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Whether or not you’re an Anna Sui fan, you’ll want to check out the brand’s 2019 Autumn collection, Sui Black. The collection captures a classical tone that’s somewhat avant-garde. Still, it maintains its signature Victorian era-esque feminine flair that makes it recognisable from afar.

Throughout the Sui Black collection, a somewhat nostalgic scent of tea rose is persistent. The blend fresh tea roses is elegant, calming with a fruity and spicy twist. It’s the perfect fragrance to reflect the classic and subtly edgy design all the products are wrapped in. The products itself make for interesting treats you may want to gift yourself. Here are all the details!

Sui Black Cream Blush, SGD52

Anna Sui Sui Black Cream Blush

It looks jet black in its compact, but apply it and it shifts into a rosy hue that complements the apples of your cheeks. The blush has little polymer-coated tint capsules blended in that keeps the blush from changing hues in the compact – in fact the colorant only develops colour when it reacts with the moisture of your skin. 

Since it reacts to your skin’s pH levels, you can expect to have a tailor-made shade for you that’s like no other. This wax-oil-gel base blush, once applied, will stay looking fresh thanks to its ingredients that prevent the loss of colour. Say hello to sheer, glowing cheeks!

However if you’re not really the adventurous type to try colour-changing blush, then go for the Sui Black Powder Blush. It comes in five flattering shades for Asian skin tones, and doesn’t clog your pores.

Sui Black Rouge, SGD40

Anna Sui Sui Black Rouge

It’s a very intriguing lipstick at first glance, and honestly it still is when you take a second look. The lipstick, available in two shades, is wrapped in a jet-black tint. With each swipe you get a vivid shade with a hint of that jet black for an enchanting look. 

Just like the Black Cream Blush, this lipstick turns a little more pink when it comes into contact with your lips. With every additional application, the colour gets richer and you have a velvety finish that’s comfortable.

If all you want is a true vibrant shade, then you should check out the Sui Black Rouge S bullet lipstick, which comes in eight shades!

Sui Black Ink Liner, SGD35

Anna Sui Sui Black Ink Liner

The product comes with a flat-brush end and tapered tip on the other end, so you can draw lines of different intensities. Although it seems stiff, it’s gentle enough for you to create any look on your delicate eye area. Coming in a jet black shade, this liner will help to bring emphasis to your enchanting eyes. 

Now what really caught our attention was its ability to be removed with warm-water, yet still stay smudge-proof. This happens because its formulated with a fast-drying polymer emulsion that repels moisture and sebum. The cosmetic film is resistant to friction – or accidental eye rubs – but when its immersed in warm water, it breaks apart effortlessly. We love the idea of that since it means we’ll be less harsh when removing it. And less rubbing means less sagging of the eyes!

Sui Black BB Makeup Cream, SGD55

Anna Sui Bb Cream

It’s got Lifting Powder to reflect light, minimise face line shadows, contours your face without making you look like a ghost. Sounds great, doesn’t it? It also has a membrane-forming agent that repels sweat and sebum, plus doesn’t change colour thanks to the sebum-absorbing powder. This BB cream is also formulated with a rich amount of oil to keep your skin moisturised all day long. What’s not in it? Ingredients that are usually found in creams, that tend to induce moisture evaporation. Combined this with its oil content, you’ll have dewy, radiant skin!

Anna Sui Sui Black Heart Shaped Sponge

Anna Sui has also released the Sui Black Primer Water and Makeup Sponge L, which would be great pairings with the BB Cream. Plus, the sponge is super adorable, coming in a pink heart shape that actually helps to reach hard-to-access areas!

The Sui Black Rouge, Sui Black Rouge S, Sui Black Cream Blush, Sui Black Powder Blush and Sui Black Ink Liner are available at BHG Bugis. The Sui Black Primer Water, BB Makeup Cream and Makeup Sponge L will be available from 6 Sep 2019, also exclusively at BHG Bugis.