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Sure, we’ve heard about services that recommend a specific routine or a product to you based on your answers to a lifestyle questionnaire or perhaps a skin analysis done by a beauty advisor. But one company is taking beauty personalisation to another level.

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Anake is Singapore’s first end-to-end DNA-based skincare experience. Yes, we’re talking about offering you a skincare regime that complement your genes.

Anna Melman, co-founder of Anake described this experience as a “haute-couture approach to beauty”.

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Speaking to Daily Vanity, she said that “[it] is one of the most accurate ways to determine how skin might naturally protect itself against deterioration.”

Skin deterioration is what causes the appearance of signs of ageing on skin, such as wrinkles.

She explains, “Because of the inherited differences in specific genes, the nature of the body’s responses to daily life varies from one person to another. So an individual’s genetic make-up is one of the major reasons for individual differences in the response to tackling skin types.”

Anake’s customers go through four steps before they get a customised treatment plan.

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First, your skin’s DNA is tested.

“We are able to analyse 15+ genetic markers and algorithms to identify genetic factors to unlock your skin profile – bringing this level of accuracy to an optimum. It played an important role in skin protection, premature ageing and determining future outcomes of our skin,” says Melman.

“Compared to questionnaire and visual analysis, we are putting a scientific perspective which you will receive recommendations about products, skincare ingredients, devices and treatments in this report.”

Next, a skin analysis is done to understand the skin’s immediate areas of concern. Then, there is an expert consultation that allows you understand more deeply about underlying skin problems. Finally, a customised treatment plan is created for immediate implementation.

The whole process takes approximately two weeks, including sending DNA samples for analysis in an Australian lab.

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Besides the customisation experience and the creation of a plan, Anake also offers a wide range of facial treatments, handheld devices, and skincare products dedicated for home use to make sure customers are able to easily implement their new skincare routine.

Anake is located at 435 Orchard Road, Wisma Atria, #01-11, Singapore 238877 and accept both walk-ins and appointments. You can visit the Anake website for more information.