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Just when you thought you have start to come to terms with the ideas of juice detox, now it’s time to get used to something else – armpit detox. This is apparently a thing now.

Advocates for armpit detox (or sometimes called an “armpit cleanse”) explain that armpits are the part of the body where sweat and bacteria accumulates, and are also where we apply deodorants; deodorants are often rejected by the natural beauty community because they contain chemicals such as aluminium and paraben, both of which some studies prove can be bad for us.

In other words, our armpits potentially house toxins, bacteria, and other nasties that you don’t want to leave in your body. Advocates say that an armpit detox cleans out the accumulated toxins and can in the long run boost your immune system, and even decrease your risk to having cancer.

Those who have tried armpit detox claim that they have less odour even without wearing a deodorant, and even see less perspiration at their underarms afterward.

Read on to find out how you can detox your armpits, and decide if you may want to try it for yourself.

1. Go on a cleansing diet

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Start working from inside out. A plant-based diet made up of vegetables and fruits can help naturally detox your body, which can help reduce body odour too. Foods you can consider include: Cucumber (great for hydration and detox) and citrus fruits that are fibrous (helps boost your digestive system).

2. Change your hair removal routine

Waxing is preferred over shaving because it can reduce hair growth over time, which means that the frequency of your hair removal routine can be reduced, and in turn reducing the damage done to your hair follicles.

At the same time, waxing doesn’t just remove hair, it also takes away the layer of dead skin cells at the surface of your skin. This allows detoxifying masks (see Point #4) to penetrate deeper into it.

3. Dry brushing


Just like how a facial massage can help offer detoxification benefits and drain away toxins, advocates of armpit detox say that there are lymph nodes at our armpits that can help with detoxification.

Sharla Martin, the spa director at the Windsor Court Hotel in New Orleans, told PopSugar that using chemical-filled deodorants under our arms can inhibit our immune system.

Most people who practise armpit detox uses the dry brushing method. The brush is moved from the outer part of the underarm area towards the breast area. This is said to drain the lymph nodes and de-clog the pores from chemical residues from deodorants that collect at the area.

4. Mask your armpits

How To Take Care Of Skin While Wearing Mask Use Mattifying Beauty Products To Keep Your Skin Less Oily

You probably can’t find armpit masks off the shelves of your favourite beauty stores, but you can DIY. Here’s a recommended recipe created by Sharla Martin: Add one tablespoon of bentonite clay to one tablespoon of coconut oil, and mix well. Let the mixture rest on your armpits for at least 15 minutes, then rinse it off with warm water.

Martin explained that bentonite clay produces an “electrical charge” when hydrated so it is able to absorb toxins from the armpits. The coconut oil is added to help hydrate skin.

You can also make your own overnight mask by simply moisturising your armpits with organic coconut oil. Coconut oil has antibacterial benefits, is soothing to the delicate armpits, and won’t clog pores. If your skin is very dry, Martin recommends argan oil.

5. Use a natural deodorant

Now that you have gone through an armpit detox, don’t let your work go to waste. Invest in a natural deodorant to keep them free from toxins. These can be found in several indie natural beauty brands, and if you’re looking for one, you can try Katfood Not A Hint Deodorant, Erbaviva Organic Deodorant in Jasmine Grapefruit or Osmia Organics Deodorant Cream. These deodorants are free from aluminium and other chemicals, but still absorbs sweat (using powder) and contains natural anti-bacterial ingredients.