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You have to have heard of micellar waters by now. Micellar water has been garnering plenty of attention in the beauty scene as an excellent way to remove makeup or even just the daily grime on our faces during those no-makeup days.

To get into the science of it, micelles are lipid molecules that form themselves in a spherical formation, with their oil-loving tails pointing inwards. As makeup is mostly oil-based, they are more attracted to the oil-loving tails of the micelles than your face so that you can remove them.

Think of micellar makeup remover as a more gentle form of a cleansing oil, as they’re literally cleansing oil molecules suspended in water. You get the cleaning efficacy of cleansing oils, without actually having to spread oil all over your face which may clog pores and induce zits.

Without further ado, here’s a list of notable and/or recently launched brands of micellar water which you may not know about yet.

Featured image credit: @bifestasg on Instagram and Daily Vanity