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The newest nail trends like blush nails can be difficult to perfect on your own, which is why nail salons are so popular amongst nail art lovers.

With the new COVID-19 circuit-breaker measures in place, it probably means that you won’t be able to see your favourite manicurist for a while. But we know how great nails can also uplift our mood, particularly since most of us will be going sans makeup while we work from home.

Here’s the solution: we’ve rounded up 19 of the best press-on nails and nail wrap that make nail art easy and foolproof, anyone can do it at home.



Press-on nails

1. Chic short nails

best press on nails dashing diva chic short nails

Long nails can be hard to maintain and use, although they look amazing. With these press-ons from Dashing Diva a well-known brand, you can have practical short nails that look no less cute. Plus, the brand’s press-ons have a unique curve shape to better fit your nails so they look salon-standard.

Retails on Dashing Diva for SGD16.90 for 30 pieces.

2. Jewelled nails

best press on nails dashing diva jewelled nails

Your fingers are not the only places to wear jewels on your hands, with these jewel inlaid press-ons, you can sport the rocks on your nails too! These are especially created to let the emerald-cut jewel shine, on a simple pink base, so you can wear these without worrying you look tacky.

Available on Dashing Diva for SGD22.90 for 30 pieces.

3. Half and half

best press on nails dashing diva half and half

If you want an interesting look that doesn’t involve vibrant colours, opt for this style that has a calm blue colour on half of each nail, and a thin band of silver for an elegant yet fun look.

Retails on Dashing Diva for SGD16.90 for 30 pieces.

While press-on nails can be a fun and ultra-convenient way to achieve flawless, salon-quality nails, they can really add up and put a dent in your budget, so here are some good-for-your-wallet options that are equally cute.

4. Mirror-like nails

Screenshot 2020 03 19 At 5.30.50 Pm

All that glitters is not gold- it’s your nails! Try out this uncommon eye (and light) -catching style that surprisingly pairs well with many outfits and accessories.

Retails at Shopee, for SGD2.14 for 24 pieces.

5. Preppy nails

Press On Nails Etude Dashing Diva

Korean beauty brand Etude House worked with Dashing Diva to provide us with a cute, preppy option if you want a livelier and younger look, perfect for students on holidays and working adults alike.

Retails at Shopee, at SGD8.30 for 30 hardy press-ons.

6. Glammed up toes

Screenshot 2020 03 19 At 4.40.58 Pm

Speaking of K-beauty, Innisfree has a wide selection of fun colour choices for your feet too- why leave them out of the fun?

Get yours at Shopee, at SGD9 for 24 press-ons.

7. Vampy nails

Screenshot 2020 03 19 At 5.22.43 Pm

More of a goth-style nail person yourself, or just always wanted to try talon-like nails? Now you can, with these convenient press ons in simple matte black, and different length choices. Going out? Jazz up this look instantly by stacking on some rings.

Available at Shopee, at SGD1.49 for 24 pieces.

8. Royal-worthy nails

Screenshot 2020 03 19 At 5.25.04 Pm

Duchess Kate Middleton and the Queen may only use Essie’s Ballet Slipper on their digits, but why let that stop you from having these fancy, fit-for-a-royal encrusted nails?

Purchase yours at Shopee, for SGD15.50 for 30 press-ons.

9. Classy nails

Screenshot 2020 03 19 At 5.31.05 Pm

Want a fuss-free but clean look? These classic French manicures are your best bet as they’re perfect for any occasion!

Retails at Shopee, for SGD2.49 for 24 pieces.

10. Accented pink nails

Screenshot 2020 03 19 At 4.39.37 Pm

This elegant pink shade is universally flattering on all skin tones, and includes accented choices (pictured on the ring finger) that has a marble pattern, as well as gold and pearl embellishes for a fancy look – no salon trip necessary.

Retails at Shopee, for just SGD1.78 for 24 pieces.

11. Bejewelled nails

Screenshot 2020 03 19 At 4.40.21 Pm

French manicures are a hot favourite amongst those in the know right now, and there’s nothing wrong with amping up the drama meter with these bedazzled half-nail press-ons! Plus, you won’t have to wait as your favourite nail technicians painstakingly attach each jewel- all you need are these press-ons, nail glue, and ten minutes!

Available at Shopee, at SGD2 for 24 pieces.

12. Solid colours

Screenshot 2020 03 19 At 4.40.01 Pm

Who says basic is boring? If you’re not big on fanciful patterns like the ones above, tone it down by sporting solid neutrals for a refined look, jewel tones (like the gorgeous emerald one above) if you’re feeling bold, or even mix and match shades, since they’re only SGD1.70 for 24 pieces.

Retails at Shopee.

Nail Wraps

13. Healthy nails with a twist

best press on nails apricot wrap

If your nails haven’t been in the pink of health, fake it till you make it with these natural looking apricot ones with just a hint of colour, a ton of shine, and a thin strip of silver glitter along the cuticle for pizzazz.

Retails on Dashing Diva for SGD11.90 for 30 pieces.

14. Local flavour

best press on nails local Kebaya

Want a touch of Singapore wherever you go? The easiest and effortless way is to use the chic Kebaya pattern on your nails!

Available on Nodspark for SGD15.

15. Holographic nails

best press on nails holographic

No better way to stand out than with holographic nails! Rather than a full on holographic nail, this one has little shards of it embossed onto a white base for a low-key yet fun take on the trend.

Retails for USD8.99 on Lily and Fox, with free worldwide shipping, for 16 pieces.

16. Cartoon nails

cartoon nail stickers

Who could go wrong with these adorable Snoopy print nail stickers? Add more wonder and fun during these times with your favourite cartoon characters on your nails- we know you can’t resist.

Retails at Shopee, at SGD0.70.

17. Fairytale-like nails

fairytale nail stickers

These romantic nail press-ons feature two soft colours in two variations, pink for a girlier look, or grey for an edgier touch. The gold constellation and moon motifs add an extra point of interest, you won’t be able to look away from your nails!

Available at Shopee for SGD0.69.

18. Sakura nails

Sakura Nail Stickers

You may not be able to view the real sakura blossoms in Japan, but you can always have them on your nails! Tiny silver jewels are even added for a fancier look, even though little effort is required achieve it.

Retails at Shopee for SGD1.97.

19. Marble nails

Marble Nail Stickers

Go for this low-key but still interesting take on nail art with these marble print nail stickers. Marble patterns may be difficult to create with nail polish, but that’s a problem of the past with these stickers!

Retails at Shopee for SGD1.50.