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After a wildly successful world tour and an out-of-this-world concert film, Queen Bey is back with an impressive new business venture – the haircare brand Cécred.

Beyoncé’s foray into haircare started at a young age with her experiences of helping out at her mother’s hair salon – in fact, her career started with performances for her mother’s clients while they were getting their hair done!

So, it’s no surprise that high-quality haircare is close to her heart.

Inspired by traditional methods of haircare, Cécred’s products are infused with organic ingredients to nourish and strengthen your hair, ensuring that your hair stays healthy and undamaged.

The brand aims to appeal to all hair types and textures, taking an inclusive and innovative approach to haircare!

Read on to find out about all the products in this brand’s very first release.

About The Brand

Credits: @cecred/Instagram

Cécred integrates the latest haircare technology to create effective formulas, blending modern formulas with tried-and-tested traditional haircare ingredients, such as oils, honey, and fermented rice water.

The brand itself is years in the making, going through rigorous testing and in-depth research to create effective products that are backed up by science!

All of Cécred’s existing products are infused with the brand’s signature Temple Oud fragrance, a warm and mild blend of elements like oud, jasmine, and sandalwood.

The concoctions themselves come in uniquely luxurious packaging that resembles ancient stone statues!

Credits: @cecred/Instagram

Plus, the brand and their products are driven by a good cause. Cécred will partner with Beyoncé’s philanthropic foundation, BeyGOOD, to create the BeyGOOD x Cécred Fund.

Through this fund, US$500,000 will go towards cosmetology school scholarships and salon business grants every year, fostering and supporting talent within this industry.

Their very first release, the Foundation Collection, can be found on Cécred’s website. It comprises of eight essentials for scalp and hair health, meant to cleanse, condition, and repair your tresses.

However, do keep in mind that Cécred does not currently ship to Singapore!

To get your hands on these products, you can make use of postal forwarding services like vPost to ship these products from the US to Singapore.

Hydrating Shampoo

Infused with hyaluronic acid, this shampoo aims to deeply hydrate each strand, leaving your hair visibly stronger than before.

It has a luxurious soft lather, and its gentle formula will prevent your hair from being stripped of nutrients and moisture.

Cécred’s Hydrating Shampoo retails for US$38 (approximately S$51.05) on their website.

Clarifying Shampoo and Scalp Scrub

Marketed as “skincare for your scalp”, this product combines gentle exfoliants with fermented purple willow bark and tea tree oil.

It aims to clear product buildup and residue on your scalp, leaving it nourished by this deep cleanse.

Cécred’s Clarifying Shampoo and Scalp Scrub retails for US$30 (approximately S$40.30) on their website.

Moisturizing Deep Conditioner

The Moisturizing Deep Conditioner has a rich and creamy texture, formulated with a blend of African oils and shea butter.

These luxurious ingredients will moisturise dehydrated and dull hair, making it healthier and easier to manage.

This conditioner works best on curly and coiled hair that craves deep hydration and moisturisation!

Cécred’s Moisturizing Deep Conditioner retails for US$38 (approximately S$51.05) on their website.

Moisture Sealing Lotion

This versatile lotion is best for those struggling with frizzy and dull hair, or those who want defined curls that stay perfectly coiffed all day.

It fights frizz and split ends by moisturising the hair, and even helps with styling, so that your hair will stay smooth and glossy.

Cécred’s Moisture Sealing Lotion retails for US$38 (approximately S$51.05) on their website.

Reconstructing Treatment Mask

For those with damaged locks, this hair repair mask is clinically tested to reduce damage and visibly improve hair strength, preventing your strands from breaking easily.

If your hair is a little fried from heat styling or chemical treatments, this is perfect for you!

Cécred’s Reconstructing Treatment Mask retails for US$42 (approximately S$56.42) on their website.

Fermented Rice and Rose Protein Ritual

Pamper yourself with an enriching haircare ritual, courtesy of this unique product!

Step 1 is a finely-milled protein powder that transforms into a fortifying hair rinse when mixed with water, while Step 2 is a silk rinse treatment to leave your hair soft and shiny.

Cécred’s Fermented Rice and Rose Protein Ritual retails for US$52 (approximately S$69.85) on their website.

Ritual Shaking Vessel

This one-of-a-kind product is meant to be used in tandem with the Fermented Rice and Rose Protein Ritual, working as a useful tool to mix up the powder!

Fill the vessel with warm water before adding your powder packet, and shake to dissolve the powder into a hair rinse treatment.

Then, pour the mixture over your hair, using the included nozzle for more precise application.

Cécred’s Ritual Shaking Vessel retails for US$20 (approximately S$26.87) on their website.

Nourishing Hair Oil

Containing an impressive blend of thirteen different nourishing oils, which work together to seal in moisturise and keep your hair hydrated all day.

The oil is easily absorbed, leaving your hair soft and lustrous. If you have dry or dull hair, this oil is sure to bring it back to life!

Cécred’s Hydrating Shampoo retails for US$44 (approximately S$59.11) on their website.

Featured image credits: @cecred/Instagram.