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If you’ve always wanted to emulate BLACKPINK’s Jennie and her effortlessly cool beauty, now’s your chance!

We found the exact lip balm that she’s recently been spotted using, so you can try the product for yourself and find out why she loves using it. From the shade range to user reviews and where to buy it, we’ve got all the information you need.

The balm in question is the AOU Glowy Tint Balm, which has been making the rounds on social media!


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AOU is founded by celebrity makeup artist Jo Eun Bee (@biyaaaa on Instagram), who works with popular K-pop groups like Newjeans and Aespa.

Other notable figures like BLACKPINK’s Lisa and Aespa’s Karina have also been spotted rocking this lip balm. It’s no surprise that these idols want to support their makeup artist’s innovative products, but is it worth trying out for yourself?

Read on to get all the details!

The Lip Balm

Credits: @biyaaaa/Instagram

This balm has a soft and juicy texture, formulated to be smooth on the lips instead of greasy. It’s infused with cranberry extract, raspberry extract, and shea butter, so it’ll nourish your lips while creating a youthful shine!

It has a sheer finish, so you can build up the pigment for various makeup looks. It can also be used as a blush and easily blended out on the cheeks, to give you a naturally radiant glow without being overly sticky.

Because of the sheerness of the formula, some actually use it as a glossy topper over other more saturated lippies, a technique that you can try if you want an extra vibrant look.

Credits: @biyaaaa/Instagram

If you’re sensitive to fragrances, not to worry! Despite their appetising shade names and jam-like appearance, these juicy balms are actually fragrance-free.

It’s stored in a little pot, making it easily portable. However, it can be inconvenient to apply, as it doesn’t come with a complimentary spatula.

AOU does offer a lip brush, but this has to be purchased in a set along with the balms. If you’d rather not use your fingers, you could use your own plastic spatula or a silicone lip brush as more hygienic alternatives!

The Shade Range

Credits: @biyaaaa/Instagram

The Glowy Tint Balm offers seven shades, accommodating both warm and cool skin tones!

Shades like 01 Apple Balm and 02 Persimmon Balm are warm red and coral shades that’ll give you a natural glow.

Meanwhile, 03 Mulberry Balm is one of the most popular choices due to its subtle mauve colour, and is Jennie’s personal choice!

If you love a natural look, AOU also offers 05 Chocolate Balm and 06 Peanut Balm for a muted nude lip.

What Are People Saying?

With this balm becoming increasingly popular online, many beauty enthusiasts have chimed in with their thoughts on whether or not this product is worth adding to cart.


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Widia (@anotherwps on TikTok) noted that the soft and jelly-like texture melts on your lips, harnessing your body temperature to create a gorgeous high-shine finish.

However, in our hot climate, it can become a bit messy to use this balm.


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Meanwhile, Ryuwon (@rw2100 on Tiktok) swatched all of the shades on her lips, and particularly loved the nude shades that AOU offers – 05 Chocolate Balm and 06 Peanut Balm.

However, she revealed that since this is a gloss and not a tint, it doesn’t actually stain your lips. She found that the shiny finish itself was long-lasting but not transfer-proof.

So, be prepared to reapply after meals, and watch out for smudging!

Hannah (@myskincareregime on Instagram) revealed in a review that the balm did not feel sticky or greasy on the lips, and enjoyed its moisturising effect.

While she was disappointed at the size of the product and its lack of saturation, she enjoyed using it on her cheeks for a naturally flushed, no-makeup look.

Where To Get It?

The AOU Glowy Tint Balm retails for S$32.70 on Shopee, where you can also purchase a lip brush to go with your balm. It’s currently available at a discount, so tap in to check the latest price!

Featured image credits: @biyaaaa/Instagram, @jennierubyjane/Instagram.