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As discerning women who are not easily blinded by advertisements on the glossy pages of magazines or huge billboards, we only trust what real users rave about. This is why our compilation of the most trusted beauty brands in Singapore can definitely help you decide which brand you’d want to try next.

This data is compiled according to the annual beauty survey conducted by Daily Vanity. Over 2,000 women have participated in this statistically significant survey and cast their votes on the beauty brands that they “trust”.

With the votes that you, the readers, have casted, we present to you the Top 10 most trusted brands in the following categories:

  • Top 10 most trusted makeup brands: What are the overall most trusted makeup brands by women in Singapore? The list is made up of both cult brands, mass brands, and luxury brands so you are very likely to find your favourite one here.
  • Top 10 most trusted skincare brands: If you’ve been trying to look for your holy grail product, look no further than this list for inspiration of what to try next. You may be surprised that not every brand that’s been voted are high-end!
  • Top 10 most trusted Korean skincare brands: Korea is known for their advanced technology in skincare – they’re always a step ahead of everyone. The most trusted list of Korean skincare brands will help you add what you’d like to try next into your shopping list.
  • Top 10 most trusted local beauty brands: Many local beauty brands may be a little low-profile, but it doesn’t mean they don’t offer great quality. These brands are recognised by Daily Vanity readers as the most trusted. You may be surprised by some of them who made the list because you may not even know they were from Singapore!
  • Top 10 most trusted haircare brands: Don’t neglect your hair. The most trusted haircare brands voted by you will help you make sure that you only have the best reviewed products in your beauty stash.
  • Top 10 most trusted drugstore skincare brands: And of course, these lists will not be complete without one on the most trusted drugstore brands for your skincare needs. Find out which are the best affordable skincare brands voted by you!