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New year, new hair, right? If you’re stumped as to what hue you should go for, though, consider this new hit colour developed by leading Korean salon, CHAHONG ACADEMY: bambi brown.

Bambi Brown Hair Long Locks

Aptly named after everyone’s favourite Disney deer, bambi brown is a light chocolate shade that suits almost all skin tones.

Bambi Brown Hair Close Up

This sweet shade is also known to takes years off your actual age, giving off a fresh, youthful vibe that no amount of makeup or skincare is able to achieve.

On shorter locks, you’ll be able to see subtle hints of red peeking out, adding a much-needed element of fun to the whole look.

Bambi Brown Hair Long Straight Locks

For those with longer and straight tresses, it tends to exhibit a slight gradient effect, where it is lighter on top and darker at the bottom. This gives it a nice, textured look that adds a natural amount of volume too!

Bambi Brown Hair Side

You can always opt for the gradient to begin at any point of your hair, though the professionals do recommend you ask your hairstylists for advice before taking the leap.

This shade is supposedly easily achievable without bleach, though we do recommend you check with your hairstylist on the possibility of this as well! Those with dark, close to ink black hair may require some extra work to get this specific shade, considering how it veers more towards light brown than anything.