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You may have noticed beauty and lifestyle influencers posting cryptic Instagram photos that don’t make sense by themselves.

Not until you look at their entire Instagram feed.

Here are just two examples we’ve spotted with these magnified eye photos:

What’s going on?

Well, this was part of a social campaign by ACUVUE® DEFINE®, empowering women to embrace their individuality, starting with the most amazing and beautiful asset we own – our eyes.

acuvue define radiant sweet 1

You may be thinking, don’t Asian eyes look the same? Brown, black, or jet black – how different can they be? That’s where we beg to differ. Did you know that just like our finger prints, no two individuals have the same iris pattern?

As proven, the results from the campaign’s photo-shoot experiment were simply breathtaking.

By zooming in on the captured images, you can see that each iris pattern is like an intricate tapestry – woven with details that are distinct from the rest.

acuvue define radiant sweet 2

Inspired to celebrate individuality, these influencers are taking up the stand to fall in love with what make them unique – their distinct look, personality, beliefs – the list is endless!

Let’s hear it from the girls themselves!

Aarika Lee

acuvue define radiant sweet aarika

Aarika is no stranger in making a personal statement. You may recognise her signature look, rocking a head-scarf and looking oh-so-fabulous. But, did you know that behind her cool pizazz, she’s also a mother-of-two, a marketing director, and a talented musician? With multiple roles to juggle, how does this sassy momma stay true to her style?

acuvue define radiant sweet aarika 1

Style is an attitude. It’s about carrying yourself in a way that reflects who you are on the inside.

Indeed, style goes beyond what you wear – if you feel great, you look great! But beyond living by this mantra, Aarika also believes that the key to becoming the best version of yourself, is to be good to your body. As a strong advocate of expressing individuality through her eyes, choosing the healthiest beauty lens is integral, and this fashionista never compromises for beauty.

Sara Wee

acuvue define radiant sweet sara

Sara Wee is nothing short of amazing. Not only is she a talented musician, but her love for yoga and fitness have inspired many to achieve a balanced, healthy lifestyle. But this superwoman isn’t just about the glitz and glamour on stage. Sara has always been singing to the tune of staying true to your values, and what you stand for. Working her way up in the music industry has definitely met its challenges, but Sara has proven that if you stick by your rules, you emerge victorious by writing your own story.

acuvue define radiant sweet sara yoga

But in order to stay focused on building your passions and goals, Sara believes that you should never let anything get in your way.

As a fitness enthusiast, I really appreciate the fact that ACUVUE® DEFINE® has colorants safely sealed so that I can work out in complete ease.

acuvue define radiant sweet sara macro

From: Sara Wee

Indeed, ACUVUE® DEFINE is the only beauty lens with colour pigments safely enclosed between two clear lenses, so it doesn’t come in direct contact with your eyes. By keeping her eye health in check, Sara knows that she can now focus on building herself as an individual.

Where do you start?

acuvue define radiant sweet poster

So now we know, beauty lenses aren’t just about choosing the “right” colour or design. More than anything, it’s about enhancing your natural eye radiance effortlessly in the healthiest way possible. No wonder 1-DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE® is the brand of choice for the discerning woman who knows what it means to be the best versions of themselves.

Can’t wait to get started? This is the perfect chance to try out their latest design – Radiant Sweet™*. This new addition to the DEFINE® family is a Daily Vanity favorite. Radiant Sweet™ is specially designed to give your eyes a reflective tear-filled effect with three sheer layers that reflect, enhance, and enlarge your iris. This is the perfect start to a dewy makeup look – the trend of this season!

Here’s something even sweeter! This month, we’re giving five lucky readers a chance to win 1 month’s worth of 1-DAY-ACUVUE® DEFINE® and amazing beauty treats worth over SGD200!

All you need to do, is simply comment in the section down below, or on our Facebook post, why you love ACUVUE® DEFINE® Radiant Sweet™! Hurry, contest ends 28 November 2017!

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