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We have friends who look flawless all the time. Makeup seems to favour them more; you may be using the same products as they do, but somehow the effects don’t turn out the same.


The differentiating factor? The condition of the skin.

Here are five makeup problems that those with good skin will not understand :(

1. Concealer is an essential

apply concealer

How else do you hide dark eye circles, spots and blemishes? But having good skin means that foundation can be kept to a minimal – some may even be able to head out with just tinted sunscreen. If you have good skin, you probably wouldn’t need concealer at all because a regular foundation can give you all the coverage you need.

2. Makeup doesn’t go on very smoothly

makeup base

People with good skin take half the time needed for makeup because it goes on more smoothly, complete with a nice finish.

3. Colours turn out better on radiant skin

makeup tips for oily eyelids

Dull, sallow complexion isn’t a good companion to the colours from eyeshadow, blusher and lipstick. It may look “dirty” or dull on poor complexion. Those with radiant skin has the benefit of colours looking more vivid and healthy on the skin more effortlessly.

4. Less touch-up required

midday touchup

Dry skin can cause makeup to crease or flake off, while oily skin makes it smudge and cake. It doesn’t help that if you have bad complexion, you’ll probably be wearing more base makeup for concealing. Those with good skin don’t need to reapply their makeup as frequently, and yet still look fresh despite the infrequent touch-up.

5. It’s not okay to head out with little products

nude makeup

Guess what – if you have good skin, you’ll have more confidence to head out with almost no makeup at all. Just a thin layer of tinted moisturiser, and perhaps eyeliner, and voila! You’re good to go.

Thankfully, good skin isn’t simply attributed to genetics…

good skin complexion

While genetics play a part in how your skin looks, it is possible to improve your complexion by working towards it. Here are some general tips:

  • Get your basics right: Cleanse, tone, moisturise and sun protection. There’s no way to achieve great complexion without a regular skincare regime as a foundation.
  • Understand your skin type: Did you know that more than 14% of Singapore consumers don’t know what their skin type is. This is according to a survey conducted by Daily Vanity. But even among those who said they knew, majority (36.6%) said they ascertained it through their own observation, instead of using technology. Knowing exactly what your skin needs ensures that you’re using the right products.
  • Seek help from professionals: Targeted treatments using high-tech machines and products can effectively improve your complexion. Visiting a skincare expert like Bella Skin Care can help you find out your skin type. Well-loved by celebrities, Bella Skin Care also offers customised solutions by professionals that can definitely help you in your quest towards better skin.

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