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Raise your hands if you’ve ever wanted to feel like a Disney Princess at some point in your life (we’ve all been there!)

Now you can be one step closer, with the new and incredibly beautiful Sleeping Beauty Collection by Bésame Cosmetics.

The retro brand is famous for its Disney-inspired makeup collections and for creating makeup inspired by the ’20s, ’30s, and 40’s. They even use the exact inks and colours from classic and animated films to create products! While previous collections include Snow White and Mickey Mouse, they’ve outdone themselves with this new Sleeping Beauty Collection.

It’s crystal clear how each of the items in this line is inspired by both Aurora and Maleficent with each piece capturing their essences beautifully. While this product isn’t readily available in Singapore, you can order online on the Bésame Cosmetics website. We don’t know about you, but our wallets are wide awake and ready to do some spending!

1959 Eyeshadow Palette

Anyone noticed how the outer packaging of this eye shadow palette is an exact match to the fairytale book seen at the beginning of the Sleeping Beauty film?

This palette is packed with 20 highly pigmented shades in the bright and neutral families. Referencing details like Aurora’s dresses, Maleficent’s staff, and both of their skin tones and eyes, this even comes with several inner pages that explain how to use each shade for an Aurora or Maleficent-inspired look!

Price: USD68 (~SGD96)

Briar Rose Blush Palette

Hot off Disney’s ink and paint departments, the four shades featured in this blush and highlighter palette are based on the true colours used in Sleeping Beauty. The two shades of blush correlate with the exact shades of blush worn by Aurora and Maleficent, and are accompanied with highlight shades to match.

The blush is Besame’s signature formula of highly-pigmented powder with long-lasting wear and the highlight includes subtle and natural-looking flecks of shimmer for a fairy-like glow for that poppin‘ highlighted look. Do you prefer Aurora’s princess-like glow or Maleficent’s dramatic elegance? It’s all in your hands!

USD35 (~SGD48)

Aurora’s Translucent Powder