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Every makeup enthusiast wants to own an “arsenal” of makeup products, stored within a handy kit or pouch that she can use for just about any occasion. The only problem with building a makeup kit that you can use for multiple complete looks? You may have to burn a hole in your pocket.

affordable makeup from etude house

As your beauty best friend, we often receive queries about where to find high quality products that are still affordable. We decided to issue ourselves the challenge of building a complete makeup kit using just SGD95. Read on to see if we could succeed!

1. Flawless foundation

We recommend: ETUDE HOUSE Play 101 Stick (SGD24)

PLAY 101 STICK#3_2You may already be familiar with the comfort and ease of using ETUDE HOUSE’s Play 101 pencils, which deliver smooth and vibrant lines. Now, the Korean beauty brand, in collaboration with makeup artist Pony, has expanded the line with a series of stick foundations that blends easily, thanks to its creamy and smooth texture. Simply draw lines with the stick foundation on your face and gently spread the formula out with your finger or a brush. What we love most about the product is how convenient it is for touch-ups and to pack for vacations. Available in four shades.

Total damage so far: SGD24.

2. Conceal, don’t feel

We recommend: ETUDE HOUSE Big Cover Concealer Kit (SGD15.90)


Always find it a pain to carry around a few concealers for dark eye circles, blemishes and redness respectively? This kit is your fool-proof solution. This all-in-one concealer kit features three shades. This means you can blend the colours according to the shade you’d like to achieve, and areas you’d want to target!

Total damage so far: SGD39.90

3. Blush like a bride

We recommend: ETUDE HOUSE Berry Delicious Cream Blusher (SGD15.90)


The hot and humid weather in Singapore means your powder blush may not last, and this is why this cream blusher deserves a spot in your makeup kit! Available in three gorgeous shades, the Berry Delicious Cream Blusher gives a soft and natural flush to your cheeks.

Total damage so far: SGD55.80

4. Bring on the bright eyes

We recommend: ETUDE HOUSE Berry Delicious Fantastic Color Eyes (SGD19.90)

Even if you could resist the juicy-licious appearance of these eyeshadow palettes, you can never look past the gorgeous shades that they come in. In two variants, each palette carries six complementary shades that you can easily use for creating different looks on your eyes.


If you usually go for looks that are fresh and sweet, then the Strawberry Mojito Palette would be an ideal choice.


For something more sophisticated, try the Strawberry Fondue.

Total damage so far: SGD75.70

5. Seal with a kiss

We recommend: ETUDE HOUSE Berry Delicious Color In Liquid Lips (SGD17.90)




No look is ever complete without a touch of vivid colour on the lips. Create the pout that you desire with this liquid lipstick, which has a unique texture combination of a lipstick and a lip tint; you get the best of both worlds – think vibrant colour of a lipstick and moisturising, long-lasting finish of a lip tint. Apply it generously for a strong lip look, or blend it out carefully for the trendy gradient lips style.

Final damage: SGD93.60

And there you have it – a complete makeup kit that you can do different looks with, in under SGD95. These products will be available at all ETUDE HOUSE boutiques from 4 March 2016, and the Berry Delicious collection is a limited edition – which means you should grab them before they sell out!

This article is brought to you by ETUDE HOUSE.