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When we think about “trending” makeup, we often forget that some of the biggest trends started from the minds of creative individuals on Etsy. Take the original unicorn highlighter, for example.

Etsy is a go-to platform for unique handmade crafts, and makeup is no exception. And if you’re someone who loves trying new, innovative products, that are also natural and cruelty-free — Etsy may just be the right place!

1. A Whimsical Willow


If you grew up crushing on Draco Malfoy and dreaming of the day you can attend Hogwarts, A Whimsical Willow will be your next obsession. Inspired by Harry Potter, this line of makeup palettes will have you feeling magical. With shades like “Hedwig” and “Butterbeer Foam”,  you can bet that all her shades are unique and mystical. You can find these palettes on her Etsy vendor page here.

2. Miss Violet Lace


Are you sick of Unicorn products yet? Nope? That’s what we thought. Miss Violet Lace sells a variety of different vegan skincare, beauty, and even wigs but one of their most popular items would have to be Unicorn Sparkle Shimmer Water.

Like the name would suggest, this product is basically a bottle of iridescent, sparkly purple shimmer. So if you’re looking for a good sparkle this summer, this product should be on your shopping list. Shop Miss Violet Lace here.

3. Urban Oreganics


Cleaning your brushes can be a hassle sometimes, actually, most of the time. Although necessary, we’re always looking for easier ways to get the job done. Urban Oreganics sells a solid brush cleaner made from coconut oil that is incredibly easy to use. You simply wet the bristles of your brush and swirl into the formula— It’s that simple! Also check out some of their other skincare products because their packaging is absolutely beautiful.

4. Addictive Cosmetics


With one of the biggest collection of shades on Etsy, Addictive Cosmetics is bound to have every eyeshadow colour you could ever imagine. Addictive Cosmetics’ products are non-comedogenic, which means that they won’t clog pores, while also using the finest natural ingredients. Aside from eyeshadows, this Etsy vendor also has a wide selection of lip products, glitters, even nail polishes, and more. Check them out here.

5. Shop Among the Flowers


If you’re looking for the perfect gift for that one minimalist hip friend, Shop Among the Flowers, has one of the most beautiful packagings on the market. This Etsy vendor sells natural, skin-friendly products that you can purchase in kits to solve any gift frustration you might have, including a men’s kit as well! Check out their beautiful section here.

6. Aromi


Etsy vendor, Aromi, focuses on liquid lipsticks in a variety of bold and natural shades, most of which you can’t find at your local drugstores. Aromi was started by Hannah Follis, who was a chemist who spent ten years perfecting her formula before selling them on Etsy. If you’re looking for unique colours such as Metallic Matte Gold or Periwinkle Pink, Aromi’s got you covered here.

7. Skin Food


If you love food and skincare, this will be your favourite combination. Skin Food is inspired by the nutrients in food— such as super foods, butters, herbs, and oils. After endless hours of research, Aubrey formulated the perfect recipes to soothe, cleanse, and restore the skin. You can find facial serums, body butter, facial and body bar, face mists, and more here.

8. Glory Boon


This shop is a favourite for many Etsy beauty shoppers because of how fresh and safe their products are. Their mission is to create healthy cosmetics by using natural raw ingredients to simplify your current makeup routine. One of their most popular items is their organic liquid foundation made with aloe, jojoba, and carrot oil, and is sold in nine different shades. They also sell a beautiful highlighter in the shade “Mermaid Lagoon”. Shop this organic cosmetics line here.