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You thought the beauty world could not get any wackier. You thought you’ve seen everything from rib removal for a smaller waist to extreme plastic surgery.

Now, we have botox for the scrotum.


It’s referred to as Scrotox (a pretty ingenuous name, we think) and yes, it is legit. It has been covered on various publications such as GQ, Men’s Health, Allure, Cosmopolitan, and more.

The procedure is pretty simple: numbing medication is applied to the area, before several Botox injections are done. Check out the video below for a low-down on the process (don’t worry, it’s appropriately censored):

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  1. Just why!?

Just why!?

Why on earth would any guy want to do this to their genitalia? The three most popular reasons are:

1. Less sweating


As you might expect, sweat happens almost everywhere on men’s bodies, especially in hot and humid Singapore. Having less folds would mean less of a sweaty, humid environment down under.

2. Less wrinkles


We’re not sure why but it seems that some guys don’t like the naturally wrinkled appearance of their scrotum. Since Botox was invented to plump up skin and eliminate wrinkles, we guess that’s a match made in heaven?

However, Seth Cohen, a practising urologist at NYU Langone Health in New York, cautions against being too quick to draw the parallel.

Facial wrinkles, which Botox is meant to eliminate, is part and parcel of ageing and doesn’t serve any purpose, but the wrinkles on scrotum sacs do.

“They protect [against] injury and help [the] testicles to safely produce sperm.”

3. The scrotum appears larger


Botox is a neurotoxin that forces your muscles to relax, thereby also smoothing out skin and eliminating wrinkles.

Because muscles are relaxing, Scrotox can often make the scrotum appear larger and fuller. However, this is a purely cosmetic boon and doesn’t really offer any physiological advantage.

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Source: CBC

The procedure is available in USA and the UK, and costs about USD500 to USD1,000 for each session.

For those who are vaguely curious about it, keep in mind that Scrotox may also affect sperm count and quality so it may not be ideal for those who are still intending to have children in future.

At this point, we don’t think any Singaporean plastic surgeons or aesthetic doctors offer the serve in their clinics, so you can’t get it done locally.

(Is that the sound of thousands of guys sighing in relief?)

Featured image from The Daily Buzz.