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Doraemon fans, here’s something you wouldn’t want to miss. Sun care brand Anessa has launched a series of sunscreens that features Doraemon, the iconic Japanese manga character, and his sister Dorami on its packaging.

anessa x doraemon 1

The series will be officially launched in Japan from 21 March and there will be four designs available: a smiling Doraemon, a crying Doraemon, Doraemon sticking out his tongue, and a winking Dorami.

anessa x doraemon 4

A design that features Doraemon holding his favourite snack – dorayaki – will also be available exclusively in China.

anessa x doraemon 3

For the uninitiated, the Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Skincare Milk is one of the brands’ most iconic products and has a strong and loyal following of fans who love its formula. The lightweight sunscreen is known for its ability to offer stronger sun protection when it comes into contact with water, sweat, and air moisture, making it an ideal sunscreen to reach out for during water activities and in humid climates.

anessa x doraemon 2

While the series is exclusive to Japan and China, we’re happy to find that there are vendors that carry it on Shopee too. This Shopee vendor is shipping four designs from Japan at S$57.28 each.

The Watsons store on Shopee offers the smiling Doraemon design at S$42.50 and the Dorami design at S$42.50. Check them out at drugstores too if you’re travelling to Japan.

All photos from @vocemagazine / Instagram and @madoka_natsume / Instagram.