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We love a beauty lotion that delivers great skincare benefits. What’s even better than that? One that is housed in a pretty bottle that will make our vanity table look much better!


We’re currently obsessing over the new Anna Sui Lotions, presented in gorgeous bottles that look like they could have been created at an alchemist’s room.


There are five variants in the collection:

Anna Sui Cooling Lotion

Anna Sui Cool Lotion: This gives a refreshing sensation and instantly soothes skin that’s flushed by heat, while delivering an astringent effect to tighten skin, combat excess sebum, and lock in moisture.

Anna Sui Rich Lotion

Anna Sui Rich Lotion: This toner contains Kintoki ginger and red pepper extracts to help promote blood circulation, which is why you may experience a pleasant stimulating sensation when you apply it on your skin. The product locks in moisture, leaving it looking plump and smooth.

Anna Sui Plumping Lotion

Anna Sui Plumping Lotion: Containing Asian ginseng extract that is known for improving skin metabolism, this delivers anti-ageing benefits like firmer, more resilient, and more radiant skin. You’ll be able to see gold particles in the lotion when you shake the bottle – a visual treat that will make the application experience even sweeter!

Anna Sui Clearl Lotion

Anna Sui Clear Lotion: This toner is great for those with dry or dehydrated skin and its more viscous texture will help nourish skin and deliver moisture to it. Its great moisturising benefits will give you the result of clear, radiant, and smooth skin.

Anna Sui Smoothing Lotion

Anna Sui Smoothing Lotion: This refreshing lotion contains porous sebum-absorbing powder to help your skin control excess sebum and shine. The toner also has an astringent effect and helps pores look less visible.

If you can’t make up your mind which one to get, or simply want to collect these gorgeous bottles of lotion, consider getting the Anna Sui Mini Lotion Kit instead.


This kit comes with all five lotions in travel size (large enough for eight uses in the morning and at night), housed within a beautiful Anna Sui-branded box.

Each full-sized lotion will retail at SGD48 and the Mini Lotion Kit at SGD60. Anna Sui products are available at their official stores on Zalora and Lazada. The products featured will also be available at Anna Sui flagship counter located at BHG Bugis Junction Level 1 after the circuit breaker ends.