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It is time for Snoopy fans to celebrate as the sunscreen brand ALLIE has partnered with Peanuts to release special, limited-edition packaging that features our favourite characters.

The idea behind the collaboration here is “keeping oneself beautiful along with the world”, which is why a portion of the sales will be donated to environmental conservation organisations.

The packaging is not only super cute, but sustainable too, as it is made with recycled paper from used promotional store materials.

ALLIE x Snoopy the sunscreens

There are two products that will receive the limited-edition Snoopy treatment: the ALLIE Chrono Beauty Gel UV EX and the ALLIE Chrono Beauty Tone Up UV 01.

Both sunscreens are resistant to sweat, water, and friction. Expect long-lasting protection against UV rays while leaving a light finish on your skin.

They won’t dry out your skin too, as they contain sodium hyaluronate, so you can have a boost of hydration while being out in the sun.

The more we hear about these sunscreens, the more we want to buy them. So, BRB while we add them to cart!

The ALLIE Chrono Beauty Gel UV EX Limited Design retails for S$29.90 and the ALLIE Chrono Beauty Tone Up UV 01 Limited Design retails for S$25.90. They are available at Watsons, Welcia-BHG, and selected Donki stores from July 2022.