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Unless you have been living under a rock, you would probably have heard about Lush’s reputation for their huge array of bath bombs. What are bath bombs? In a nutshell, they’re a ball that fizzes up when you put it in water, releasing fragrances and soap that you can bathe in. The reason why bath bombs have become such a huge thing in recent times, however, is because of how amazing and almost therapeutic it is to watch all the different colours fizz and mix in the water. It’s also thanks to companies like Lush, who are constantly pushing out newer, better, and more amazing bath bombs every day.

If you are new to Lush and bath bombs, fret not! This is a list of the 12 best bath bombs that Lush has to offer for a relaxing, spa-like bath experience.

1. Shoot For The Stars

Lush bath bomb Shoot for the Stars

Fly, fly away in the starry sky with this bath bomb, named uniquely as “Shoot for the Stars”. The key ingredients in this bath bomb are Brazilian Orange Oil and Cocoa Butter which is going to give you a rejuvenating experience while also conditioning your skin so that you’ll emerge from the bath tub feeling like a whole new person.

This bath bomb contains cobalt blue soap and gold glitter, so when it dissolves in your bath water, it’s going to look as if you’re swimming in the starry night sky. We can’t imagine a better way to relax and unwind your senses after a long day.

Lush Shoot For The Stars retails at SGD 13 in Lush stores and Lush online.

2. Tisty Tosty

lush bath bomb tisty tosty

This bath bomb makes the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one. The formula of Tisty Tosty is actually based on a medieval love potion, infused with Rose Buds and Lemon Oil. Reviewers have commented that it makes for a very relaxing milky-white bath with sprinklings of rose petals. Perfect for an evening of pampering yourself!

The flowery scents have also been said to soothe headaches and body aches of some overworked and tired reviewers. The scent in this one is subtle, making it suitable for those who prefer milder fragrances. If you are considering this bath bomb, make haste and get your hands on it ASAP, as it’ll be leaving shelves soon

Lush Tisty Tosty retails at SGD 12.50 in Lush stores and Lush online.

3. Sakura

lush bath bomb sakura

If you are a fan of the famous cherry blossoms in Japan but don’t get many chances to witness it in person, this bath bomb will transport you there in your imagination. With strong scents of mimosa and jasmine, you could close your eyes and almost feel like you’re right there amongst the sakura trees.

Though the colour of this bath bomb is more subtle than others, its fragrance is delightful and relaxing. Best of all, this bath bomb leaves almost no residue in the tub, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning or clogging.

Lush Sakura retails at SGD 13 in Lush stores and Lush online.

4. Avobath

lush bath bomb avobath

Calling all avocado lovers out there: this is the bath bomb you’ve been dreaming of. It is, of course, made of actual avocado which is going to really moisturise and deliver much-needed nutrients to you skin. It also contains extra virgin olive oil to make your skin shine!

Lush Avobath retails at SGD 13.50 in Lush stores and Lush online.

5. Butterball

lush bath bomb butterball

Sweet-toothed and love your guilty pleasures like vanilla and butter cake? This is the bath bomb for you. Lush Butterball may look plain on the outside but once dissolved, it releases a rich and sweet scent of Cocoa Butter. Butterball also soothes irritated skin and has lasting effects. If glitz and glam isn’t really your thing, and you just want something minimalist, simple, and effective, Butterball is the perfect answer.

Lush Butterball retails at SGD 11 in Lush stores and Lush online.

6. Blackberry

lush bath bomb blackberry

This bath bomb might look plain and simple, but customers just keep coming back for more. It comes in such a huge size, that you you can actually cut it in half and use it twice! Moreover, the Lush Blackberry fizzes for much longer than other bath bombs, and turns your bath water into fruity purple.

Blackberry incorporates Frankincense Oil and Bergamot Oil to produce a sweet, juicy, berry-like aroma. It will leave your skin smelling fruity and fresh for hours on end! This is yet another one you need to work fast to get your hands on, as it’s going to be discontinued in-stores soon.

Lush Blackberry retails at SGD 12.50 in Lush stores and Lush online.

7. Sex Bomb

lush bath bomb sex bomb

Contrary to its name, the Lush Sex Bomb is actually a very relaxing experience that will leave you feeling less tired than before. The Sex Bomb is one of Lush’s most highly raved about bath bombs, and for good reason!

This bath bomb comprises mainly of Jasmine, Sage Oil, and Ylang Ylang, which are known to soothe tension and improve one’s mood. The Sex Bomb is also the only bath bomb from Lush that uses soy milk, which is effective in soothing irritated skin and calming redness.

If your favourite colour is pink, this bath bomb is going to be your favourite thing ever – it dissolves to a lovely blend of fuchsia pink and royal purple in your bath water, which would make you feel like you’re bathing in magical unicorn goodness.

Lush Sex Bomb retails at SGD 14 in Lush stores and Lush online.

8. Dragon’s Egg

lush bath bomb dragons egg

Looking at its name, we’re not surprised that this is yet another one of Lush’s bestselling bath bombs. Who wouldn’t be curious about what lies beneath that egg-white exterior with a name like Dragon’s Egg, right?

At first glance, it looks plain, but don’t be deceived – the scents and rich oils within will soothe both your skin and your mind. Dragon’s Egg emits citrusy-sweet scents that are the perfect perk-me-up on mornings where you’re really struggling to get out of the door.

The fragrance from this bath bomb was so rejuvenating and pleasant that some reviewers stated that they absolutely had to head out and buy it again for their next destressing session. The oils from Dragon’s Egg also work to make your skin soft and hydrated, without leaving it greasy.

Lush Dragon’s Egg retails at SGD 14 in Lush stores and Lush online.

9. Intergalactic

lush bath bomb intergalactic

Get ready for a colourful and out-of-this-world bath! The Lush Intergalactic bath bomb features a peppermint scent that is guaranteed to give you a stimulating sensorial experience.

If you are a fan of neon colours, or just colours in general, this bath bomb is definitely something you need to try out. Unlike most of the other bath bombs Lush offers, Intergalactic fizzes in a multicolour display of psychedelic goodness! With all the fizzy blues, pinks, and yellows swirling in a entrancing mixture around you, you would probably never want to leave the tub.

Lush Intergalactic retails at SGD 15 in Lush stores and Lush online.

10. Monsters’ Ball

lush bath bomb monsters ball

The Monsters’ Ball bath bomb may be the perfect Halloween gift, but we think this cyclops-inspired goodie is just too cute to reserve only for Halloween. It even fizzes and dissolves into the most stunning purple-blue bath ever!

With zesty lime and neroli perfume, this bath bomb is a popular favourite amongst Lush customers. For those of us who perspire a lot, the lime inside this bomb would make you feel refreshed and clean in no time.

Lush Monsters’ Ball retails at SGD 14 in Lush stores and Lush online.

11. Twilight

lush bath bomb twilight

Having trouble sleeping? The Twilight bath bomb is infused with aromatic lavender oil to calm your mind, your senses, and your body all at once, providing the perfect unwinding experience before a good night’s rest. If you have sensitive skin, this bath bomb is also great for soothing any irritated areas.

The Twilight bath bomb makes your bath tub feel like a home spa as it fizzes. The lavender scent, aside from promoting relaxation, is also excellent for subduing any headaches and body aches. If you’re new to bath bombs and are looking to try it out, Twilight is a great one to start off with because the fragrances are subtle but relaxing, and the colours are delicately pretty and not too gaudy.

Lush Twilight retails at SGD 14 in Lush stores and Lush online.

12. Christmas Sweater

lush bath bomb christmas sweater

What better way to celebrate the last month of the year, and the long-awaited holiday season a good, destressing bath? Every year, Lush launches a limited edition Christmas collection, and this year we are loving the new Christmas Sweater bath bomb.

Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, you probably wouldn’t be able to avoid Christmas prints and decorations everywhere, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they’re now on a bath bomb. Don’t be fooled by the cutesy exterior – this bath bomb packs a punch with its spicy scents of ginger and mustard that will even out skin tone and leave your skin looking radiant.

Lush Christmas Sweater retails at SGD 15 in Lush stores and Lush online.