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Pink, peach, and red-toned blushes will always have a place in our makeup stash, but it’s time to take a break from them and turn your attention to this “almond milk tea” blush from Dior.

Photo source: @小婉婉_迪奥柜姐/Xiao Hong Shu

The shade has a good mix of brown and pink hues that appear almost bronzer-like, but when dusted on with a light hand, it actually looks really natural.

This is the Dior Diorskin Rouge Blush in the shade #459 Charnelle. You might be surprised, but this blush even shows up on darker skin tones!

Dior has swatched it and showed us that the light pink hues of this blush show up on both dark and fair skin gorgeously to give you a natural flush.

Photo source: @阿萌不men/Xiao Hong Shu

It also has a satin finish that gives your cheeks a lovely glow.

Photo source: @阿萌不men/Xiao Hong Shu

When swatched on the skin you can see how lovely this brown blush looks under the light. The soft glow it radiates makes it the perfect blush to wear anywhere.

Photo source: @小婉婉_迪奥柜姐/Xiao Hong Shu

Not to mention, this blush glides across your skin and blends like a dream. Its ultra-soft pressed powder will feel lightweight and comfortable on your cheeks.

Dior Diorskin Rouge Blush in shade #459 Charnelle retails for S$82, available at Sephora.

Featured image credit: @阿萌不men/Xiao Hong Shu and @小婉婉_迪奥柜姐/Xiao Hong Shu