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One can never have too many beauty puffs, amirite? But seriously though, it’s so important to change your sponges, cushions, and puffs on a regular basis to prevent the inevitable build-up of gunk and bacteria from getting onto your face, which could easily result in breakouts.

That’s why Welcia-BHG introduced a beauty puff BUFFET. Yes, you heard that right! Choose between two sizes of containers, and stuff as many beauty blenders as you can inside—no time limit imposed.

The cherry on top: they’ve got puffs in many different shapes, sizes, and colours!

Welcia-BHG’s “beauty puff buffet”


guess how many beauty blenders i got?

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Available at Welcia-BHG Guoco Tower, Takashimaya, and Bugis Junction, the smaller container goes for S$5.90, and the bigger one, S$9.90.

This has since blown up all over TikTok and Lemon8, and has seen individuals, couples, and even groups working together to break records (slightly under 40 and 70 for the two respective sizes).

Looking to break the record yourself? Here are some tips we’ve gathered for you.

Tip 1: Go for the hourglass-shaped puffs

Credit: @tanyuantian/Lemon8

The hourglass-shaped puffs have been said by many to be significantly softer and squishier than the other shapes, which makes it a double win, since soft puffs naturally offer a better blend.

Tip 2: Stuff in layers and get squishing from the very first layer

Credit: @joannehsm/Lemon8

To fully maximise the volume of the container, strategise by neatly layering your puffs, and begin compressing and compacting from the very first layer. This fully eliminates pockets of space that might cost you additional blenders.

Tip 3: Use the tongs provided to get those on the sides down

Credit: @yinwilshome/Lemon8

While the tongs provided are for you to pick the sponges hygienically from its pile, you can also utilise the tool to help move the puffs along the sides, which may be hard to reach, downwards.

Tip 4: Ask for an extra bag to transfer the puffs out afterwards

Credit: @joannehsm/Lemon8

If you’re concerned about the shape and condition of the puffs deteriorating after being intensely squished, transfer your sponges into a bag immediately upon payment to bring them back to life.

Tip 5: Sign up for a membership!

Credit: @joyceforensia/Lemon8

New members receive 300 welcome points, which equate to a S$3 rebate. This means you can dramatically expand your makeup sponge collection with a large tub—for as little as S$6.90!