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From 29 September to 8 October 2023, Australian luxury beauty brand Aesop is hosting “Khronos: a Skin Odyssey” in Singapore’s Fort Canning Park at Raffles House.

The term “Khronos,” derived from Greek and meaning “time,” reflects Aesop’s simple approach to skincare. It emphasises the daily use of carefully chosen products, thoughtful dietary choices, moderate exercise, and activities that nurture the mind.

This unique pop-up explores the deep connection between skin health and overall well-being, showcasing the skin as a fascinating bridge between our inner and outer worlds with three acts.

Act I: An artful encounter

aesop skin odyssey entrance

Drawing inspiration from the continuous surface of a Klein bottle, a mathematical curiosity without distinct inner or outer boundaries, the installation at Raffles House encourages you to contemplate the intricate relationship between your skin’s condition and a balanced lifestyle.

Click here to reserve a viewing slot of the installation.

Act II: A tailored skin care regimen

aesop skin odyssey skincare workshop

In Act II, Aesop has created a range of workshops tailored to various preferences and requirements.

aesop skin odyssey product lineup

Each workshop is designed to assist you in establishing a customised skincare routine with some of Aesop’s bestsellers, helping you achieve your best skin health.

aesop skin odyssey shop skincare products

Aesop’s trained consultants will offer personalised skincare guidance, and you can explore and purchase a curated selection of effective, sensory-rich products while you’re there. Simply select your preferred workshop and secure your slot here.

Act III: Recalibrating the mind and body

In the Old Married Soldiers’ Quarters within the same venue, you’ll find a space dedicated to promoting well-being.

The brand offers a series of enriching workshops and activities in collaboration with fitness studio ALLY Singapore and performance and recovery facility Sphere.

  • Mat Pilates with ALLY Singapore: This mix of Pilates exercises, which tones and lengthens muscles, will leave you feeling invigorated and prepared for the day ahead.
  • Sound Journey with Sphere: This sensory experience engages your sense of touch, smell, and hearing. The session starts with a mindfulness practice to connect with your mind and body, followed by a sound bath to lead you into a deep meditative state.

You’ll want to secure your slots fast, as reservations are subject to limited availability. Click here to reserve your session.

Aesop Khronos: a Skin Odyssey
Location: Fort Canning Park, Raffles House
Dates and timings: 29 September, 2pm – 7pm | 30 September to 8 October, 11am – 7pm