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With your ever-growing collection of beauty products, we’re sure you must be running out of space to house them all. Luckily for you, Daily Vanity has just the solution. Here are 20 of the prettiest beauty product storage organisers you need to get your hands on so you can go home to a neater stash.

1. Mint green storage organiser

Photo: Shopee

This soothing mint green storage organiser is perfect for housing your beauty collection. It has three drawers to keep your products in and if that isn’t enough, there are also smaller compartments on top of the organiser for you to place taller products.

It retails for S$12 on Shopee.

2. Press in makeup organiser

Photo: Ezbuy

If you often find yourself feeling lazy to return your products back to its place then we’d suggest this unique press-in makeup organiser. Its unique design holds your product firmly so it won’t be easy for them to topple all over your table. Without compartments, it also means that you can fit your products on it regardless of the size of their bases.

It retails for S$5.52 on Ezbuy.

3. Baby pink horizontal organiser

Photo: Shopee

If you’ve been looking for a makeup organiser to keep your day-to-day makeup in then look no further. This baby pink organiser has adjustable compartments so you won’t have to worry about your products not fitting.

It retails for S$12.35 on Shopee.

4. Large beige product organiser

Photo: Ezbuy

Go for a more futuristic style with this large dual-layered product organiser. This product organiser is dust- and moisture-proof, making it perfect to keep in your bathroom for easy access to your skincare products without the fear of water damaging your them.

It retails for S$27.51 on Ezbuy.

5. Bird cage-inspired organiser

Photo: Shopee

Add some elegance to your dressing table with this bird cage-inspired product organiser. It is available in different colours and size variations to accommodate different number of products.

It retails for S$22.80 on Shopee.

6. Round cupboard organiser

Photo: Shopee

These organisers are great if you always feel like you need more storage space. Besides drawers, there’s also a clear display area for you to see all your products in one glance. They are also dust- and moisture-proof, perfect for placing on your bathroom counter or dresser.

It retails for S$39.80 on Shopee.

7. Camille storage organiser

Photo: Shopee

Made from the more sustainable PP plastic, this is a great choice for those who are eco-conscious. We also love how it has a minimalist design that goes with any styles. This organiser is available in pink, green, blue, and white, and in a variety of sizes.

It retails for S$5.90 on Shopee.

8. Teal storage organiser

Photo: Lazada

Add a pop of colour to your dresser with this teal storage organiser. You can arrange your products according to size, thanks to the different compartments for you to do proper organisation.

It retails for S$10.15 on Lazada.

9. Egg-shaped product storage organiser

Photo: Shopee

Make a statement by displaying your beauty products in thesecute looking product organisers! You won’t have to worry about not being able to locate your products in dim lighting or at night because these organisers even have dome lights attached to them.

They retail for S$15 on Shopee.

10.  Pirouette storage organiser

Photo: HipVan

For a clearer display and easier access, consider the Pirouette Rotating Organiser. It features multiple customisable layers that can rotate 360-degrees with ease. You even get to customise each layer of the organiser by rotating it until you are satisfied and then finally locking it in place!

It retails for S$39.90 on HipVan.

11. Cream coloured storage organiser

Photo: Lazada

This fuss-free organiser has an understated look that complement wherever you place it at.

It retails for S$10.99 on Lazada.

12. Three-layer storage organiser

Photo: Lazada

This comes with multiple layers for practical organisation. With clear covers, it also makes it easy for you to find the product you want.

It retails for S$9.99 on Lazada.

13. Clear cosmetic storage organiser

Photo: SHEIN

This clear cosmetic storage organiser is perfect for those with a huge lipstick or nail polish collection. You can now display them proudly and find them more easily!

It retails for S$12.75 on SHEIN.

14. COOLBEAR 360 rotating storage organiser

Photo: Amazon

The COOLBEAR 360 rotating storage organiser is everything you never knew you needed. This cosmetic organiser comes with six layers that can fit at least 15 makeup brushes, 15 lipsticks, and 34-40 skin care products.

Each layer can rotate 360-degrees with ease but the best part is that you can customise the positions of the layer by rotating it till you’re satisfied and then locking it in place.

It retails for S$70.92 on Amazon.

15. Stackable drawer storage organiser

Photo: HipVan

Give this minimalist stackable organiser drawer a try if you’re looking for something fuss-free. This blush pink drawer with its faux leather exterior will complement everything in your room while still keeping all your products free from dust.

It retails for S$49.90 on HipVan.

16. Camille forrest green storage organiser

Photo: Shopee

Get a sense of luxury with Camille’s makeup organiser. You can use it as a display case, or even bring it along with you as a travel case, thanks to the attached handle at the top.

It retails for S$20.65 on Shopee.

17. Sage green storage organiser

Photo: Shopee

Sage green is a trending colour in 2021, due to its association with the feeling of calmness and serenity. Inject a little peace into your life with this storage organiser in sage green, so you can feel relaxed every morning while getting ready for the day.

It retails for S$24.50 on Shopee.

18. Rio ultimate beauty storage organiser

Photo: Lookfantastic

This is the ultimate storage organiser, perfect for all of you beauty addicts who never seem to have enough space to keep all your products. With this organiser and its numerous compartments, you’ll have even more space to add more to your cosmetic collection – win!

As if that’s not enough, it even has a touch-activated LED light attached to the built-in mirror, perfect for you to do your makeup in front of it as well.

It retails for S$90 on Lookfantastic.

19. Customisable clear storage organiser

Photo: SHEIN

Arrange your products in this clear adjustable storage organiser. Customise it by displaying it either horizontally or vertically, depending on your habits and lifestyle – this is definitely a practical option.

It retails for S$18 on SHEIN.

20. Hexagon-shaped storage organiser

Photo: SHEIN

If you’re looking for a unique yet efficient storage organiser then give these hexagon-shaped organisers a try. Available in three colours: teal, white, and pink, you can get many of them and form your preferred arrangement by tessellating them.

It retails for S$6.25 on SHEIN.