in While You Were Sleeping.

Check out Kim’s blog here.

9. My Lucid Intervals

Donnarence is a lawyer by day and blogger by night. She started her blog in 2008 as a channel to escape school stress and to pursue her interests in beauty – and she has not stopped blogging since! Besides reviews, Donnarence also does makeup tutorials to help her readers prepare for important occasions like weddings and holiday parties.

Check out Donnarence’s blog here.

10. Eula Sleeps

Eula is an avid photographer and we enjoyed looking at the pictures that she has taken for her blog. Blogging from her hometown in the Philippines and from America, Eula gives interesting perspectives in topics like skincare, makeup, and travel.

Check out Eula’s blog here.

11. The Beauty Bee

Mariana from The Beauty Bee may not blog regularly, but when she does, she puts up comprehensive reviews that allow her readers to have a clear understanding and assessment of the products she had tried. We also love the layout of her blog and the way she styles her photos.

Filipina Bloggers The Beauty Bee

SourceCheck out Mariana’s blog here.

12. Little Cessang

A graphic designer by day, Princess Peralta is dedicated to blogging about makeup and skincare, and often shares her beauty hauls and personal accounts to motivate her readers. As she is a fan of smokey eyes and winged eyeliner, you’ll also be able to get lots of eye makeup inspiration when you check out her blog.

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Check out Princess’ blog here.

13. Carizza Chua

One of the winners of the Top 40 Filipina Blogger Award, Carizza blogs regularly about her life, makeup, skincare, and fashion. Carizza has struggled with acne and is dedicated to blogging baout acne-combating products to help readers who have the same problem.

Check out Carizza’s blog here.

Prefer videos? Read on to see our favourite Filipina vloggers! 

14. Michelle Dy

With more than 700,000 subscribers, Michelle does makeup tutorials and reviews beauty products on her YouTube channel. She has created many makeup tutorials that feature wallet-friendly products that teens and college students love. But her most watched video at the moment is her ENCANTADIA Inspired look from the movie Apat na Sang’gre. Click on the video below to watch it!

Follow Michelle’s YouTube channel here.

15. Ana Victorino

For quick makeup tutorials and skincare-related content, Ana has it all! She has done makeup tutorials on prominent female characters on television and movies like Veronica Lodge from Riverdale and Anastasia Steele from the Fifty Shades of Gray trilogy. Her most watched video is a natural Modern Barbie look that is perfect for when you want to try a feminine look.

Follow Ana’s YouTube page here.


Heart has been on YouTube for years and has accumulated more than 2 million subscribers on YouTube. Born in the Philippines but now resides in California, Heart does makeup, hair and lifestyle videos. Her most watched video a hair tutorial that helps women with shorter hair achieve easy summer looks.

Follow Heart’s YouTube Page here.

17. Anne Clutz

Anne speaks in Taglish (which means in both Tagalog and English) so it could be hard for some of us to understand if we don’t understand Tagalog. However, Anne is expressive enough for most to understand her thoughts about the beauty products she reviews. The vlogger also creates makeup tutorials that are inspired by celebrities and of everyday looks. She has almost 400,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel and her most popular video is one where she shares her favourite whitening products for oily skin.

Follow Anne’s YouTube page here.

18. PinayBeautyAndStyle

Andie is a “late-bloomer” who only started getting into beauty now that she is in her 30s. As a relative newcomer in the vlogging scene, she already has 11,000 subscribers to her channel. Besides vlogging about anti-ageing products, Andie also shares the best beauty steals. While most of Andie’s videos are in Tagalog, she provides English subtitles. Her most popular video is about Whitening Soaps for ageing skin.


Follow Andie’s YouTube page here.

19. saytiocoartillero

Say Tioco is a Filipino-Chinese living in Manila, and she puts up makeup tutorials on her YouTube channel that cater to viewers of different ages. Note that she vlogs in Tagalog and her videos don’t come with subtitles. A frequent traveller to South Korea, you’ll also find a lot of travel vlogs and beauty finds from Korea on her channel. Her most watched makeup video is a brow tutorial that may have been posted 6 years ago but is just as relatable.

Follow Say’s YouTube page here.

20. AngKikayKo

With over 29,000 subscribers, Teena is a plus-size model, actress and makeup artist. She vlogs about beauty, travelling and style tips for plus-size individuals. Like Ana, Teena is a big fan of the Riverdale series and has done makeup tutorials on the looks of several female characters. Her most watched beauty vlog includes her experience with a lip tattoo. But caution: this vlog is not for the faint-hearted.

Follow Teena’s YouTube page here.

21. BeautyKLove

Keren has enviable luscious long hair, and produces many comprehensive hair tutorials that are great for people with thick hair and reside in areas with hotter climates. She is a big fan of creating hairstyles without using heating devices and it’s probably not surprising that her most watched video to date is a tutorial to achieving waves without using curlers, needing to French braid, or even using products.

Follow Keren’s YouTube page here.

Okay, so you prefer to double tap your way to your next beauty inspiration? Here are Instagrammers to follow:

22. @reneeedg

Renée de Guzman is currently in Singapore pursuing her studies. She has more than 28,000 followers who enjoy looking at her travel photos and OOTD shots.

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23. @razalasj

We are thinking that Jamie (@razalasj) is Asia’s answer to Cara Delevigne – just check out her gorgeous brows! The Instagrammer experiments with eye makeup, including creating smokey eye looks. The looks may look complex, but thankfully Jamie always lists her products in the captions so you know exactly where she gets her products from.

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24. @icamagpantay

A Filipino model, Danica Magpantay has over 14,000 followers on her Instagram who can’t get enough of her fashion photos and quirky shots. You’ll like her feed if you love street style and natural makeup.

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25. @sartorialpanda

Melissa Gatchalian is known for her Korean-style outfits and makeup. The frequent traveller documents her exciting trips on her Instagram feed too, so you can participate in her wanderlust.

26. @jelinecatt

Followers love Jeline’s OOTD pictures, which feature stylish outfits. As for makeup, she takes a liking to neutral and natural lip looks, paired with peachy cheeks for a timeless, wearable look.

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