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Breaking news! The beloved K-beauty brand 3CE is giving away a FREE eyeshadow palette with ANY purchase!

During this exciting 6.6 sale, 3CE is giving away a multi-colour palette that contains nine gorgeous shades worth S$54.50! The catch? You only have to purchase a singular product, which are probably discounted because of the ongoing sale!

Credit: @/勤俭持家小资女/ Xiao Hong Shu

Here are some products we recommend!

Our Product Recommends from 3CE!

3CE Blur Water Tint Lip Product

This 3CE Blur Water Tint is our ultimate favorite! Available in nineteen beautiful shades, it initially applies watery but dries down to a smooth, transfer-proof finish with a soft, blurred effect.

Get the 3CE Blur Water Tint Lip Product for S$15.26 on Shopee.

3CE Mood Recipe Face Blush

If you love a natural flush on your cheeks, the 3Ce Mood Recipe Face Blush is perfect for you! Available in eight shades, from warm-toned peach to cool-toned baby pink, there’s definitely a colour to suit everyone.

Get the 3CE Mood Recipe Face Blush for S$15.99 on Shopee.

3CE Shine Reflector Gloss (New Version)

Want a glossy, radiant finish for your lips? Look no further than 3CE Shine Reflector Gloss.

This product offers a glossy shine and comes in seven stunning tones that are sure to impress. Not only does it enhances your lips with a dazzling finish, it also ensures a smooth, non-sticky application.

Get the 3CE Blur Water Tint Lip Product for S$21.18 on Shopee.

Note that the free item will be added to your cart automatically during checkout. We have not received news on when the attractive promotion will end, so you should certainly check out your product soon before it’s too late!