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If you’ve been anywhere near the Internet, you probably know all about the latest hype and what many makeup gurus are talking about these days: banana powder

Banana powder? What’s that?

But the question is, what is banana powder anyway?

Let’s address the elephant in the room: no, this is not edible.

Yellow-toned, banana powder is a cross between pressed and translucent powder. It’s used to set makeup, absorb oils on the face (removing shine) and prime the face all at the same time, helping to create a dewy glowy. It was first made popular by Kim Kardashian-West.


Its yellow tint also works as a form of concealer as it brightens dark circles and red spots. Unlike other types of powder, banana powder offers a perfect, lightweight finish, and doesn’t give flashback. Its neutral shade is also perfect for many skin tones.

What this means is that it is a great product to include as part of your makeup routine, especially if you’re intending to take a ton of photos.

Who should use the banana powder?

While it looks fine on most skin tones, those with olive, golden, and yellow skin tones tend to look best with it. This is because it is able to neutralise the discolourations in these skin colours.

People with oily and combination skin types are also going to find that it helps control shine well so that makeup stays intact for longer.

How to use the banana powder?

The banana powder is relatively easy to use. Using a powder brush, it can used on top of concealer to prevent the makeup from creasing. Brush it lightly onto the undereye area, T-zone, and chin; these are places that usually oil up easily and will need something to naturally set makeup without caking it.

Note that you should apply with a light hand to get a natural-looking finish.

Best banana powders

Ready to hop on board the trend? Here’s a list of some of the best banana powders out there on the market.

1. Ben Nye Luxury Powder

19 Loose Powders Ben Nye Powder1

The Ben Nye Banana Powder is the top-dog of banana powders, with Kim K’s makeup artist swearing by it. In fact, this is the OG product that created a buzz online in the first place!

Perfect for achieving a natural look while avoiding the cakey build-up of other powders, this one comes in four shades to suit every complexion. It also promises a fresh look that lasts all day, and is worn by many YouTube baeuty gurus. It retails at SGD39.90 and is available at Lazada.

2. NYX HD Finishing Powder Banana

Banana Powder Nyx

The NYX banana powder, while less popular, still gets a lot of positive reviews. It may be more affordable than many of its counterparts in the market, it is also a great performer. Its lower price tag makes it a great alternative for those who are unsure whether to invest in banana powders to try.

3. Make Up Revolution Luxury Banana Powder

banana powder makeup revolution

Vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free and much more price-friendly, Make Up Revolution is said to be a dupe for the Ben Nye Luxury Powder and reviewers say that it may perform even better. It retails at £5 and is available on the Beauty Bay.

4. Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder

Banana Powder Laura Mercier

An iconic banana powder set to rival Ben Nye’s, Laura Mercier offers soft and smooth powder that have won over the hearts of many and have snagged awards along the way too. Though it has only two shades, reviewers say that they are universal enough to fit a range of skin tones. It retails at SGD70 and is available at Sephora.

5. Dermablend Banana Powder Illuminating Loose Setting Powder

Banana Powder Dermablend

If you have sensitive skin, this may be the option you’d want to go for. Besides being allergy-tested, this also has a brightening formula to make skin look more radiant. Promising to last up to 16 hours without smudge, this is a great investment for those who typically get a breakout when they try new products. It retails at USD27 and is available at the Dermablend website.

6. Rodial Banana Lowlighter

Banana Powder Rodial Banana Lowlighter

In case the powder is too messy for you, this is in a cream format and is dispensed through a pen – making it perfect for carrying in your bag! Simply pop it out and swipe the caffeine-infused banana cream under the eyes or on any red spots that come up during the day. It retails at £38.00 and is available at the Rodial website.

7. Australis Banana Powder

Banana Powder Australis

This yellow-toned powder is great at correcting dark eye circles and redness. Australis promises that it is a universal shade that suits almost every skin tone and keeps skin looking matte the whole day. It retails at SGD19.90 and is available at Zalora.