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Women have the benefit of raiding our partners’ wardrobe – his plaid shirt looks great as a jacket on us, the tie can be a nice touch around the handle of our bag, and his work shirt can be a smart casual outfit for us.

Now that you’ve started “stealing” things from his wardrobe, it’s time to move on to his grooming cabinet. While men’s grooming products may not be suitable for our skin type, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get creative with them. Read on and pick up these useful hacks.

1. Hair Pomade

Products To Steal From Ur Bf Pomade1

Need to tame your unruly brows before heading out to work, but forgot your trusty pair of tweezers? Grab a jar of your his pomade instead. Take a small dollop of it and comb it through your brows gently to add natural volume whilst also holding them in place. Crisis averted!

2. Deodorant

Products To Steal From Ur Bf Deodorant1

Many women complain that “women’s” deodorant smell too sweet and floral for their liking. On the other hand, men’s deodorants tend to be fragrance-free or have a cleaner scent to it. Note that it’s not hygienic to share a deo-stick with him, but sprays are fine. Or if you like the scent of his deo-stick, tag along when he replenishes his supplies so you can get the same one!

3. Mini Hair Trimmer

Products To Steal From Ur Bf Mini Hair Trimmer1

There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning and discovering a trail of fuzz right above your upper lip. Resist the urge to make a emergency appointment at your favourite threading place and grab his hair trimmer instead. Trust us, this compact baby packs more punch than you think it would.

4. Face Scrub

Products To Steal From Ur Bf Face Scrub1

Men have thicker and oilier skin than us, which is why their scrubs tend to be more heavy duty than ours. What this means is that on areas you’re seeing a lot of clogged pores and roughness, his will be ideal to help slough off the unwanted nasties. Remember to use it moderately, though. Over-exfoliation can make your skin dry and irritated.

5. Shaving Cream

Products To Steal From Ur Bf Shaving Cream1

His shaving cream has a thicker consistency, for one, which means it won’t wash off as you shave in the shower, which makes them suitable for people with the most sensitive of skin. Sounds too good to be true, if you ask us. (You definitely should smuggle one home.)

6. Blackhead Pore Strips

Products To Steal From Ur Bf Pore Strips1

His pore strips are a little larger than yours, which makes them ideal for larger areas such as your chin or forehead! Steal a few strips to get blackhead-free complexion without having to resort to squeezing them out yourself.

7. Cologne

Products To Steal From Ur Bf Cologne1

There’s technically no such things as a “fragrance for men” or “fragrance for women” – only preferences. And if you’ve enjoyed how his fragrance smell, nick it for yourself! You can also combine your own fragrance with his to create a signature scent. Just think about how much bigger your perfume collection is now!

8. Razor

Products To Steal From Ur Bf Razor1

It’s no secret that men’s razors gives a closer, more even shave, so why not just grab his instead? You may just like it enough to start shopping at the men’s grooming section!

9. Moisturiser

Products To Steal From Ur Bf Moisturiser

Like we explained before, men’s grooming products are usually formulated for thicker and oilier skin. Guess what – your skin sometimes resembles men’s a little; during PMS. During this time of the month, cortisol, testosterone, and progesterone levels are all high, making your skin oilier than usual. This might be the best time to use your partner’s oil-control moisturiser, which can keep your skin matte all day.