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We’re sleep-starved not just because we stay up too late; it’s usually also because we have to wake up early. And on those mornings when we open our eyes and feel like death, we always have to make the painful decision: sleep in and look like drab or wake up now and step out looking like a million bucks? If we choose the latter, it usually involved an additional hour or so to get ourselves ready.

Now, what if we tell you that it’s possible to get the best of both worlds: sleep in and look fabulous at the same time? This is no wishful thinking. It is possible if you invest in the right beauty services that can save you precious time.

Here are a few of our favourite beauty services. We’ve calculated: if you go for all of them, it’ll allow you to sleep in for an extra 1.5 hours per day. We’ve also included recommendations to salons where you can receive special discounts from! Woo-hoo!

1. If you spend too much time curling your hair in the morning

Best Beauty Treatments Save Time 2

Beautiful, loose curls can turn your hairstyle from flat to fab. This is why so many of us wake up extra early to get our hair tools heated up and then spend at least 30 arm-wrenching minutes to curl our hair – more time required if you have long and thick hair!

This is why we think that a perm at a hair salon can be one of the best services to enjoy. A perm that’s done perfectly give you good hair day, err’ day. All you need is a touch of styling product – curling creams or sea salt spray – a bit of scrunching, and you’re good to go!

Total time saved per day: 30 minutes

Get it here: Bada Hair. Winner of the Best Hair Salon for Digital/Cold perm at the Daily Vanity Spa and Hair Awards 2018, this Korean hair salon uses a specially imported machine to create gorgeous curls for their clients. Using products from Shiseido Professional, Bada Hair stylists design curls that suit their clients and last longer than regular perms. To celebrate this award, Bada Hair is offering 30% Cold Perm and Digital Perm services.

2. If you want to stop fussing over unwanted hair

Best Beauty Treatments Save Time 3

You pick out the perfect dress, put it on, only to realise that you need to get rid of the unsightly hair on your legs or armpits. Not enough time? Sigh. This means you have to pick out another outfit that will hide them.

Does this sound familiar to you?

While shaving, waxing, and epilation are all great solutions to getting rid of unwanted hair, many of us may want a more permanent solution. This is where we find IPL treatments a blessing. Typically, after a few sessions, your hair growth will become less and eventually stopped altogether. This means never having to worry about unwanted hair for a long, long time! Best part? Each IPL session is only for a couple of minutes, so you’ll be able to easily squeeze a session in during your lunch break or between your appointments.

Total time saved per day: 15 minutes

One Stop Beauty Salon Singapore Wellaholic 24

Get it here: The winner for the Best IPL/SHR Treatment at the Daily Vanity Spa and Hair Awards 2018, Wellaholic offers comfort and effectiveness. How does it do so? Instead of single pulses with high energy, the super hair removal technology that Wellaholic uses incorporates low energy but higher frequency pulses. This means that the hair removal process will be more comfortable yet more effective too!

3. If you can never get your brows right

Best Beauty Treatments Save Time 5

We know that it’s impossible to get our brows on fleek every day. There are days when we are able to create perfect-looking ones with a stroke of luck, and other days we struggle to even get them to look similar.

This is when brow embroidery can save the day. This semi-permanent service gives results that lasts for at least three months (and most of the time longer!) so you can focus on the rest of your makeup in the morning.

Total time saved per day: 15 minutes

Get it here: Erabelle is probably one of the most well-known brow embroidery specialists in Singapore, and we’re not surprised that they emerged the winner of Best Brow Embroidery at the Daily Vanity Spa and Hair Awards 2018. Our readers voted for them because of how they have trained brow artists that are able to customise the perfect eyebrows based on your features and face shape. The mineral and organic pigments that they use also can help achieve a natural-looking and long-lasting look.

4. If you find your ideal hair routine too complicated

Best Beauty Treatments Save Time 1

Hair concerns like dandruff can be quite a pain. And the right hair routine to make sure your hair is free from dandruff while making sure it looks smooth and shiny can take up a lot of time. You start off with a hair scrub, then move on to anti-dandruff shampoo, and conditioner. Once to twice a week, you’ll still have to pamper your tresses with a hair masking session.

If you find that it’s too much hassle to invest so much time and effort into your hair routine, then a hair treatment that targets at the problem may just be what you’re looking for. Like an expert care for your tresses for you!

Total time saved per day: 20 minutes

Get it here: CYL Lab Solutions. The Deeptox Scalp Treatment by this hair specialist has been awarded the Best Anti-Dandruff Treatment at the Daily Vanity Spa & Hair Awards 2018. A customised scalp and hair treatment, the treatment begins with a Japanese scalp massage, followed by innovative light therapies to activate cells in scalp to transport the right nutrients to scalp and hair follicles, targeting at your hair concern.

5. If you hate applying mascara or falsies

Best Beauty Treatments Save Time 4

You might have seen beauty tutorials online that show how a regular woman transforms herself into a different person, thanks to makeup. Most of the time, it involves incredible eye makeup skills that feature incredibly long and lush lashes. However, eye makeup can take up a lot of time, especially applying mascara that looks natural and not clumpy or putting on false lashes. Lash extensions can save your day! The results can last for at least a month, and longer if you take extra care of them. You won’t even need mascara or false lashes anymore after this!

Total time saved per day: 10 minutes

Get it here: Flutters Lash and Nail Parlour. It has won Best Lash Extension Salon at the Daily Vanity Spa & Hair Awards 2018 and is known for their feather-light silk and faux mink extensions, all crafted specially to make sure your eyes look extra charming. For the time-starved, cluster lash extensions are also available.

Looking for more beauty services that can save your time? Check out the list of winners at the Daily Vanity Spa & Hair Awards 2018 so you know which are the most trust-worthy ones that have won the hearts (and votes) of more than 1,800 Daily Vanity readers.