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Mother’s Day is coming – it’s on 8 May if you haven’t noticed. While a sumptuous meal is always a nice treat for your mum, what she probably really wants is to spend quality time with you, with or without the good food.


If you’d like to indulge your mum, who has been working tirelessly for the family, consider thanking her with one of these pampering activities:

1. Shower tender, loving care on her hands

If there’s one feature that best reveals how much she loved you, it would probably be her hands, which cared for you, replaced the iced towel on your forehead when you’re ill, and pinched your cheek when you said something adorable as a child.


Do this: Bring her to your favourite manicurist for a fresh coat of polish on her nails. Alternatively, you could play manicurist and give her a hand massage and apply nail polish for her – she can return the favour for you! You can even sport matching colours or designs, and we’re sure you’re going to have lots of laughter over this bonding session.

2. Rub her tired back

She juggles work and family so you can have a better, more carefree life. And even when you’re an adult, she stays up in an uncomfortable position on the sofa to wait until you’re home safely. If you’ve noticed her complaining of back-ache, you probably should help her relieve it.


Do this: Book a couple suite at a spa and take your mum along as your date for the day. After the massage, go for healthy snacks and tea, while planning for your next outing together – after all, the spirit of Mother’s Day shouldn’t only last for a day.

3. Hide her grey hair

One of the most obvious things that you’ve noticed about her is that she has more grey hair than before, and it adds age to her face. A dye job will probably do the trick, albeit temporarily, to help her remember how her hair used to look.


Do this: If DIY hair dye is too messy for your liking, make an appointment with a salon and have your hair done at the same time. She could get a chic cut and a new hair colour, while you can try the new blowout or perm that your stylist recommend. Don’t forget to take a selfie together after the styling session!

4. Glam her up for the day

She always puts your interest before hers, and this is probably why she hasn’t found time to primp herself up as much as before she had you. If you’ve never seen your mum sport a nice lip colour or the smokey eye look, indulge her with a makeover.


Do this: Book a makeover session at any makeup counter for the both of you. Most counters offer free makeover services if you make a purchase; you can give the products to your mum! Then, after both of you look all made up, go to a swanky restaurant for dinner – it’ll be a night to remember.

5. Remind her how beautiful she is

Hours spent in the sun and not taking sufficient care of her skin means that she is seeing problems like wrinkles and sagging skin – common issues that more matured women face. You’ve seen her looking into the mirror sometimes, lamenting with a sigh how much she thinks she has aged. While you can’t turn back the hands of time, a great way to make her happier is to help her achieve a more youthful-looking complexion.


Do this: Make an appointment with a good beauty centre that is able to deliver visible results within one facial session for you and your mum. We recommend the VS Proionic Facial by Bella Skin Care, an anti-ageng treatment backed by more than 150 clinical papers and medical research studies. This powerful treatment uses Proionic monopolar waves to penetrate deeply into the skin, delivering age-defying effects. The result? Better cell metabolism and improvement in collagen production!

You’ll be able to see firmer, smoother complexion within just one session! The sight of her tired-looking skin looking better than before would definitely bring a smile to your mum’s face.

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