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Acne scars are one of the most common problems faced by both men and women in Singapore, and this is why acne scar removal treatments and products are always so highly sought after.

Unlike many other types of blemishes, acne scars can’t be easily concealed by makeup and the uneven texture on the complexion can put a toll on confidence. Many people use exfoliators, peels, and even home remedies, hoping to resurface their skin, but most of them weren’t able to get any noticeable results.

So, is it possible to get rid of acne scars? According to The Clifford Aesthetics, the short answer is: yes. To understand what it takes and to see if it really works for ourselves, we sent Keith from the DV team to the medi-spa to try out their recommendations.

Acne scar removal treatments in Singapore: The Clifford Difference

Acne Scar Removal Infini Laser 5

Local anaesthesia will be given to numb skin for the treatments.

Keith had a consultation with the skin experts at The Clifford Aesthetics.

Keith was given a detailed explanation on the different types of scarring; because different people have different types of acne scars, there isn’t a single treatment that can treat every scarring concern. In some cases, the physician may even recommend a combination of a few treatments in order to help his patients achieve the most optimal result.

For Keith, the expert recommended that he go through INFINI Laser first, and then Secret RF a month later.

First appointment: INFINI Laser as an acne scar removal solution

Acne Scar Removal Infini Laser 3

INFINI is a fractional laser that is able to penetrate up to 3.5mm below the skin. This depth of penetration ensures that deep scars can be treated.

Acne Scar Removal Infini Laser 1

INFINI laser treatment works by first breaking down the existing collagen and elastin that have been “dented” when skin was damaged. It then repairs skin by stimulating cell regeneration and collagen production.

Acne Scar Removal Infini Laser 2

Keith said that the preparation time for the treatment is thorough while the treatment is actually rather quick. Two layers of numbing cream was left on his skin for approximately one hour as part of the prep work.

Subsequently, local anaesthesia was given on Keith’s cheeks to further numb his skin.

Keith shared that he was still able to feel some pain from the treatment. However, the pain was only felt during the treatment, and after the pain relief faded away, he didn’t feel any further discomfort.

He also experienced some redness after the treatment, which lasted for three days, but he was able to go back to work immediately. He started noticing positive results within a week.

Second appointment: Secret RF as an acne scar removal solution

At this second appointment a month later, Keith said that he had already noticed visible improvements to his skin texture. The second treatment he went through was Secret RF, one of the latest acne scar treatments around, and The Clifford Aesthetics was the first to introduce it.

Acne Scar Removal Secret Rf

The treatment uses fractional radiofrequency and micro-needles to transfer controlled heat to specific parts of the skin to even out its texture.

It also performs the same function as conventional subcision – but without using sharp needles – thanks to the RF-powered microcannula.

This microcannula feature is one of the reasons why The Clifford Aesthetics was so excited to bring in the Secret RF technology. The feature offers more precision so that areas with more rolling type of scars can be accurately targeted with a subcision needle and RF-assisted energy to break through more scar fibres.

Secret RF also has a tightening effect on skin as it stimulates collagen production. The tightening effect helps stretch out scars to give the overall complexion a smoother appearance.

Keith said that no local anaesthesia was required for the Secret RF treatment, and the pain level was more bearable than his first treatment.

He experienced some redness and scabbing after the treatment, which subsided within three days. Similarly, he was able to go back to work immediately.

Did The Clifford Aesthetics’ acne scar removal solutions work?

The Clifford Aesthetics told us that acne scar removal results can be seen right after the first session of INFINI Laser, but coupled with the Secret RF, results will be even more pronounced. And the best part is that Keith will continue to see improvement to his skin texture in the next four weeks after he completed the Secret RF.

We asked Keith to share his result with us four weeks after his second appointment with The Clifford Aesthetics.

“I had already observed some improvement after the first treatment, but the improvement was definitely even more obvious to me after the Secret RF treatment,” Keith shared.

Acne Scar Removal Clifford Aesthetics Before After 2

“The depth of the scars at my temple area looked a lot shallower, especially after the Secret RF treatment.”

Acne Scar Removal Clifford Aesthetics Before After 1

“But I was most pleasantly surprised by how the two treatments had helped to reduce the appearance of scars on my left cheek. If you look at the before-and-after photos taken, you’d notice that the scars were almost all gone!”

“My skin also felt smoother to touch,” he added.

Keith said that even friends had noticed the difference in his complexion and commented on it.

“The result was something that I could never have been able to achieve with the topical products that I’ve used in the past. And I’m pleased that the results were so obvious.”

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