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Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics is easily one of the biggest all-natural, environmentally conscious beauty brands out there, boasting a repertoire of wide-ranging products for hair, face, and body.

It’s easy to be drawn into a Lush store by the alluring mix of scents from the colourful bath bombs and soap bars, but once you’re in the store it can be tough deciding on a product to buy when you’re lost in a secret garden of handmade beauty products, all aesthetically named and made.

To simplify your search for the right Lush products to invest in, we carefully scoured Lush’s stores and Instagram and gleaned 26 of the best Lush products that you’ll definitely love.

Best Lush skincare products

1. Angels on Bare Skin

Lush Products Angels On Bare Skin

Why people love it: This calming face and body scrub not only soothes the skin but gently exfoliates, too. It’s a combination of cleansing agents kaolin (a clay mineral) and ground almond nuts, and lavender, rose and chamomile essential oils that soothe and calm the skin, leaving it smelling heavenly.

How to use: Simply take a pea-sized amount of the dough-like product and rub some water into it so that it turns into a paste and massage it into face and body. Watch the ground almond nuts turn into almond milk that nourishes and brightens the skin as kaolin clay removes impurities like grease and dirt. Step out of the shower smelling like flowers and feeling pure and clean like angel’s skin.

Price: S$32 for 100g, S$75 for 250g on Lush and Shopee.

2. Ocean Salt Facial Scrub

Lush Products Ocean Salt

Why people love it: This face scrub is a citrusy splash of ocean water for the face. The richness of avocado butter and coconut oil moisturises and softens skin while the mixture of fine and coarse sea salt gives it some thorough exfoliating. On top of that it’s got extracts of antibacterial lime and vodka that not only tones and brightens but is also responsible for sending the nose on holiday in a beach paradise!

How to use: Just take a pea-sized pinch of the sorbet-like scrub from the tub and gently go massage the entire face with it. Then rinse and breathe in the ocean.

Price: S$35 for 120g, S$60 for 250g on Lush and Shopee.

3. Grease Lightning Spot Treatment

Lush Products Grease Lightning
Why people love it: Nip them zits in the bud with this super-effective cleansing gel. Formulated to prevent bacteria clogged in pores from erupting into full-on pimples, what better remedial ingredients to use than the antiseptic and antibacterial thyme, tea tree, and rosemary.

This powerful trio dissolves and disintegrates trapped inflammatory dirt. Grape juice is also added to stop dirt build-up in its tracks and witch hazel soothes redness.

Price: S$32 for 45g on Lush and Shopee.

4. Mask of Magnaminty

Lush Products Mask Of Magnaminty
Why people love it: This face and body mask of minty proportions pairs well with Angels on Bare Skin (see #1). This diverse blend of ingredients that exfoliate, cleanse, soothe, and moisturise gives the skin a post-mud spa feel.

Peppermint oil and kaolin clay penetrate deep into pores to cleanse them of stubborn accumulated dirt while abuki beans gently exfoliate away dead skin to reveal clean, baby-smooth skin. Vanilla absolute and honey are also added into the mix to soothe redness and moisturise.

How to use: Apply the moist pasty product onto the face and skin and leave it on for 15 minutes then wash it off, all the while enjoying its refreshing minty scent as it fills your senses.

Price: S$32 for 125g, S$50 for 315g on Lush and Shopee.

5. Ultrabland Facial Cleanser

Lush Products Ultrabland

Why people love it: If anything, our theory is that it is named this way to get you interested instead of turning you away. Any marketed product that states upfront that it’s not just bland but ultrabland is being both cheeky and teasing.

This ultra-cleansing emulsion is unconventional because, unlike the usual ones, it does not require and cannot be used with water.  This is because water reacts chemically with the beeswax ingredient into a thick concentrate that can clog pores.

It is made up of essential oils such as honey, and beeswax, which efficiently removes all traces of makeup and grime, and rosewater, iris flower extract, and glycerin, which moisturise and soothe.

How to use: Swipe the emulsion all over the face and massage thoroughly, then wipe it off using a damp face towel or cotton pads.

Price: S$35 for 45g, S$50 for 100g on Lush.

6. Skin Drink Facial Moisturiser

Lush Products Skin Drink

Why people love it: Hydrate skin naturally with this wonderfully rich facial moisturiser. Avocado and aloe are a match made in heaven for dry, stretched skin as they generously hydrate and relax, bringing the skin back to life. There are also evening primrose, neroli, and rose oils to improve the texture of the skin so that it glows from within.

How to use: Dab some of it onto the skin and spread it out evenly by massaging gently.

Price: S$59 for 45g on Lush.

7. Tea Tree Water Toner Water

Lush Products Tea Tree Water

Why people love it: This handy dandy toner in a spray bottle contains tea tree, juniper berry, and grapefruit waters. Tea Tree is known for its antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial (it means that it kills microorganisms or stops their growth!) properties and the other two keep your face moisturised and fresh.

Give your face a little spritz of this goodness after cleansing or throughout the day when you need a little perk-me-up!

Price: S$25 for 100g, S$38 for 250g on Lush and Shopee.

8. Dark Angels Fresh Facial Cleanser

Lush Products Dark Angels

Why people love it: This face scrub may look like a messy black mass, but it’s often that best things come in humble packages! Formulated for oily skin, it is meant to be a more targeted alternative to Angels on Bare Skin (see #1). Rhassoul mud is the main ingredient and it cleanses skin deeply while conditioning pores.

Charcoal and black sugar are in charge of exfoliating away all that dead skin to reveal smooth youthful skin. There’s a tenderness to the whole process as avocado oil and vegetable glycerin moisturise the skin after some powerful cleansing.

And of course, no Lush product is complete without fragrance. Sandalwood and rosewood oils release a warm soothing scent as you purify your face.

How to use: Pinch a pea-sized amount, moisten it with water, massage it all over the face, and then rinse thoroughly!

Price: S$32 for 100g, S$75 for 250g on Lush and Shopee.

9. Bubblegum Lip Scrub

Lush Products Bubblegum Lip Scrub

Why people love it: A too-good-to-be-true lip scrub that you can lick off afterwards! This one smells like strawberries, bubblegum (hence, the name), and candy floss – reminiscent of Snow Fairy. Castor sugar serves as the scrubbing grains and organic jojoba oil works at moisturising those freshly scrubbed lips.

How to use: Scoop up a tiny bit of the grainy scrub and scrub lips with it and then – the best part – lick lips clean because this lip scrub is edible!

Price: S$25 for 25g at Lush stores and Shopee.

10. Cup o’ Coffee Face and Body Mask

Lush Products Cup O Coffee

Why people love it: This face and body mask gives your face and body their caffeine fix at any time of the day. Roasted cocoa extract gives it its rich coffee scent! Kaolin clay deeply cleanses the pores of impurities and a spattering of ground coffee exfoliates dead skin as your smear it all over and let it sit on your skin. You end up with radiant, smooth, and clear skin!

How to use: Smooth it over face and body and leave on for 15 minutes then wash it off.

Price: S$32 for 100g, S$50 for 325g on Lush and Shopee.

11. Emotional Brilliance Translucent Face Powder

Lush Products Emotional Brillance

Why people love it: A mattifying setting powder that is beautifully translucent and doesn’t dry the skin out? We’re in! It evens out skin tone naturally, and jojoba oil is put into this to nourish and moisturise the skin beneath the matte finish.

How to use: Use it alone for a more natural tint or set it over foundation.

Price: S$39 each on Lush.

12. Full of Grace Naked Facial Oil

Lush Products Full Of Grace

Why people love it: This facial serum bar is the only one of its kind by Lush. Light pink and smooth, this serum bar is packed with hydrating and nourishing ingredients that do wonders especially for a face that has been through tons of makeup.

Chamomile and rose oils work alongside tropical cupuacu and murumuru butters to richly soothe and moisturise skin without leaving any greasiness because of how easily they absorb into the skin. Almond and tagetes oils brighten skin tone in the most natural way. An interesting ingredient is added into the mix – portobello mushroom extract, which is rich in vitamins and antioxidants that revive tired skin and improve its elasticity.

How to use: Rub and melt the bar in your hands and massage the smooth film of serum into the face.

Price: S$20 for 20g on Lush.

Best Lush haircare products

13. Big Sea Salt Shampoo

Lush Products Big Sea Salt Shampoo
Why people love it: The formula for lustrous mermaid hair! Formulated with sea salt, seaweed, lemon, and lime, Big Sea Salt Shampoo gives limp, flat hair some much-needed lift and volume and shine. Sea salt works double-time to cleanse and exfoliate the hair, and scalp and lift hair into a bouncy volume, while also teaming up with seaweed and coconut oil to moisturise and soften hair.

How to use: Work a small gloop of sea salt grains into hair and scalp, massaging deep and long from the roots to the ends, and let the refreshing citrusy scent from lemon and lime juices fill your nostrils and linger long after the shower.

Price: S$55 for 330g on Lush and Shopee.

14. Seanik Shampoo Bar

Lush Products Seanik
Why people love it: Who knew shampooing with a solid blue bar could have hair feeling and smelling so heavenly?

Japanese nori and Irish moss seaweed boost volume and effectively de-tangles rough unruly hair, leaving it soft and buoyant. The ingredient of lemon oil gives the hair a healthy shine just like silk. The hair also ends up smelling like flowers because of flower oils that subtly perfume the hair.

How to use: Simply work a lather up by running the shampoo bar in water and massage thoroughly into scalp and hair to lift both hair and mood.

Price: S$25 each on Lush and Shopee.

Best Lush bath and body products

15. Sex Bomb Bath Bomb

Lush Products Sex Bomb

Why people love it: One of the best Lush products of all time is this best-selling bath bomb. It smells the way it is named – seductive and titillating.

Jasmine, clary sage, and ylang ylang infuse this globe of romance and their sultry blend of fragrance arouses passion while relaxing and warming the body. Soy milk gives the bath a milky glow and leaves warm skin smooth and silky. It’s basically the stuff bath-dreams are made of!

How to use: Once it comes into contact with the warm water in your bathtub it dissolves into milky swirls of pinks and reds. All you need to do is sink into it.

Price: S$17 each on Lush and Shopee.

16. Honey I Washed The Kids Hand & Body Soap

Lush Products Honey I Washed The Kids Soap
Why people love it: Washing our kids with this luxuriously buttery body soap bar beats shrinking them anytime! But, thankfully it’s not just for kids.

Richly concocted with honey, aloe, and coconut oil, this beautiful slab of body soap moisturises skin, leaving it soft and supple and smelling like caramel! Who knew showering could taste so sweet!

Price: S$19 for 100g on Lush and Shopee.

17. Intergalactic Bath Bomb

Olympus Digital Camera
Why people love it: Create your own mini universe in the bathtub with this sweet and warm bath bomb. An intoxicating sensation of candy and peppermint sends the senses rocketing into a cosmic fantasy.

Being submerged in a milky pool of swirling neon-coloured galaxies certainly serves as a fitting backdrop to this space odyssey that has you wishing you never had to come back down to Earth. Amidst the high, however, the warmth and nostalgia of home anchors your soaring heart as notes of vetivert and cedarwood are part of the whole olfactoric experience.

How to use: Drop this globe of fragrance and colour into your tub filled with warm water and watch the magic, and feel your nerves, unfurl.

Price: S$19 each on Lush and Shopee.

18. Snow Fairy Shower Gel

Lush Products Snow Fairy Shower Gel

Why people love it: Every Christmas season, we’re blessed with this gem of a shower gel! Candy-sweet bubblegum and vanilla fill up your shower, inciting holiday excitement. A decoration of blue iridescent shimmer adds fun and sparkle to the whole experience and washes off the skin when you rinse. Biodegradable, this “fairy dust” doesn’t cost the Earth at all!

Price: S$18 for 100g, S$32 for 250g, S$55 for 500g, S$85 for 1kg at Lush stores.

19. Charity Pot Hand and Body Lotion

Lush Products Charity Pot

Why people love it: Rich in cocoa butter, this hand and body lotion hydrates even the driest areas of the skin. An aromatic blend of ylang ylang and rosewood oils perfumes the skin while also softening it.

With every pot of Charity Pot body lotion sold, the proceeds go to funding the work of small grassroots organisations around the world. So you’re not just investing in quality skincare, but also giving back to society by involving yourself in meaningful charity work.

Price: S$18 for 45g, S$58 for 240g on Lush.

20. Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub

Lush Products Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub

Why people love it: A shower scrub for both body and hair? Now, you don’t see that every day! The sea salt does most of the cleansing and exfoliating but in the most gentle way possible, making it suitable as a shampoo too! Organic lemon juice works alongside sea salt to brighten and cleanse pores because of their acidity.

The result is soft, supple skin and silky hair! It will also leave you smelling like spring flowers as mimosa and jasmine blossoms infuse the mixture.

How to use: Take as much of the sorbet-like scrub as you like (provided you don’t empty the tub) and rub it all over the body and into hair before rinsing it off under the shower.

Price: S$45 for 300g, S$65 for 600g on Lush and Shopee.

21. The Comforter Bubble Bar

Lush Products The Comforter

Why people love it: Our weary heart needs a bath too, and The Comforter bubble bar gives it the bubbly bath it’s craving for. It not only looks like candy but smells like one too, releasing a lovely fruity aroma of blackcurrant and berries in your bath water that is very comforting to both the body and soul.

It turns the water a warm purple, which adds serenity to the whole sensation. And can it be any bubblier? Bubbles will soon cover the surface of the bathwater and your entire body, causing tiny bubbles of childish laughter to float up to the surface of calm.

How to use: Bubble bars are different from bath bombs because instead of dissolving into streams of froth, they have to be crumbled in water before reacting with it to produce colour and bubbles!

Price: S$20 each on Lush and Shopee.

22. Rose Jam Shower Gel

Lush Products Rose Jam
Why people love it: Another Christmas special, this body shower gel looks like plain jam but smells much more divine than you think it would. A recognisable note of rose absolute is layered with lemon and geranium oil, which together smell like zesty-sweet flowers.

It’s not merely an aromatic experience though, as it incorporates nourishing argan oil, vanilla pod infusion, and even goji berry juice that leave your skin ultra-moisturised and soft.

Price: S$24 for 100g, S$45 for 250g, S$70 for 500g on Lush and Shopee.

23. Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner

Lush Products Ros Argon Body Conditoner

Why people love it: Body conditioner, anybody? Because this product gives our body the post-cleansing conditioning we never thought we needed. Argan oil nourishes the skin with its high content of anti-ageing vitamin E and a blend of almond oil, cocoa and shea butters deeply penetrates into the skin to moisturise it, leaving it radiant, soft and supple with a rosy scent!

How to use: Just like how you would use a hair conditioner, rub the buttery substance all over the body in the shower after showering and rinse it off!

Price: S$70 for 225g, S$100 for 450g on Lush and Shopee.

24. Sleepy Body Lotion

Lush Products Sleepy


Why people love it: This lotion was formulated for the perfect sleep. With gentle and soothing ingredients like oatmeal, lavender flower, ylang ylang oil and tonka absolute, it makes sure that your skin is well moisturised for the night and your senses, well-relaxed.

Apply this right after a shower to lock in moisture and get ready for your much-needed beauty rest!

Price: S$30 for 95g, S$55 for 215g on Lush and Shopee.

25. Karma Perfume

Lush Products Karma

Why people love it: One key scent note is patchouli and a whiff of it takes us back to the days of Woodstock and hippies in the 60s and 70s because of its musky, earthy, sweet scent. Orange oil and lemongrass also lace the overall scent with citrusy sweetness. The deep orange colour of the perfume serves as an enticing visual to the scent-sation.

How to use: Simply pick some up on your fingertip and smear it on the wrists and neck

Price: S$65 for 30ml, S$120 for 100ml on Lush and Shopee.

26. Dream Cream Hand and Body Lotion

Lush Products Dream Cream

Why people love it: We’ve saved the best for last by ending this curation with one of the best Lush products ever – the Dream Cream body lotion. It has the gentlest blend of oat milk, lavender, and chamomile that works to nourish and soothe the skin, treating redness and irritation.

Additionally, layers of olive oil and cocoa butter moisturise and work alongside the aforementioned ingredient trio to treat dry, chapped, eczema-prone skin. It’s also interesting to note that adding water to oat is an ancient remedy for irritated skin!

How to use: Gently massage the creamy substance into all areas of the body – especially the super dry parts at the elbows, knees, and heels!

Price: S$55 for 240g on Lush and Shopee.

Featured image credit: Lush UK/Facebook