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We can’t imagine that there would still be anyone, in this day and age, who would still have the gall to deny the magnitude of the Korean wave, but if they do exist, this might finally shut them up once and for all.

While Korean celebrities have always been fronting campaigns for Korean beauty brands, in the past month alone, three big-name international beauty brands have unveiled top Korean actresses as their new face and muse for the Asia-Pacific region.

Since brand ambassadors have to command significant recognisability and star power within their region, these latest appointments claim a huge victory for the Korean entertainment and beauty scene.

Furthermore, it’s a great step for diversity as well. Many brands choose to use Caucasian models and actresses as ambassadors, since the Western entertainment world has long held global precedence in the past few decades. This latest choice to finally give East Asian faces a chance on their home ground is a step in the right direction.

Check out who the actresses selected for these big-name endorsements are!

1. Clinique with Min Hyo Rin

Korean Beauty Ambassadors Cliniqe Min Hyo Rin 2

She recently made waves for getting married to Big Bang member Taeyang in 2018, but even before that, Min Hyo Rin has already been attracting loyal fans for her natural beauty and her acting prowess, shown off in dramas like Perseverence, Goo Hae Ra (2015) and The Happy Loner (2017).

Korean Beauty Ambassadors Cliniqe Min Hyo Rin 1

Clinique chose Min Hyo Rin as their newest brand ambassador for the Asia-Pacific region because of her “pure, healthy beauty”, which matches the brand’s vision.

Korean Beauty Ambassadors Cliniqe Min Hyo Rin

Min Hyo Rin, meanwhile, has also said that Clinique products have been “instrumental” in preserving that luminous, healthy glow of her skin, and is the secret behind her flawless looks.

2. Lancôme with Suzy Bae

Korean Beauty Ambassadors Lancome Suzy Bae 4

Lancôme and Suzy Bae seem like a match made in heaven. The brand recently unveiled the top Korean actress and singer as their latest muse in the Asia-Pacific region, saying that she is an artist who “constantly challenges in both music and acting.

Korean Beauty Ambassadors Lancome Suzy Bae 2

“Her talent and her beautiful appearance matches the brand value of cheering true happiness for women.”

Korean Beauty Ambassadors Lancome Suzy Bae 1

Suzy, meanwhile, has also expressed delight at this new opportunity. “I am very happy to start this new chapter in my career,” she says. “Lancôme embodies happiness as the most attractive beauty. It’s a skin-deep emotion, awakening every sense.”

Korean Beauty Ambassadors Lancome Suzy Bae 6

Look forward to seeing Suzy more often, especially on Lancôme posters and billboards in Korea!

3. Flower by Kenzo with Kim Tae-Ri

Korean Beauty Ambassadors Flower By Kenzo Kim Tae Ri 1

By now, most of us should be very much familiar with the iconic Flower by Kenzo, which has earned the status of being a pop culture icon since its inception 18 years ago.

Korean Beauty Ambassadors Flower By Kenzo Kim Tae Ri 2

It represents a woman with “magical energy” that reinvigorates her city and her life.

Korean Beauty Ambassadors Flower By Kenzo Kim Tae Ri 4

Its latest face of the brand is Korean actress Kim Tae-Ri, whose claim to fame is her breakthrough role in Park Chan-wook’s The Handmaiden (2016), which was selected to compete at the Cannes Festival that same year.

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