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Trash that highlighter, we’re going to get that glow and shine on your skin, naturally. Getting radiant skin comes with keeping your skin healthy and clean. Apart from the usual exfoliating and cleansing in facial sessions, opt for those with detox, revitalising, and brightening treatment.

brightening facials

From affordable discounted deals to premium sessions for pampering yourself, we’ve got you covered in this list of best brightening facials.

best brightening facials

1. Luminous Detox Energie Care Facial

If you put on makeup on a daily basis, chances are you’ll need a good cleansing regularly to keep skin healthy. Take it a step further and get a deep cleansing of your pores.

This detox facial incorporates double cleansing, microdermabrasion and sonic cleanse to give you a through cleanse. The package also includes cocktail vitamin penetration (with ultrasound machine), face & shoulder massage, and personalised treatment mask. Quite a deal for the services you get!

This is available at Glomax Aesthetics.

2. Illuminating Glow Facial

Packed with brightening therapies, expect a variety treatments targeted at skin brightening in this facial package. After the usual cleansing, you’ll be getting a Gentle Multi Derma Acid Peel to exfoliate dead skin, an Omega Light Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage Facial Massage and an Intensive Brightening Mask for skin brightening and hydration.

This is available at Renaza Wellness Lifestyle Lab.


1. Sensedebelle Customised Ultrasonic Facial

Exfoliation can be done using different techniques and technologies, Sensedebelle offers a facial session that uses ultrasonic therapy for exfoliation. This facial therapy that boasts to leave you with Dewy Skin, also includes facial massage for blood circulation, infusion of hydration serum, a soothing cream mask to keep your skin hydrated.

This is available at SenseDeBelle.

2. Oxygen Inhale Facial with 20 Shots IPL Face Rejuvenation Treatment

If your concern is more about pigmentation and red spots, this facial session offers 20 IPL shots that can lighten the concerns you might have. They’ll also make use of oxygen inhale, where it’ll increase the skin’s ability to absorb all the products fully. Your skin will be left rejuvenated, healthy and glowing.

This is available at Skin Retreat.


1. Revive-Glow Synergy Treatment

From a renowned French beauty brand, Sothys salon provides state of the art service and. Feel at ease as the aestheticians here are all super professional, from catering to your needs to handling your delicate skin. Targeted at dull and asphyxiated skin, this treatment focuses on detoxification and oxygenation that will improve your skin’s radiance.

This is available at Sothys Premium Salon.

2. Celwhite Whitening Treatment

Renew, repair and rebalance your skin tone through this whitening treatment that gives your skin various of vitamins such as Niacinamide (Vit B3), Alpha-Arbutin plus antioxidants and 15 plant extracts.

This is available at Celmonze The Signature.

3. Sun Rescue

Sporty or not, Singaporean women are always exposed under the sun. If your concern is about dull or damaged skin from sun exposure, ‘Sun Rescue’ is an intensive and premium session specifically targeted to treat sun-damaged skin. It comes with three stages of ‘rescue’: Calm, Repair and Hydrate. Although it’s priced on the higher end, you’ll be getting that intensive treatment to repair those stressed skin through Oxygen and Cryo therapy that soothes and repair damaged skin.

This is available at Porcelain Aesthetics.