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Daily Vanity Beauty Awards (DVBA) 2019 has just concluded. Conducted annually by us, the award features beauty products across 69 categories. Hundreds of products were were nominated, tested by judges, and then voted by more than 1,800 readers before the best of the best emerged.

The Daily Vanity Beauty Awards was started in order to help consumers suss out the products that have been proven to be popular among people who have actually tried the products. We know that this is definitely going to help you make more discerning purchase decisions and hopefully find your own holy grail! You can find the full list of award-winning beauty products here.

And here are some of the most worthy mentions among the award winners.

New kid on the block snags 2 awards

Eye Treatment Judges

Alche{me} Personalised Eye Serum: Best Eye Treatment (Judges’ Choice)

Alche{me} Skincare may be the new kid on the block but it has already snagged two of the awards at the DVBA 2019. Its Personalised Eye Serum took home the Best Eye Treatment (Judges’ Choice) and its Personalised Moisturiser is the winner of the Best Cream Moisturiser (Judges’ Choice). There’s a special bundle offer for these two award-winning products for a limited period of time here!

Cream Moisturiser Judges

Alche{me} Personalised Moisturiser: Best Cream Moisturiser (Judges’ Choice)

Known for offering curated skincare solutions that use a huge array of botanical concentrates in the formula, Alche{me} Skincare won over the hearts of the DVBA judges with these two products because of how effective they were and how comfortable their textures felt on skin.

Specialised hair care products win over judges

Volumising Judges

PHS Hairscience FEM Thickening Shampoo: Best Volumising Shampoo (Judges’ Choice)

When it comes to the hair category, PHS Hairscience is a big winner. The professional hair centre and spa isn’t just loved for its pampering and effective hair and scalp care treatments, its suite of products has proven to be very well-loved among DVBA 2019 judges who have tried them.

Scalp Treatment Judges

PHS Hairscience AGE Defy Serum: Best Scalp Treatment (Judges’ Choice)

Winner of two categories: Best Volumising Shampoo (Judges’ Choice) for its FEM Thickening Shampoo and Best Scalp Treatment (Judges’ Choice) for its AGE Defy Serum, PHS Hairscience has proven that they’re able to offer great in-salon and home care for their customers.

The biggest winner takes home 5 awards

Pencil Eyeliner Judges N Readers

Kate Fit Rare Gel Pencil: Best Pencil Eyeliner (Judges’ Choice and Readers’ Choice)

The biggest winner at the DVBA 2019 is no doubt Kate Tokyo. The trendy Japanese makeup brand has won five categories and is among the brands with the most number of awards this year.

Eyebrow Powder Judges N Readers

Kate Designing Eyebrow 3D: Best Eyebrow Powder (Judges’ Choice and Readers’ Choice)

The Kate Fit Rare Gel Pencil is the winner for Best Pencil Eyeliner for both Judges’ Choice and Readers’ Choice. Kate Designing Eyebrow 3D is also the winner for Best Eyebrow Powder, chosen by both judges and readers. Finally, they also snagged the Best Mascara (Judges’ Choice) award for their Lash Former WP Volume.

Mascara Judges

Kate Lash Former WP Volume: Best Mascara (Judges’ Choice)

So if you’re looking for quality eye makeup, Kate Tokyo is definitely the brand to go for!

Plant-based brand impresses with 3 amazing products

Eye Treatment Readers

Himalaya Under Eye Cream Best Eye Treatment (Readers’ Choice)

It looks like nature really holds the secret to beauty. Himalaya, a brand known for tapping into specially sourced botanical-based ingredients, won three Readers’ Choice awards at the DVBA 2019.

Acne Treatment Readers

Himalaya Acne-n-Pimple Cream: Best Acne Treatment (Readers’ Choice)

Its popular Under Eye Cream took home the Best Eye Treatment (Readers’ Choice) award, its Acne-n-Pimple Cream is the winner of Best Acne Treatment (Readers’ Choice), and its Exfoliating Walnut & Wood Apple Face Wash won the voters’ favour and snagged the Best Facial Exfoliant Scrub (Readers’ Choice).

Facial Exfoliant Scrub Readers

Himalaya Exfoliating Walnut & Wood Apple Face Wash: Best Facial Exfoliant Scrub (Readers’ Choice)

Now you can be assured that plant-based products aren’t just safer, they are also super effective!

Newly launched Korean brand wins 3 awards

Makeup Remover Cleansing Oil Judges

Huxley Cleansing Oil; Deep Clean, Deep Moist: Best Makeup Remover – Cleansing Oil (Judges’ Choice)

If you’ve been following Korean beauty trends, you’d probably have heard the hype around newly launched Korean brand, Huxley.

Facial Exfoliant Judges

Huxley Scrub Mask; Sweet Therapy: Best Facial Exfoliant (Judges’ Choice)

It looks like the brand withstood the test and proved that it is worthy of the hype surrounding it, with its win in three categories. Its Cleansing Oil won Best Cleansing Oil (Judges’ Choice), its Scrub Mask won Best Facial Exfoliant (Judges’ Choice), and the Huxley Oil won Best Oil Moisturiser (Judges’ Choice).

Oil Moisturiser Judges

Huxley Oil; Light and More: Best Oil Moisturiser (Judges’ Choice)

Bifesta dominates cleansing categories

Makeup Remover Cleansing Wipes Judges N Readers

Bifesta Cleansing Sheet: Best Makeup Remover – Cleansing Wipes (Judges’ Choice and Readers’ Choice)

When it comes to cleansing products, Bifesta seems to be the one to snag the awards. The brand took home three awards: the Bifesta Cleansing Sheet clinched both Judges’ Choice and Readers’ Choice for Best Cleansing Wipes and its Foam Whip Acne Care is the winner for Best Cleanser for Acne-prone Skin (Judges’ Choice).

Acne Prone Cleanser Judges

Bifesta Foam Whip Acne Care: Best Cleanser for Acne-prone Skin (Judges’ Choice)

Now you know where you should go to look for amazing cleansing products!

To see full list of winners at the Daily Vanity Beauty Awards 2019, click here.

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